[Proverbs 1]
1:1 The proverbs of Solomon, son of David, King of Israel:
1:2 For the knowledge of wisdom and correction, for discerning the sayings of intelligence;
1:3 For receiving the correction of prudence, righteousness and justice, and equity;
1:4 For giving To the simple shrewdness, To the young man, knowledge and discretion.
1:5 A wise man, will hear, and will increase learning, and a, discreet man, wise counsels, will acquire,
1:6 By gaining discernment of proverb, and satire, the words of the wise, and their dark sayings.
1:7 The reverence of Yahweh, is the beginning of knowledge, Wisdom and correction, the foolish have despised.
1:8 Hear, my son, the correction of thy father, and do not reject the instruction of thy mother;
1:9 For, a wreath of beauty, shall they be to thy head, and chains of ornament, to thy neck.
1:10 My son, if sinners entice thee, do not consent.
1:11 If they say -- Come with us, -- Let us lie in wait for blood, Let us watch in secret for him who is needlessly innocent;
1:12 Let us engulf them, like hades, alive, While in health, like them who are going down to the pit;
1:13 All costly substance, shall we find, We shall fill our houses with spoil;
1:14 Thy lot, shalt thou cast into our midst, One purse, shall there be, for us all.
1:15 My son, do not walk in the way with them, Withhold thy foot from their path.
1:16 For, their feet, to mischief, do run, and haste to the shedding of blood.
1:17 Surely, in vain, is spread the net, in the sight of aught that hath wings!
1:18 Yet, they, for their own blood, lie in wait, They watch in secret for their own life.
1:19 Such are the ways of every one that graspeth with greed, The life of the owners thereof, it taketh away!
1:20 Wisdom, in the open place, soundeth forth, in the broadways, she raiseth her voice;
1:21 At the head of bustling streets, she crieth aloud, -- at the openings of the gates in the city -- her sayings, she doth utter: --
1:22 How long, ye simple ones, will ye love simplicity? and, scoffers, in scoffing, delight them? and, dullards, hate knowledge?
1:23 Will ye turn, at my reproof? Lo! I will pour out to you my spirit, I will make known my words to you.
1:24 Because I called, and ye refused, I stretched out my hand, and no one regarded;
1:25 But ye dismissed all my counsel, and, to my rebuke, would not yield,
1:26 I also, at your calamity, will laugh, I will mock, when cometh your dread;
1:27 When cometh as a crashing your dread, and, your calamity, as a storm-wind, overtaketh, when there come upon you, distress and anguish.
1:28 Then, will they call me, but I will not answer, they will seek me diligently, but shall not find me.
1:29 Because they hated knowledge, and, the reverence of Yahweh, did not choose;
1:30 Consented not to my counsel, disdained all my rebuke,
1:31 Therefore shall they eat of the fruit of their own way, and, with their own counsels, be filled.
1:32 For, the turning away of the simple, will slay them, -- and, the carelessness of dullards, will destroy them.
1:33 Whereas, he that hearkeneth unto me, shall dwell safely, and be at rest, without dread of misfortune.

[Proverbs 2]
2:1 My son, if thou wilt receive my sayings, and, my commandments, wilt treasure up by thee;
2:2 So that thou direct, unto wisdom, thine ear, bend thy heart, unto understanding;
2:3 Yea if, for understanding, thou cry aloud, for knowledge, utter thy voice;
2:4 If thou seek her as silver, and, like hid treasure, thou search for her,
2:5 Then, shalt thou understand the reverence of Yahweh, and, the knowledge of God, shalt thou find.
2:6 For, Yahweh, giveth wisdom, out of his mouth, knowledge and understanding;
2:7 Yea he treasureth, for the upright, safety, A shield [is he] to them who walk in integrity,
2:8 To him that observeth the paths of justice, yea, the way of his men of lovingkindness, he doth guard.
2:9 Then, shalt thou understand righteousness and justice, and equity -- every noble course.
2:10 When wisdom entereth thy heart, and, knowledge, to thy soul, is sweet,
2:11 Discretion, shall watch over thee, understanding, shall preserve thee: --
2:12 To rescue thee from the way of the wrongful, from the man that speaketh perverse things;
2:13 From them who forsake the paths of rectitude, to walk in this ways of darkness;
2:14 Who rejoice to do wrong, exult in the perversities of the wrongful;
2:15 Whose paths, are twisted, and they are tortuous in their tracks:
2:16 To rescue thee, from the woman that is a stranger, from the female unknown, who with her speeches seduceth;
2:17 Who forsaketh the friend of her youth, and, the covenant of her God, hath forgotten;
2:18 For she hath appointed, unto death, her house, and unto the shades, her courses;
2:19 None who go in unto her, come back, neither attain they unto the paths of life:
2:20 To the end that thou walk in the way of good men, and, the paths of the righteous, that thou observe.
2:21 For, the upright, shall abide on the earth, -- and, the men of integrity, shall remain therein;
2:22 But, the lawless, out of the earth, shall he cut off, and, traitors, shall they tear away therefrom.

[Proverbs 3]
3:1 My son, mine instruction, do not thou forget, and, my commandment, let thy heart observe;
3:2 For, length of days and years of life, and blessedness, shall they and to thee.
3:3 Lovingkindness and faithfulness, let them not forsake thee, -- bind them, upon thy neck, write them upon the tablet of thy heart:
3:4 So find thou favour and good repute, in the eyes of God and man.
3:5 Trust thou in Yahweh, with all thy heart, and, unto thine own understanding, do not lean:
3:6 In all thy ways, acknowledge him, and, he, will make straight thy paths.
3:7 Do not become wise in thine own eyes, revere Yahweh, and avoid evil:
3:8 Healing, shall it be to thy body, and refreshing, to thy bones.
3:9 Honour thou Yahweh, with thy substance, and with the firstfruit of all thine increase;
3:10 So shall thy storehouses be filled with plenty, and, with new wine, shall thy vats overflow.
3:11 The, chastening of Yahweh, my son, do not reject, nor loathe his rebuke;
3:12 For, whom Yahweh loveth, he correcteth, he causeth pain to the son in whom he delighteth.
3:13 How happy the man who hath found wisdom, and the man who draweth forth understanding,
3:14 For better is her merchandise, than the merchandise of silver, yea, than gold, her increase;
3:15 More precious, is she, than corals, yea, none of thy delightful things, doth equal her:
3:16 Length of days, is in her right hand, in her left, are riches and honour;
3:17 Her ways, are ways of pleasantness, and, all her paths, are peace;
3:18 A tree of life, is she, to them who secure her, -- and, they who hold her fast, are every one to be pronounced happy.
3:19 Yahweh, in wisdom, founded the earth, establishing the heavens with understanding;
3:20 By his knowledge, the resounding deeps were burst open, and, the skies, drop down dew.
3:21 My son, let them not depart from thine eyes, guard thou counsel, and purpose:
3:22 So shall they become life to thy soul, and an adorning to thy neck;
3:23 Then, shalt thou walk securely in thy way, and, thy foot, shall not stumble;
3:24 When thou sittest down, thou shalt have no dread, yea thou shalt lie down, and sweet shall be thy sleep.
3:25 Be not thou afraid of sudden dread, nor of the desolation of the lawless, when it cometh.
3:26 For, Yahweh, will be in all thy ways, and will keep thy foot from the snare.
3:27 Withhold not good from them who ask it, when it is in power of thy hand to do it:
3:28 Do not say to thy neighbour, Go and come again, and to-morrow I will give, when thou hast it by thee.
3:29 Devise not against thy neighbour an injury, seeing that, he, dwelleth securely by thee.
3:30 Contend not with a man without cause, if he hath dealt thee no wrong.
3:31 Do not thou envy the man of violence, neither choose thou any of his ways;
3:32 For, an abomination to Yahweh, is the tortuous man, but, with the upright, he is intimate.
3:33 The curse of Yahweh, is in the house of the lawless one, but, the home of the righteous, he blesseth.
3:34 Though at scoffers he scoffeth, yet, to the humbled, he granteth favour.
3:35 Honour, shall the wise inherit, -- but, as for dullards, shame shall carry them away.

