[NTC - 3 John 1:2]

In health— In this day of general awakening and independent thinking, many are coming to realize the wonderful power of the mind over the body. SM322:1, 332:1, 335:T Let us hearken to the voice from heaven, saying "Look unto me, and be ye saved." (Isa. 45:22) Spiritual Israel enjoys God's favor during the Gospel age, and is promised spiritual health, wealth and prosperity. SM329:T "Cleanse yourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and the spirit (mind)" (2 Cor. 7:1). Purity of thought, word and deed are inculcated by the words of Jesus and the apostles. SM335:1 Perfect love filling our hearts will cast out fear and selfishness. Our whole bodies may be full of light and be refreshed, reinvigorated and strengthened. SM337:1 In proportion as we allow the peace of God to rule in our hearts we shall be refreshed, reinvigorated in mind and in body. SM338:T In proportion as we by faith grasp the promises and daily strive to maintain our relationship with the Father and the Son, our faces will show joy, peace, patience, love—written in the lineaments of our faces. SM338:1 "Be of good courage and he shall strengthen thine heart." (Psa. 31:24) "As our days, so shall our strength be." (Deut. 33:25) "Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid." (John 14:27) SM333:1 To those who take a position of full consecration of heart, mind, body, talents, everything to the Lord, the Scriptures give valuable assurances which should strengthen every fiber of the human body. SM340:1 A rock foundation is presented in the Word of God for those who have the proper faith and can claim the promises. SM333:2 Undoubtedly a poisonous effect upon the system is engendered by thinking about sinful or injurious things of any kind. The Body and mind are both strengthened by thinking about things noble, good and pure. (Phil. 4:8) SM338:1 We are not to place too high an estimate upon the present life and health. We are to be content with such things as we have, and to allow all of life's experiences to bring us more and more of the peace of God. SM339:1 In many false teachings the reward of health is sought from purely selfish motives. Health is frequently secured as a reward for systematic falsification—as in Christian Science, etc. SM326:2, 322:1
As thy soul prospereth— In laying down our lives in the Lord's service we shall find rest and peace of mind which comes through believing and will be a favorable influence as respects our physical health, peace, joy, blessing. SM339:1 "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." (Matt. 5:8) SM335:1 We have a better foundation of reason and logic built upon the redemption sacrifice of Christ and the blessings which God's Word assures us flow from it. SM330:1, 336:T The cleansing, purifying, transforming work is in the heart, and if we get the heart right the effect will be proportionate cleansing and purifying of the flesh. SM335:1, 337:T "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." (Prov. 23:7) If our hearts condemn us not, we have peace with God. SM339:2

[NTC - 3 John 1:7]

Taking nothing— The traveling "elders" in the early church all seem to have strenuously avoided asking or receiving anything from those whom they were seeking to win to Christ. R1822:4

[NTC - 3 John 1:8]

To receive such— The apostles desired that the truth take such hold upon them that they would take pleasure in giving for the spread of the truth. R1822:4 In introducing brethren to the churches, force and authority are ignored, while the liberty of all is respected; entreatingly giving the reasons why those commended should be held in esteem. R1822:2
Fellowhelpers— But the caution was sometimes given that the spiritually minded would receive the Lord's counsel through his mouthpieces, the apostles. R1822:2

[NTC - 3 John 1:9]

Diotrephes— Some of the elders became self-seekers, and spoke evil of the apostles, yet were not anathematized: the church was merely cautioned as to how to judge, and another more suitable brother was suggested, not appointed; indicating that full liberty was accorded to each congregation. R1822:2
Us— The apostles. R552:4

[NTC - 3 John 1:10]

Remember his deeds— Of Diotrephes. R552:4
Prating— Speaking. R552:5
Casteth them out— Having gained influence over the church in that place, Diotrephes cast out those who received the apostles. R552:5

[NTC - 3 John 1:11]

Evil— John warned the church against the evil influence of Diotrephes. R552:5

[NTC - 3 John 1:12]

Demetrius— Quite possibly the same person who led the riot at Ephesus (Acts 19:38) and afterwards became an active Christian; as he was an active opposer of Christianity and a supporter of Diana. R3159:3

[NTC - 3 John 1:14]

Friends salute thee— Whenever there was opportunity the churches in one place were prompt to send Christian greetings and benedictions to those in other places; and all were in line with the basis of "one Lord, one faith, and one baptism." (Eph. 4:5) R1895:4