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DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—About two years ago two Old Theology Tracts were cast by you as bread upon the water, which, thank God, were found by me. They led me to read The Plan of the Ages, and the other two volumes, with my Bible in hand, to see if these things be so. I was aroused, I was awakened from a lethargic sleep of fancied security. I had indeed been almost blind, but I knew it not. I was nearly deaf to the voice of truth and reason and to my best interest. But, thank God, I can now both see and hear.

For many years I had been a member of the Christian church, because there, I was led to believe, I would be a freedman, bound by no creed or confession of faith, but the Bible and it alone. I rejoiced in my liberty, and, Pharisee-like, I thanked God that I was not as other men; but I now see that I was nearly as much bound as others, and that I also had the rules and usages of the church, and the teachings of her schools, to profess and to defend, or expose myself to charges, and loss of membership.

I may indeed yet see dimly as through a glass, but I am not discouraged or cast down, for my eye is onward and upward, and I have a hope that maketh not ashamed.

Yours in hope, A. DELONG.


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DEAR BRETHREN: I have just read with astonishment the second and third volumes of DAWN, and I thank God that he directed me to them; for I have always been seeking truth since I left the Roman church. I concur with nearly all that is taught, and desire to do what I can toward spreading the light. Three years ago I left the Roman church to seek salvation in Christ alone, and I have been greatly blessed in experience since that time. About a year afterward I felt the necessity of being baptized according to the Bible teaching, and consequently was immersed. I have many times thought about the vast number of different denominations in Protestantism, all disagreeing, yet all taking their doctrines from the one Bible. I often thought something must be wrong, and praise God for this, that I did not altogether become a Protestant; but I have been and am seeking truth, and I believe the Lord is leading me. I have come out for the glory of the eternal Father, who so loved us as to redeem us through the precious blood of Jesus Christ; and I mean to follow Jesus at whatever cost, and as near as I can in the manner described in 2 Cor. 6:4-10. Such is my determination, God helping me.

Your brother in Christ,




DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—You will, I dare say, be surprised to receive this from one who is situated in such a remote part of India, where no other subscribers to your journal reside but myself and family; and it will be a great pleasure to you to know that your MILLENNIAL DAWN has made its way down here, and that many are rejoicing in reading them. I must say the three volumes have given me much rich food, at a time when I was very hungry for the truth of God's Word; and though I cannot understand certain parts of your writings, still I am confident that the Lord will, in his due time, lead me into all truth, and enlighten my present dark understanding. I am enjoying the "liberty wherewith Christ hath made me free," in which liberty my dear wife has joined, and we are both, as one, in the unity of the Spirit of "Life only in Christ." Though we are deprived of human fellowship, we have as our [R1473 : page 352] companion Him who is the best of friends.

I have received one or two copies of ZION'S WATCH TOWER, and it quite supplies me with the kind of food I would like to feast upon, and I wish to subscribe to it. My only guide is "Thus saith the Lord," and I will gladly accept all explanations on this ground. I close with the hope that the Lord will draw us closer together in His love.

Yours in the Lord, CHAS. ERSKINE.



DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—I pen you these lines in grateful remembrance that I was brought out into the light of God's Word, as it continues to shine unto the perfect day. I have given much time investigating the DAWNS, comparing them with the Bible, and I find a beautiful harmony, leading me to consecrate all my ransomed powers to his blessed will. I have been running for the prize for some years, and feeling my way. As the dear Lord gave it to me, I have been giving truth to the people to which I belonged, and have had to step out of my church. In all sects I met the same opposition on the part of my congregations, and I finally saw clearly that I must come out of all organized bodies. I find one here, another there, that welcomes the truth. It has taken me quite a while to reach this point. Now it has been reached, and I am free to follow as the dear Lord leads.

I have had to go through trials, and to suffer the loss of my professed Christian friends, but I am praising the Lord—yea, his praise is in my mouth. Jesus was never more precious than now. I can sing,

"Jesus, I my cross have taken,
All to leave and follow Thee."

I want to get a few copies of MILLENNIAL DAWN, to put into hands that will be benefited, as I have been. Pray for me that I may be instrumental in bringing many from darkness into light. In Christian love and fellowship,




DEAR BROTHER:—About two months ago I had occasion to visit Florida, and while there had frequent conversations with a lady on the subject of religion. Finally she asked me to read your work, MILLENNIAL DAWN. I began the first volume, and became so much absorbed that I almost lost sight of everything else. After reading it several times, I read the second volume with even greater interest, and now continue to read them both with unabated zeal and pleasure. Surely this knowledge has come to you from the source of all wisdom; and the Spirit of truth, which was promised to us by the Holy One of Israel just before his ascension, must be abiding with you, and directing you in this great and good work.

This knowledge came to my hungering soul like good, wholesome food to a starving man; and I will never cease to be grateful for the sweet comfort and consolation I have received. For many years I had been striving to understand and harmonize the plans and purposes of the Almighty God, but had never succeeded, except in part, until I found these books. When I left the Sister's house, I bought two copies, one for a friend, who, I felt confident, would be as much interested in them as myself. I was not disappointed, and we write now to ask that you will send us five dollars' worth. We want these for distribution among our friends, and hope that this step will lead to the sale of many others.

God speed you in your noble work, and give you great reward, both in this life and in the beautiful and happy life to come.

Yours in Christian love,


New Jersey.

DEAR SIR:—Will you please send me ten copies of MILLENNIAL DAWN, Vol. I., as I feel I must do something for God, who has done so much for me. When I first read Vol. I., I wondered if its teachings were true. I then searched and studied the proofs, and was amazed at the wonderful height, depth, length and breadth of the love of God, that passeth knowledge. I am surprised at my past ignorance, and wonder how I could have been so blind.

Your work has brought light to my mind on many texts heretofore all darkness; and I cannot think over it without being inspired by the wonderful love revealed therein. All to whom I have lent it have expressed their approval of the reasonableness and justice of the Plan of the Ages. Yours in Christ,



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New York.

TOWER PUBLISHING COMPANY:—The Plan of the Ages and sample copies of WATCH TOWER came duly to hand. Am reading the book in leisure moments, and must say that it opens up like a gold mine: it is full of rich treasures. I have found what I have been seeking for the past decade, and can find place now for whole chapters of the Bible, that I could not use before. It is irresistible. Please send Vol. II. for enclosed Postal Note. You will hear from me again in a few days.

Yours truly, T. L. BEEBE.