[Proverbs 4]
4:1 Hear, ye sons, the correction of a father, and attend, that ye may know understanding.
4:2 For, good teaching, have I given you, mine instruction, do not ye forsake.
4:3 For, a son, became I to my father, tender and most precious in the sight of my mother.
4:4 So he taught me, and said to me -- Let thy heart, lay hold of my words, Keep my commandments and live!
4:5 Acquire wisdom, acquire understanding, Do not forget, neither decline thou from the sayings of my mouth.
4:6 Do not forsake her, and she will guard thee, -- love her and she will keep thee.
4:7 The principal thing, is wisdom, acquire thou wisdom, With all thine acquisition, acquire thou understanding.
4:8 Exalt her, and she will set thee on high, she will bring thee to honour, when thou dust embrace her:
4:9 She will give for thy head, a wreath of beauty, A crown of adorning, will she bestow upon thee.
4:10 Hear, my son, and receive my sayings, and they will multiply to thee the years of life.
4:11 In the way of wisdom, have I taught thee, I have guided thee in tracks of uprightness.
4:12 When thou walkest, thy step shall not be hemmed in, and, if thou runnest, thou shalt not stumble.
4:13 Take fast hold of correction, let her not go, -- keep her, for, she, is thy life.
4:14 Upon the path of the lawless, do not thou enter, and do not advance in the way of the wicked:
4:15 Avoid it, do not pass thereon -- turn from it, and depart.
4:16 For they sleep not, unless they can do mischief, -- They rob themselves of their sleep, if they cannot cause someone to stumble,
4:17 For they consume bread gotten by lawlessness, and, wine obtained by violence, they drink.
4:18 But, the path of the righteous, is as the light of dawn, -- going on and brightening, unto meridian day.
4:19 The way of the lawless, is like darkness, they know not, at what they stumble.
4:20 My son, to my words, attend, to my sayings, incline thou thine ear;
4:21 Let them not depart from thine eyes, keep them in the midst of thy heart;
4:22 For, life, they are, to them who find them, -- and, to every part of one's flesh, they bring healing.
4:23 Above all that must be guarded, keep thou thy heart, for, out of it, are the issues of life.
4:24 Remove from thee, perverseness of mouth, and, craftiness of lips, put far from thee.
4:25 Let, thine eyes, right onward, look, -- and, thine eyelashes, point straight before thee.
4:26 Make level the track of thy foot, that, all thy ways, may be directed aright:
4:27 Decline not, to the right hand or to the left, -- Turn away thy foot from wickedness.

[Proverbs 5]
5:1 My son, to my wisdom, attend, and, to mine understanding, incline thou thine ear:
5:2 That thou mayest preserve discretion, -- and, as for knowledge, that thy lips may guard it.
5:3 For, with sweet droppings, drip the lips of her that is a stranger, and, smoother than oil, is her mouth;
5:4 But, the latter end of her, is bitter as wormwood, sharp, as a two-edged sword!
5:5 Her feet, are going down to death, -- on hades, will her steps take firm hold.
5:6 Lest, the path of life, she should ponder, her tracks have wandered she knoweth not [whither] .
5:7 Now, therefore, ye sons, hearken unto me, and do not turn away from the sayings of my mouth.
5:8 Keep far from her thy way, and do not go near the opening of her house:
5:9 Lest thou give, to other men, thy vigour, and thy years, to him that is cruel:
5:10 Lest strange men, be well fed, by thy strength, and, thy toils, be in the house of the alien.
5:11 So shalt thou grieve in thy latter end, in the failing of thy flesh and of thy healthy condition;
5:12 And thou shalt say -- How I hated correction! and, reproof, my heart disdained;
5:13 Neither hearkened I to the voice of my teachers, nor, to my instructors, inclined I mine ear:
5:14 Soon was I in all evil, in the midst of convocation and assembly.
5:15 Drink thou water out of thine own cistern, and flowing streams out of the midst of thine own well.
5:16 Let not thy fountains, flow over, abroad, in the streets, dividings of waters:
5:17 Let them be for thyself, alone, and not for strangers with thee.
5:18 Let thy well-spring be blessed, -- and get thy joy from the wife of thy youth: --
5:19 A loving hind! a graceful doe! let, her bosom, content thee at all times, and, in her love, mayst thou stray evermore.
5:20 Wherefore, then, shouldst thou stray, my son, with a strange woman? or embrace the bosom of a woman unknown?
5:21 For, before the eyes of Yahweh, are the ways of a man, -- and, all his tracks, doth he consider:
5:22 His own iniquities, shall entrap him with the lawless, and, by the cords of his own sin, shall he be seized.
5:23 He, shall die, for lack of discipline, and, by the abounding of his perversity, shall he be lost.

[Proverbs 6]
6:1 My son, if thou have become surety for thy neighbour, -- have struck for a stranger thy hands,
6:2 Thou hast been snared by the sayings of thy mouth, -- thou hast been caught by the sayings of thy mouth.
6:3 Do this then, my son, and deliver thyself, When thou hast come into the hand of thy neighbour, Go, haste thee, and urge thy neighbour;
6:4 Do not give sleep to thine eyes, or slumber to thine eyelashes;
6:5 Deliver thyself, as a gazelle out of the hand, and as a bird, out of the hand of the fowler.
6:6 Go to the ant, thou sluggard, observe her ways, and be wise;
6:7 Which, having no harvest, scribe, or ruler,
6:8 Prepareth, in the summer, her food, hath collected, in the harvest, her sustenance.
6:9 How long, O sluggard, wilt thou lie? how long ere thou rise from thy sleep?
6:10 A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest: --
6:11 So shall come in, as a highwayman, thy poverty, and, thy want, as one armed with a shield.
6:12 An abandoned man, a man of iniquity, [is he] who -- goeth on in perversity of mouth;
6:13 Winketh with his eyes, speaketh with his foot, pointeth with his fingers;
6:14 [Hath] perverse things in his heart, deviseth mischief on every occasion, strifes, he sendeth forth.
6:15 For this cause, suddenly cometh his doom, in a moment, shall he be torn in pieces and there be no mending.
6:16 These six things, doth Yahweh hate, yea, seven, are the abomination of his soul: --
6:17 Eyes that are lofty, a tongue that is false, and hands shedding innocent blood;
6:18 A heart contriving iniquitous devices, feet hasting to run into mischief;
6:19 One that uttereth lies -- a false witness, and one sending forth strifes between brethren.
6:20 Observe thou, my son, the commandment of thy father, and do not decline from the instruction of thy mother:
6:21 Bind them upon thy heart continually, fasten them upon thy neck;
6:22 When thou walkest abroad, it shall guide thee, when thou sleepest, it shall watch over thee, when thou wakest, it shall speak to thee:
6:23 For, a lamp, is the commandment, and, the instruction, a light, and, the way of life, are the reproofs of correction:
6:24 To keep thee from the wicked woman, from the flattery of the tongue of her that is a stranger.
6:25 Do not covet her beauty, in thy heart, neither let her take thee, by her eyelashes;
6:26 Because, for the sake of an impure woman, [a man may be brought] even to a cake of bread, -- and, a man's wife, for a precious soul, may hunt!
6:27 Can a man snatch up fire in his bosom, and, his clothes, not be burned?
6:28 Or can a man walk upon hot coals, and, his feet, not be burned?
6:29 So, he that goeth in unto his neighbour's wife, no man shall be guiltless who toucheth her!
6:30 Men despise not a thief, when he stealeth, to satisfy his appetite, because he is famished;
6:31 Yet, if found, he must pay back sevenfold, All the substance of his house, must he give:
6:32 He that committeth adultery with a woman, lacketh sense, A destroyer of his own life, is he that doeth it;
6:33 Smiting and shame, shall he find, and, his reproach, shall not be wiped out;
6:34 For, jealousy, is the rage of a man, nor will he spare, in the day of avenging;
6:35 He will not look, at any ransom, neither will he consent, though thou increase the bribe.

[Proverbs 7]
7:1 My son, keep my sayings, and, my commandments, treasure by thee;
7:2 Keep my commandments and live, and mine instruction, as the pupil of thine eye;
7:3 Bind them upon thy fingers, write them, on the tablet of thy heart;
7:4 Say unto wisdom, My sister, thou! and, an acquaintance, call thou, understanding:
7:5 That thou mayest be kept, from the woman that is a stranger, from the female unknown, who, with her speeches, doth flatter.
7:6 For, in the window of my house, through my lattice, I looked out;
7:7 And saw among the simple ones, discerned among the youths, A young man lacking sense;
7:8 Passing through the street, near her corner, and, on the way to her house, he sauntered along;
7:9 In the twilight, in the evening of the day, in the midst of the night, and the gloom;
7:10 And lo! a woman, came to meet him, attired as one unchaste, of a wily heart.
7:11 Boisterous, is she, and rebellious, In her house, abide not her feet;
7:12 Now outside, now in the broadways, and, near every corner, she lieth in wait:
7:13 So she caught him, and kissed him, and, embolding her face, she said to him:
7:14 Peace-offerings, are by me, to-day, have I paid my vows;
7:15 For this cause, came I forth to meet thee, to seek diligently thy face, and I have found thee:
7:16 Coverlets, have I spread on my couch of pleasure, dark-hued stuffs, of the yarn of Egypt;
7:17 I have sprinkled my bed, with myrrh, aloes, and cinnamon:
7:18 Come! let us take our fill of endearments, until morning, let us delight ourselves with caresses;
7:19 For the husband is not in his house, he hath gone on a journey afar;
7:20 A bag of silver, hath he taken in his hand, On the day of the full moon, will he enter his house.
7:21 She turneth him aside, with her great persuasiveness, -- with the flattery of her lips, she compelleth him:
7:22 Going after her instantly, as an ox, to the slaughter, he entereth, and, as in fetters, unto the correction of a fool.
7:23 Until an arrow cleaveth his liver, as a bird hasteth into a snare, and knoweth not, that, for his life, it is!
7:24 Now, therefore, ye sons, hearken unto me, and attend, to the sayings of my mouth;
7:25 Let not thy heart, turn aside to her ways, Do not go astray, in her paths.
7:26 For, many, wounded, hath she caused to fail, -- yea strong men, slain wholly by her:
7:27 Ways to hades, are in her house, descending into the chambers of death.

[Proverbs 8]
8:1 Doth not, wisdom, cry aloud? and, understanding, send forth her voice?
8:2 At the top of the high places above the way, at the place where paths meet, she taketh her stand:
8:3 Beside the gates, at the entrance of the city, -- at the going in of the openings, she shouteth: --
8:4 Unto you, O men, I call, and, my voice, is unto the sons of men;
8:5 Understand, ye simple ones, shrewdness, and, ye dullards understand sense;
8:6 Hear, for, princely things, will I speak, and the opening of my lips shall be of equity;
8:7 For, faithfulness, shall my mouth softly utter, but, the abomination of my lips, shall be lawlessness;
8:8 In righteousness, shall be all the sayings of my mouth, nothing therein, shall be crafty or perverse;
8:9 All of them, shall be plain, to them who would understand, and just, to such as would gain knowledge.
8:10 Receive my correction, and not silver, and knowledge, rather than choicest gold.
8:11 For better is wisdom, than ornaments of coral, and, no delightful things, can equal her.
8:12 I, wisdom, inhabit shrewdness, -- and, the knowledge of sagacious things, I gain.
8:13 The reverence of Yahweh, is to hate wickedness: pride, arrogance, and the way of wickedness; And a mouth of perverse things, do I hate.
8:14 Mine, are counsel, and effective working, I, am understanding, mine, is valour:
8:15 By me, kings reign, and dignitaries decree righteousness;
8:16 By me, rulers govern, and nobles -- all the righteous judges:
8:17 I love, them who love me, and, they who diligently seek me, find me:
8:18 Riches and honour, are with me, lordly wealth, and righteousness;
8:19 Better is my fruit, than gold -- yea fine gold, and mine increase, than choice silver;
8:20 In the way of righteousness, I march along, in the middle of the paths of justice:
8:21 That I may cause them who love me to inherit substance, and, their treasuries, I may fill.
8:22 Yahweh, had constituted me the beginning of his way, before his works, at the commencement of that time;
8:23 At the outset of the ages, had I been established, in advance of the antiquities of the earth;
8:24 When there was no resounding deep, I had been brought forth, when there were no fountains, abounding with water;
8:25 Ere yet the mountains had been settled, before the hills, had I been brought forth;
8:26 Or ever he had made the land and the wastes, or the top of the dry parts of the world:
8:27 When he prepared the heavens, there, was I! When he decreed a vault upon the face of the resounding deep;
8:28 When he made firm the skies above, when the fountains of the resounding deep, waxed strong;
8:29 When he fixed for the sea its bound, that, the waters, should not go beyond his bidding, when he decreed the foundations of the earth: --
8:30 Then became I beside him, a firm and sure worker, then became I filled with delight, day by day, exulting before him on every occasion;
8:31 Exulting in the fruitful land of his earth, Yea, my fulness of delight, was with the sons of men.
8:32 Now, therefore, ye sons, hearken to me, for how happy are they who, to my ways, pay regard!
8:33 Hear ye correction, and be wise, and do not neglect.
8:34 How happy the man that doth hearken to me, -- keeping guard at my doors, day by day, watching at the posts of my gates;
8:35 For, he that findeth me, findeth life, and hath obtained favour from Yahweh;
8:36 But, he that misseth me, wrongeth his own soul, all who hate me, love death.

[Proverbs 9]
9:1 Wisdom, hath builded her house, hath hewn out her seven pillars;
9:2 hath slaughtered her beasts, hath mingled her wine, hath even set in order her table;
9:3 hath sent forth her maidens, She crieth aloud, upon the tops of the heights of the city:
9:4 Whoso is simple, let him turn in hither, as for him that lacketh sense, she saith to him --
9:5 Come, feed on my food, and drink of the wine I have mingled;
9:6 Forsake the simple ones, and live, and advance in the way of understanding.
9:7 He that rebuketh a scoffer, getteth to himself contempt, and, he that reproveth a lawless man, [getteth to himself] his shame.
9:8 Do not reprove a scoffer, lest he hate thee, Reprove a wise man, and he will love thee.
9:9 Give to a wise man, and he will be wiser still, Inform a righteous man, and he will increase learning.
9:10 The beginning of wisdom, is the reverence of Yahweh, and, the knowledge of the Holy, is understanding;
9:11 For, by me, shall be multiplied -- thy days, and there be added to thee -- the years of life.
9:12 If thou art wise, thou art wise for thyself, but, if thou scoff, alone, shalt thou bear it.
9:13 The woman Stupidity, is boisterous, so simple that she knoweth not what she would do;
9:14 So she sitteth at the entrance of her house, upon a seat, in the heights of the city;
9:15 To invite them who pass by the way, who are going straight on in their paths:
9:16 Whoso is simple, let him turn aside hither, and, as for him that lacketh sense, she saith to him:
9:17 Stolen waters, will be sweet, -- and a secret meal, will be pleasant;
9:18 But he knoweth not, that the shades are there; In the depths of hades, are her guests.

[Proverbs 10]
10:1 The Proverbs of Solomon: A wise son, maketh a glad father, but, a foolish son, is the grief of his mother.
10:2 The treasures of lawlessness, do not profit, but, righteousness, delivereth from death.
10:3 Yahweh, suffereth not to famish, the soul of the righteous, but, the desire of the lawless, he thrusteth away.
10:4 He becometh poor, who dealeth with a slack hand, but, the hand of the diligent, maketh rich.
10:5 He that gathereth in summer, is a prudent son, he that sleepeth long in harvest, is a son causing shame.
10:6 Blessings, are for the head of the righteous man, but, the mouth of the lawless, covereth up wrong.
10:7 The memory of the righteous, yieldeth blessing, but, the name of the lawless, dieth out.
10:8 The wise in heart, will accept commandments, but, he that is foolish with his lips, shall be thrust away.
10:9 He that walketh uprightly, may walk securely, but, he that maketh crooked his ways, shall be found out.
10:10 He that winketh with the eye, causeth sorrow, and, he that is foolish with his lips, shall be thrust aside.
10:11 A well-spring of life, is the mouth of the righteous, but, the mouth of the lawless, covereth wrong.
10:12 Hatred, stirreth up strifes, but, over all transgressions, love throweth a covering.
10:13 In the lips of the intelligent, is found wisdom, but, a rod, is for the back of him that lacketh sense.
10:14 Wise men, treasure up knowledge, but, the mouth of the foolish, is a terror near at hand.
10:15 The substance of the rich, is his strong city, the terror of the poor, is their poverty.
10:16 The labour of the righteous, [leadeth] to life, the increase of the lawless, to sin.
10:17 On the way to life, is he that heedeth correction, but, he that hateth reproof, is going astray.
10:18 He that concealeth hatred, hath false lips, and he that sendeth forth slander, the same, is a dullard.
10:19 In the multitude of words, there wanteth not transgression, but, he that restraineth his lips, sheweth prudence.
10:20 Choice silver, is the tongue of the righteous, but, the sense of the lawless, is very small.
10:21 The lips of the righteous, feed multitudes, but, the foolish, for lack of sense, shall die.
10:22 The blessing of Yahweh, itself maketh rich, and he addeth no grievance therewith.
10:23 It is, mere sport to a stupid man, to commit lewdness, but, wisdom, pertaineth to a man of understanding.
10:24 The dread of the lawless one, the same, shall overtake him, but, the desire of the righteous, shall he granted.
10:25 Like the passing away of a tempest, so the lawless one is not, but, the righteous, [hath] an age-abiding foundation.
10:26 As vinegar to the teeth, and as smoke to the eyes, so, is the sluggard, to them who send him.
10:27 The reverence of Yahweh, addeth days, but, the years of the lawless, shall be shortened.
10:28 The hope of the righteous, shall be gladness, but, the expectation of the lawless, shall vanish.
10:29 A refuge for the blameless, is the path of Yahweh, but, destruction, [awaiteth] the workers of iniquity.
10:30 The righteous, to times age-abiding, shall remain unshaken, but, the lawless, shall not inhabit the earth.
10:31 The mouth of the righteous, beareth the fruit of wisdom, but, a perverse tongue, shall be cut off.
10:32 The lips of the righteous, know what is pleasing, but, the mouth of the lawless, [speaketh] perversities.

[Proverbs 11]
11:1 A deceptive balance, is an abomination to Yahweh, but, a full weight, is his delight.
11:2 When pride cometh, then cometh contempt, but, with the modest, is wisdom.
11:3 The integrity of the upright, shall guide them, but, the crookedness of the treacherous, shall be their ruin.
11:4 Wealth, shall not profit, in the day of wrath, but, righteousness, shall deliver from death.
11:5 The righteousness of the blameless, shall smooth his way, but, by his own lawlessness, shall the lawless one, fall.
11:6 The righteousness of the upright, shall deliver them, but, by their own craving, shall the treacherous be captured.
11:7 When the lawless man dieth, his expectation, perisheth, and, the hope of strong men, hath vanished.
11:8 The righteous man, out of distress, is delivered, then cometh a lawless man into his place.
11:9 With the mouth, a profane man destroyeth his neighbour, but, through knowledge, shall righteous men be delivered.
11:10 When it is, well with the righteous, the city, exulteth, When the lawless perish, there is a shout of triumph.
11:11 When the upright are blessed, exalted is the city, but, by the mouth of the lawless, it is overthrown.
11:12 He that sheweth contempt for his neighbour, lacketh sense, but, a man of understanding, observeth silence.
11:13 He that goeth about talebearing, revealeth a secret, but, he that is faithful in spirit, concealeth a matter.
11:14 With no guidance, a people will fall, but, safety, lieth in the greatness of the counsellor.
11:15 He that becometh surety for a stranger, goeth to utter ruin, but, he that hateth striking hands, is secure.
11:16 A gracious wife, obtaineth honour, but, the diligent, shall obtain wealth.
11:17 The man of lovingkindness, dealeth well with his own soul, but the cruel man, troubleth his own flesh.
11:18 The lawless man, earneth the wages of falsehood, but, he that soweth righteousness, hath the reward of fidelity.
11:19 A righteous son, [turneth] to life, but, he that pursueth wickedness, to his own death.
11:20 The abomination of Yahweh, are they of perverse heart, but, his delight, are the men of blameless life.
11:21 Hand to hand, the wicked man shall not be held innocent, but, the seed of the righteous, hath been delivered.
11:22 As a ring of gold in the snout of a swine, is a woman of beauty who hath abandoned discretion.
11:23 The desire of the righteous, is only good, the expectation of the lawless, is wrath.
11:24 There is who scattereth, and increaseth yet more, and who withholdeth of what is due, only to come to want.
11:25 The liberal soul, shall he enriched, and, he that refresheth, shall himself also be refreshed.
11:26 He that keepeth back corn, the populace will curse him, but there is, a blessing, for the head of him that selleth.
11:27 He that diligently seeketh good, aimeth at favour, but, he that studieth mischief, it shall come on himself.
11:28 He that trusteth in his riches, the same, shall fall, but, like the leaf, shall the righteous break forth.
11:29 He that troubleth his own house, shall inherit the wind, but, a servant, shall the foolish be, to the wise in heart.
11:30 The fruit of the righteous, is a tree of life, and, he that rescueth souls, is wise.
11:31 Lo! the righteous, in the earth shall be recompensed, how much more the lawless and the sinner.

[Proverbs 12]
12:1 He that loveth correction, loveth knowledge, but, he that hateth reproof, is brutish.
12:2 A good man, obtaineth favour from Yahweh, but, a man of wicked devices, will he condemn.
12:3 A son of earth, shall not be established, by lawlessness, but, the root of the righteous, shall not be disturbed.
12:4 A virtuous woman, is the crown of her husband, but, a veritable decay in his bones, is she that causeth shame.
12:5 The plans of the righteous, are just, but, the counsels of the lawless, are deceitful.
12:6 The words of the lawless, are -- of lying in wait for blood, but, the mouth of the upright, shall deliver them.
12:7 Overthrown are the lawless and they are not, but, the house of the righteous, shall stand.
12:8 In proportion to his prudence, is a man, to be praised, but, the perverse in heart, shall be an object of contempt.
12:9 Better slighted, and have a servant, than to honour oneself, and come short of bread.
12:10 A righteous man, regardeth the desire of his beast, but, the compassions of the lawless, are cruel.
12:11 He that tilleth his land, shall be filled with food, but, he that runneth after worthless men, lacketh sense.
12:12 A lawless man craveth the prey of the wicked, but, the root of the righteous, is enduring.
12:13 By the transgression of the lips, is the wicked man, ensnared, but the righteous, cometh out of distress.
12:14 Of the fruit of a man's mouth, shall he be satisfied with good, and, the dealing of the hands of a son of earth, shall be paid back to him.
12:15 The way of the foolish, is right in his own eyes, but, he that hearkeneth to counsel, is wise.
12:16 A foolish man, on the [same] day, letteth his vexation be known, but, he that concealeth an affront, is prudent.
12:17 He that whispereth faithfulness, declareth righteousness, but, a false witness, is a fraud.
12:18 There is who babbleth, as with thrusts of a sword, but, the tongue of the wise, hath healing.
12:19 A lip that is faithful, shall be firm to futurity, but, only for a twinkling, is the tongue that is false.
12:20 Deceit, is in the heart of contrivers of mischief, but, to the counsellors of peace, shall be joy.
12:21 Unseemly to the righteous, is any trouble, but, the lawless, are full of misfortune.
12:22 An abomination to Yahweh, are lips that are false, but, he that dealeth faithfully, is his delight.
12:23 A prudent man, concealeth knowledge, but, the heart of dullards, proclaimeth folly.
12:24 The hand of the diligent, shall hear rule, but, the indolent, shall come under tribute.
12:25 When anxiety is in the heart of a man, one may bow him down, but, a good word, maketh him glad.
12:26 The righteous man guideth his neighbour, but, the way of the lawless, leadeth them astray.
12:27 Indolence, roasteth not, his own game, but, the substance of a man, is precious, when he is diligent.
12:28 In the way of righteousness, is life, and, in the path thereof, immortality,

[Proverbs 13]
13:1 A wise son, [cometh of] a father's correction, but, a scoffer, heareth not a rebuke.
13:2 Of the fruit of his mouth, shall a man eat what is good, but, the soul of the treacherous, [shall be sated with] violence.
13:3 He that watcheth his mouth, guardeth his soul, He that openeth wide his lips, [it shall be] his ruin.
13:4 The sluggard, desireth, but his soul hath, nothing. But, the soul of the diligent, shall be enriched.
13:5 A word of falsehood, the righteous man, hateth, but, the lawless, causeth shame and disgrace.
13:6 Righteousness, guardeth the man of blameless way, but, lawlessness, overthroweth the sinner.
13:7 There is who feigneth himself rich, yet hath nothing at all, who pleadeth poverty, yet hath great substance.
13:8 The ransom of a man's life, is his wealth, but, the poor, heareth not rebuke.
13:9 The light of the righteous, rejoiceth, but, the lamp of the lawless, goeth out.
13:10 Only by pride, doth one cause contention, but, with the well-advised, is wisdom.
13:11 Wealth gotten by greed, diminisheth, but, he that gathereth by little, increaseth.
13:12 Hope deferred, sickeneth the heart, -- but, a tree of life, is desire fulfilled.
13:13 He that despiseth a matter, shall get pledged thereto, but, he that revereth a commandment, the same shall be recompensed.
13:14 the instruction of the wise, is a well-spring of life, by departing from the snares of death.
13:15 Sound discretion, yieldeth favour, but, the way of the treacherous, is rugged.
13:16 Every prudent man, maketh use of knowledge, but, a dullard, spreadeth folly.
13:17 A lawless messenger, falleth into mischief, but, a faithful herald, bringeth healing.
13:18 Poverty and contempt, are for him that neglecteth correction, but, he that regardeth reproof, shall be honoured.
13:19 A desire fulfilled, is sweet to the soul, but it is, an abomination to the lawless, to depart from evil.
13:20 He that walketh with the wise, becometh wise, but, the friend of dullards, becometh foolish.
13:21 Evil pursueth, sinners, but, unto the righteous, shall good be recompensed.
13:22 A good man, leaveth an inheritance to children's children, but, laid up for the righteous, is the wealth of the sinner.
13:23 Much food, is in the fallow ground of the poor, but there is that is swept away, for want of justice.
13:24 He that withholdeth his rod, hateth his son, -- but, he that loveth him, carefully correcteth him.
13:25 The righteous, eateth to satisfy his appetite, but, the belly of the lawless, shall want.

[Proverbs 14]
14:1 Every, wise woman, buildeth up her house, but, a foolish one, with her own hands, would break it down.
14:2 He that walketh in his uprightness, is one who revereth Yahweh, but, he that is crooked in his way, is one who despiseth him.
14:3 In the mouth of the foolish, is a haughty rod, but, as for the lips of the wise, thou shalt give heed to them!
14:4 Without cattle, the crib is clean, but, much increase, is in the strength of the ox.
14:5 A faithful witness, will not deceive, but a false witness, uttereth deceitful things.
14:6 A scoffer seeketh wisdom, and there is none, but, knowledge, to the discerning, is easy.
14:7 Get thee from the presence of a man that is a dullard, when thou perceivest not the lips of knowledge.
14:8 The wisdom of the prudent, is to understand his way, but, the folly of dullards, is a fraud.
14:9 the foolish, scoff at guilt, but, between the upright, is good pleasure.
14:10 The heart, knoweth its own bitterness, and, in its joy, no stranger shareth.
14:11 The house of the lawless, shall be destroyed, but, the tent of the upright, shall flourish.
14:12 There is a way that enticeth a man, but, at the latter end thereof, are the ways of death!
14:13 Even, in laughter, the heart may be in pain, and, the latter end of gladness, be grief.
14:14 With his own ways, shall be filled the backslider in heart, and, from himself, shall a good man [be satisfied] .
14:15 The simple, believeth every word, but, the prudent, looketh well to his going.
14:16 A wise man, feareth, and avoideth evil, but, a dullard, is haughty and confident.
14:17 The impatient, worketh folly, and, a man of wicked devices, is hated.
14:18 The simple inherit folly, but, the shrewd, crowneth himself with knowledge.
14:19 Abased are the wicked, before the good, and, the lawless, at the gates of the righteous.
14:20 Even by his neighbour, is poor man hated, but, the lovers of the rich man, are many.
14:21 He that sheweth contempt for his neighbour, sinneth, but, he that sheweth favour to the afflicted, how happy is he!
14:22 Shall they not, become vagrants, who devise evil? but, lovingkindness and faithfulness, [be to] them who devise good.
14:23 By all labour, there will be abundance, but, the talk of the lips, tendeth only to want.
14:24 the crown of the wise, is their wealth, but, the folly of dullards, is, folly.
14:25 A deliverer of souls, is a faithful witness, but, he that uttereth falsehoods, is a fraud.
14:26 In the reverence of Yahweh, is strong security, and, his children, shall have a place of refuge.
14:27 The reverence of Yahweh, is a well-spring of life, that a man may avoid the snares of death.
14:28 In the multitude of a people, is the majesty of the king, but, in the ceasing of population, is the ruin of the prince.
14:29 One slow to anger, hath great understanding, but, the hasty in spirit, exalteth folly.
14:30 The life of the whole body, is a tranquil mind, but, a decay of the bones, is jealousy.
14:31 The oppressor of the poor, hath reproached his Maker, but he that sheweth favour to the needy, is one who, holdeth Him in honour.
14:32 By his own wickedness, shall the lawless man, be thrust down, but the righteous, seeketh refuge in his integrity.
14:33 In the heart of the intelligent, reposeth wisdom, but, in the midst of dullards, it maketh itself known.
14:34 Righteousness, exalteth a nation, but, a reproach to any people, is sin.
14:35 The good-pleasure of a king, is due to a servant who is discreet, but, his indignation, shall be against him that bringeth shame.

[Proverbs 15]
15:1 A soft answer, turneth away wrath, but a cutting word raiseth anger.
15:2 The tongue of the wise, adorneth knowledge, -- but, the month of dullards, belcheth out folly.
15:3 In every place, are the eyes of Yahweh, observing the evil and the good.
15:4 Gentleness of the tongue, is a tree of life, but, crookedness therein, a grievous wound in the spirit.
15:5 A foolish [son], spurneth the correction of his father, but, he that heedeth a reproof, sheweth prudence.
15:6 The household of the righteous man, is a great treasure, but, in the increase of the lawless, is disturbance.
15:7 The lips of the wise, scatter abroad knowledge, but, the heart of dullards, is not right.
15:8 The sacrifice of lawless men, is an abomination to Yahweh, but, the prayer of the upright, is his delight.
15:9 An abomination to Yahweh, is the way of the lawless, but, the pursuer of righteousness, he loveth.
15:10 There is, grievous correction, for him that forsaketh the right path, He that hateth rebuke, shall die.
15:11 Hades and destruction, are before Yahweh, how much more then, the hearts of the sons of men.
15:12 A scoffer, loveth not, one who reproveth him, unto the wise, doth he not go.
15:13 A joyful heart, maketh a pleasing countenance, -- but, in sorrow of heart, is a stricken spirit.
15:14 The heart of the intelligent, seeketh knowledge, but, the mouth of dullards, feedeth on folly.
15:15 All the days of the afflicted, are sorrowful, but, a cheerful heart, is a continual banquet.
15:16 Better is a little, with the reverence of Yahweh, than great treasure, and disquietude therewith.
15:17 Better is an allowance of herbs, and love, there, than a fatted ox, and hatred therewith.
15:18 A wrathful man, stirreth up strife, but, he that is slow to anger, calmeth contention.
15:19 The way of the sluggard, is like a thorn hedge, but, the path of the upright, is a raised road.
15:20 A wise son, maketh a glad father, -- but, a dullard, despiseth his own mother.
15:21 Folly, is joy to him that lacketh sense, -- but, a man of understanding, taketh a straight course.
15:22 Plans, are frustrated, for lack of consultation, but, by the multitude of counsellors, shall counsel, be established.
15:23 A man hath joy, in the answer of his own mouth, and, a word in its season, -- how good!
15:24 The way of life, is upwards to the prudent, that he may depart from hades beneath.
15:25 The house of proud men, will Yahweh tear down, but he will maintain the boundary of the widow.
15:26 An abomination to Yahweh, are the plottings tings of the wicked, but, with the pure, are sayings of sweetness.
15:27 He, troubleth his own house, who graspeth with greed, but, he that hateth gifts, shall live.
15:28 The heart of the righteous, studieth to answer, but, the mouth of the lawless, belcheth out mischiefs.
15:29 Far off is Yahweh, from the lawless, but, the prayer of the righteous, will he hear.
15:30 The sparkling of bright eyes, rejoiceth the heart, Good news, giveth marrow to the bones.
15:31 The ear that heareth the reproof which giveth life, in the midst of the wise, shall remain.
15:32 He that declineth correction, despiseth his own soul, but, he that heareth reproof, gaineth sense.
15:33 The reverence of Yahweh, is the correction of wisdom, and, before honour, is humility.

[Proverbs 16]
16:1 To man, belong the preparations of the heart, but, from Yahweh, cometh the answer of the tongue.
16:2 All the ways of a man, [may be] pure in his own eyes, but, he that testeth spirits, is Yahweh.
16:3 Roll, upon Yahweh, thy doings, that thy plans, may be established.
16:4 Everything, hath Yahweh made for its own purpose, yea, even the lawless one, for the day of calamity.
16:5 An abomination to Yahweh, is every one who is haughty in heart, hand to hand, he shall not be held innocent.
16:6 By lovingkindness and fidelity, shall iniquity be covered, and, in the revering of Yahweh, is a turning away from wrong.
16:7 When, acceptable to Yahweh, are the ways of a man, even his enemies, doth he cause to make peace with him.
16:8 Better a little with righteousness, than large revenues, without justice.
16:9 A man's heart, deviseth his way, but, Yahweh, directeth his steps.
16:10 An oracle, is on the lips of a king, in giving sentence, his mouth must not be unfaithful.
16:11 The balance and scales of justice, belong to Yahweh, and, his handiwork, are all the weights of the bag.
16:12 The abomination of kings, is to work lawlessness, for, by righteousness, is established a throne.
16:13 The delight of kings, are lips of righteousness, -- and, the words of uprightness, he loveth.
16:14 The wrath of a king, [meaneth] messengers of death, but, a man who is wise, will appease it.
16:15 In the light of a king's countenance, is life, and, his good-pleasure, is like the cloud of harvest-rain.
16:16 To acquire wisdom, how much better than gold! and, to get hold of understanding, more choice than silver!
16:17 The highway of the upright, is to avoid evil, He preserveth his soul, who guardeth his way.
16:18 Before grievous injury, pride! and, before a fall, haughtiness of spirit!
16:19 Better is lowliness of spirit, with the patient, than a portion of spoil, with the proud.
16:20 He that showeth discretion concerning a matter, shall find good, and, he that trusteth in Yahweh, how happy is he!
16:21 The wise in heart, shall be called intelligent, and, sweetness of lips, increaseth persuasiveness.
16:22 A well-spring of life, is discretion to its owner, but, the correction of the foolish, is folly.
16:23 The heart of the wise, giveth discretion to his mouth, and, upon his lips, increaseth persuasiveness.
16:24 A comb of honey, are pleasant words, sweet to the taste and healing to the bone.
16:25 There is a way that enticeth a man, but, at the latter end thereof, are the ways of death.
16:26 The appetite of the toiler, hath toiled for him, for his mouth, hath urged him on.
16:27 An abandoned man, diggeth up mischief, -- and, upon his lips, as it were a fire is scorching.
16:28 A perverse man, sendeth forth strife, and, a tattler, separateth intimate friends.
16:29 A ruthless man, enticeth his neighbour, and leadeth him in a way, not good.
16:30 Closing his eyes, to devise perverse things, biting his lips, he hath plotted mischief.
16:31 A crown of adorning, is a hoary head, in the way of righteousness, it should be found.
16:32 Better he that is slow to anger, than a hero, and he that ruleth his spirit, than he that captureth a city.
16:33 Into the lap, is cast the lot, but, from Yahweh, is its every decision.

[Proverbs 17]
17:1 Better a dry morsel, and peace therewith, than a house full of contentious sacrifices.
17:2 A prudent servant, shall rule over a son who causeth shame, and, in the midst of brothers, shall he share the inheritance.
17:3 Fining-pot for silver, crucible for gold, but, he that trieth hearts, is Yahweh.
17:4 Discord, giveth heed to the aggrieving lip, -- Falsehood, giveth ear to the destroying tongue.
17:5 He that mocketh the poor, hath reproached his Maker, He that maketh merry at distress, shall not be held innocent.
17:6 The crown of old men, consists of children's children, and the adornment of children, is their fathers.
17:7 Unseemly in an unworthy man, is the lip of excellence, much more, in one of noble mind, the lip of falsehood.
17:8 A gift, in the eyes of its owner, is, a stone of beauty, whithersoever it turneth, it bringeth prosperity.
17:9 He that hideth a transgression, seeketh love, but, he that repeateth a matter, separateth intimate friends.
17:10 A reproof sinketh more deeply into an intelligent man than a hundred stripes, into a dullard!
17:11 Nothing less than rebellion, doth a wicked man seek, and, a relentless messenger, shall be sent out against him.
17:12 Let a bereaved bear encounter man, rather than a dullard, with his folly!
17:13 He that returneth evil for good, evil shall not depart from his house.
17:14 A letting forth of water, is the beginning of strife, therefore, before it breaketh out, abandon, contention.
17:15 He that justifieth the lawless, and he that condemneth the righteous, an abomination to Yahweh, are they, both.
17:16 Wherefore is there a price in the hand of a dullard? that he who is without sense, may acquire wisdom.
17:17 At all times, doth a friend love, and, a brother for distress, must be born.
17:18 A man lacking sense, is one who striketh hands, giving security, before his neighbour.
17:19 A lover of transgression, is one who loveth strife, he that heighteneth his door, seeketh grievous harm.
17:20 The crooked in heart, shall not find good, and, he that is perverse with his tongue, shall fall into wickedness.
17:21 He that begetteth a dullard, it is to his own grief, neither can the father of the base, rejoice.
17:22 A joyful heart, worketh an excellent cure, -- but, a stricken spirit, drieth up the bone.
17:23 A bribe out of his bosom, doth a lawless man take, to pervert the ways of justice.
17:24 Before the face of the discerning, is wisdom, but, the eyes of a dullard, are in the ends of the earth.
17:25 A vexation to his father, is the son that is a dullard, and a bitterness, to her that bare him.
17:26 Surely, to chastise the righteous, is not good, to smite the noble-minded for equity.
17:27 Sparing of his words, is one who valueth knowledge, and, of a thoughtful spirit, is a man of intelligence.
17:28 Even a fool, holding his peace, is accounted, wise, -- He that closeth his lips, [is thought] to have understanding.

[Proverbs 18]
18:1 A man seeketh, for satisfaction, going his own way, through all safe counsel, he breaketh.
18:2 A dullard, delighteth not, in understanding, in nothing save the exposing of his own heart.
18:3 When the lawless man cometh in, then cometh also contempt, and, with shame, reproach.
18:4 Deep waters, are the words of a man's mouth, -- a bubbling brook, the well-spring of wisdom.
18:5 To prefer a lawless man, is not good, thrusting away the righteous, in judgment.
18:6 the lips of a dullard, enter into contention, and his mouth, for blows, crieth out.
18:7 The mouth of a dullard, is his ruin, and, his lips, are a snare to his soul.
18:8 the words of a tattler, are dainties, they, therefore go down into the chambers of the inner man.
18:9 Surely he that is slothful in his work, brother, is he to a master at laying waste.
18:10 A tower of strength, is the Name of Yahweh, thereinto, runneth the righteous, and is safe.
18:11 The substance of a rich man, is his strong city, and like a high wall, in his imagination.
18:12 Before grievous injury, a man's heart is haughty, and, before honour, is humility.
18:13 He that answereth before he heareth, a folly, it is to him, and, a reproach.
18:14 The spirit of a man, sustaineth his sickness, but, a dejected spirit, who can bear it?
18:15 the heart of the intelligent, acquireth knowledge, yea, the ear of the wise, seeketh knowledge.
18:16 The gift of a man, maketh room for him, and, before great men, setteth him down.
18:17 Righteous is he that is first in his own cause, then cometh his neighbour, and thoroughly searcheth him.
18:18 The lot causeth, contentions, to cease, and, the mighty, it parteth.
18:19 A brother estranged, [is worse] than a strong city, -- and, contentions, are as the bar of a citadel.
18:20 Of the fruit of a man's mouth, shall his inmost mind be satisfied, with the product of his lips, shall he be satisfied.
18:21 Death and life, are in the power of the tongue, and, its friends, shall eat its fruits.
18:22 Who hath found a wife, hath found a blessing, and hath obtained favour from Yahweh.
18:23 Supplications, doth the poor man utter, but, the rich, answereth fiercely.
18:24 A man having [many] friends, shall come to ruin, but there is a loving one, who sticketh closer than a brother.

[Proverbs 19]
19:1 Better is a poor man, walking in his integrity, than one of perverse lips, and, he, a dullard.
19:2 Surely, for the soul to be, without knowledge, is not good, and, he that hasteth with his feet, strayeth.
19:3 The folly of a man, subverteth his way, and, against Yahweh, his heart is angry.
19:4 Wealth, addeth many friends, but, the poor man, from his own friend, is parted.
19:5 A false witness, shall not be held innocent, and, he that uttereth lies, shall not escape.
19:6 Many, will entreat the favour of a noble, and, every one, is a friend to a man abounding in gifts.
19:7 All the brethren of a poor man, hate him, how much more have, his friends, gone far from him, he may hunt up promises -- there are none.
19:8 He that acquireth sense, loveth his own soul, he that guardeth understanding, shall find blessing.
19:9 A false witness, shall not be held innocent, and, he that uttereth lies, shall perish.
19:10 Unseemly for dullard, is delicate living, how much more for, a servant, to bear rule over princes.
19:11 The discretion of a man, deferreth his anger, and, his adorning, is to pass over transgression.
19:12 The growl as of a young lion, is the rage of a king, but, like dew upon the grass, is his good pleasure.
19:13 Engulfing ruin to his father, is a son that is a dullard, -- and, a continuous dripping, are the contentions of a wife.
19:14 House and substance, are an inheritance from one's fathers, but, from Yahweh, cometh a wife who is prudent.
19:15 Sloth, falleth into a deep sleep, and, a soul that is indolent, shall famish.
19:16 One who guardeth the commandment, guardeth his life, he that is reckless in his ways, shall die.
19:17 A lender to Yahweh, is one who sheweth favour to the poor, and, his good deed, He will pay him back.
19:18 Correct thy son, because there is hope, yet, not so as to slay him, let thy passion be excited.
19:19 A man in a rage, taketh away the penalty, -- nevertheless, if thou let him go free, the more [stripes] must thou add.
19:20 Hear counsel, receive correction, that thou mayest be wise in thine after-life.
19:21 Many are the devices in a man's heart, but, the counsel of Yahweh, that, shall stand.
19:22 The charm of a man, is his lovingkindness, -- and better a poor man, than one who deceiveth.
19:23 The reverence of Yahweh, leadeth to life, satisfied then, let a man remain -- let him not be visited by calamity.
19:24 A sluggard burieth his hand in the dish, even unto his own mouth, will he not bring it back.
19:25 The scoffer, thou shalt smite, and, the simple, will beware, but correct a man of intelligence -- he will understand teaching.
19:26 He that ruineth his father, and chaseth away his mother, is a son causing shame and reproach.
19:27 Cease, my son, to hear instruction that would cause thee to wander from the sayings of knowledge.
19:28 An abandoned witness, scorneth justice, and, the mouth of lawless men, swalloweth iniquity.
19:29 Prepared for scoffers, are punishments, and stripes, for the back of dullards.

[Proverbs 20]
20:1 Wine is, a scoffer, and strong drink, a brawler, every one therefore who erreth therein, is unwise.
20:2 The growl as of a young lion, is the dread inspired by a king, he that provoketh him, endangereth his own life.
20:3 Honour, hath the man who sitteth away from strife, but, any fool, may break through.
20:4 By reason of the autumn, a sluggard will not plough, therefore shall he beg in harvest, and there be nothing.
20:5 Deep water, is counsel in a man's heart, but, a man of understanding, will draw it out.
20:6 A kind man one may call, a great man, -- but, a faithful man, who can find?
20:7 As for a righteous man, walking in his integrity, how happy are his children after him!
20:8 A king sitting on the throne of judgment, scattereth, with his eyes, all wrong.
20:9 Who can say, I have cleansed my heart, I am pure from my sin?
20:10 Divers weights, and divers measures, an abomination to Yahweh, are they, both.
20:11 Even, by his doings, doth a youth make himself known, whether, pure and upright, be his work.
20:12 The hearing ear, and the seeing eye, Yahweh hath made them, both.
20:13 Do not love sleep, lest thou come to poverty, open thine eyes, be satisfied with bread.
20:14 Bad! bad! saith the buyer, but, going his way, then, he boasteth.
20:15 There are gold, and an abundance of corals, but, precious jewels, are the lips of knowledge.
20:16 Take his garment who is pledge for a stranger, -- then, for a woman unknown, accept him as surety.
20:17 Sweet to a man, may be the bread of falsehood, but, afterward, shall his mouth be filled with gravel.
20:18 Plans -- by counsel, shalt thou establish, and, with concerted measures, make thou war.
20:19 A revealer of secrets, is one who goeth about talebearing, therefore, with him who openeth his lips, shalt thou not have fellowship.
20:20 Whoso revileth his father or his mother, his lamp shall be put out in deep darkness.
20:21 An inheritance hastily gotten at the beginning, the latter end thereof, shall not bring blessing.
20:22 Do not say, I will requite wrong! Wait thou for Yahweh that he may save thee.
20:23 An abomination to Yahweh, are divers weights, and, deceptive balances, are not good.
20:24 From Yahweh, are a man's steps, a son of earth, then -- how can he discern his way?
20:25 It is a snare to a man, that he should rashly cry Holy! and, after making vows, to reflect!
20:26 A wise king, winnoweth out the lawless, when he hath turned over them the wheel.
20:27 The lamp of Yahweh, is the spirit of a son of earth, searching all the chambers of the inner man.
20:28 Lovingkindness and faithfulness, will guard a king, -- therefore should he support, with lovingkindness, his throne.
20:29 The beauty of young men, is their strength, and, the ornament of old men, a hoary head.
20:30 Blows that out in, cleanse away wickedness, and, smitings, [enter] the chambers of the inner man.

[Proverbs 21]
21:1 [Like] channels of water, is the heart of a king, in the hand of Yahweh, -- whithersoever he will, he turneth it.
21:2 Every way of a man, may be right in his own eyes, but, he that testeth hearts, is Yahweh.
21:3 To do righteousness and justice, is more choice to Yahweh than sacrifice.
21:4 Loftiness of eyes, and ambition of heart -- the lamp of the lawless, are sin.
21:5 The plans of the diligent, tend only to abundance, but, of every one that is urgent, only to want.
21:6 The gaining of treasures with a tongue of falsehood, is a vapour driven away, [they who seek them] seek death,
21:7 The violence of the lawless, shall drag them away, -- because they have refused to do justice.
21:8 Crooked is the way of a guilty man, but, as for the pure, straight is his dealing.
21:9 Better to dwell on the corner of the roof, than a quarrelsome wife, and a house in common.
21:10 The soul of the lawless man, craveth mischief, his own friend, findeth no favour in his eyes.
21:11 When the scoffer is punished, the simple, becometh wise, when the wise is instructed, he receiveth knowledge.
21:12 The Righteous One observeth the house of the lawless, -- He is ready to cast down lawless men into misfortune.
21:13 He that shutteth his ear from the cry of the poor, even he, shall call, and not be answered.
21:14 A gift in secret, quencheth anger, and, a present in the bosom, mighty wrath.
21:15 It is a joy, to a righteous man, to do justice, but, dismay, to the workers of iniquity.
21:16 The man who wandereth from the way of discretion, in the gathered host of the shades, shall settle down.
21:17 A needy man, shall he be that loveth merriment, the lover of wine and oil, shall not become rich.
21:18 A ransom for the righteous, is the lawless, and, instead of upright men, the traitor.
21:19 Better to dwell in a desert land, than with a woman, quarrelsome and provoking.
21:20 Desirable treasure and oil, are in the home of the wise, but, a man who is a dullard, will destroy it.
21:21 He that pursueth righteousness and lovingkindness, shall find life, righteousness and honour.
21:22 A city of heroes, doth a wise man scale, and bringeth down the strength of its confidence.
21:23 He that keepeth his mouth and his tongue, keepeth, out of distresses, his soul.
21:24 A haughty insolent one -- Scoffer is his name, is he that acteth in a transport of pride.
21:25 The craving of the sluggard, killeth him, for his hands have refused to work.
21:26 All the day, he greatly craveth, whereas, the righteous, giveth, and doth not spare.
21:27 The sacrifice of the lawless, is an abomination, how much more, when, with wickedness, he bringeth it in!
21:28 A false witness, shall perish, but, the man who hearkeneth, with abiding effect, shall speak.
21:29 A lawless man emboldeneth his face, but, as for the upright, he, directeth his ways.
21:30 There is no wisdom, nor understanding, nor counsel, to confront Yahweh.
21:31 The horse, is prepared for the day of battle, but, to Yahweh, pertaineth the victory.

[Proverbs 22]
22:1 More choice, is a name, than great riches, beyond silver and gold, is pleasant grace.
22:2 The rich and the poor, meet together, the maker of them all, is Yahweh.
22:3 A prudent man, seeth calamity, and hideth himself, but, the simple, pass on, and suffer.
22:4 The reward of humility, is the reverence of Yahweh, riches, and honour, and life.
22:5 Thorns and snares, are in the way of the perverse, -- he that guardeth his soul, shall be far from them.
22:6 Train up a youth, in the direction of his duty, even when he becometh old, he will not depart from it.
22:7 The rich, over the poor, beareth rule, -- and, slave, is the borrower to the lender.
22:8 He that soweth perversity, shall reap trouble, and, the rod of his wrath, shall be ready.
22:9 A benevolent eye, the same, shall be blessed, -- because he hath given of his bread to the poor.
22:10 Drive away the scoffer, that strife may depart, and quarrel, and contempt may cease.
22:11 Yahweh loveth the pure in heart, gracious are his lips, his friend is the king!
22:12 The eyes of Yahweh, watch over knowledge, therefore hath he overturned the words of the treacherous.
22:13 Saith the sluggard, A lion outside! Amidst the broadways, shall I be slain.
22:14 A deep chasm, is the mouth of strange women, he with whom Yahweh is indignant, falleth there.
22:15 Foolishness, is bound up in the heart of a youth, the rod of correction, shall drive it far from him.
22:16 He that oppresseth the poor, to make increase for himself, giving to the rich, shall surely come to want.
22:17 Incline thine ear and hear the words of wise men, then, thy heart, wilt thou apply to my teaching;
22:18 For sweet shall they be, when thou shalt keep them in thine inmost mind, they shall fit well together, upon thy lips.
22:19 That in Yahweh may be thy trust, I have made them known to thee to-day, even to thee.
22:20 Have I not written for thee noble things, with counsels and knowledge:
22:21 To cause thee to know the meaning of faithful sayings, that thou mayest give back faithful sayings to them who ask thee.
22:22 Do not rob the poor, because he is poor, neither crush thou the oppressed in the gate;
22:23 For, Yahweh, will plead their cause, and will despoil their despoilers of life.
22:24 Do not have friendship with one given to anger, and, with a wrathful man, shall thou not enter in:
22:25 Lest thou learn his ways, and take a snare to thy soul.
22:26 Be not of them who strike hands, of them who are sureties for debts:
22:27 If thou hast nothing to pay, why should one take away thy bed from under thee?
22:28 Do not move back the ancient boundary, which thy father's made.
22:29 Seest thou a man prompt in his business? before kings, shall he stand, he shall not stand before men who are obscure.

[Proverbs 23]
23:1 When thou sittest to eat with a ruler, thou shall consider well, what is before thee;
23:2 And shalt put a knife to thy throat, if, of great appetite, thou art:
23:3 Do not crave his dainties, for, the same, are deceitful food.
23:4 Do not toil to get wealth, of thine own understanding, forbear:
23:5 Wilt thou let thine eye fly thereupon, when it is nothing? for it will, surely make, itself wings, Like an eagle, will it wing its way across the heavens.
23:6 Do not eat the food of him that hath a begrudging eye, neither crave thou his dainties;
23:7 For, just as he hath thought in his own mind, so, he is: Eat and drink! he may say to thee, but, his heart, is not with thee.
23:8 As for thy morsel thou hast eaten, thou shalt vomit it, so shalt thou waste thy things so sweet.
23:9 In the ears of a dullard, do not speak, for he will despise the good sense of thy words.
23:10 Do not move back the ancient boundary, and, into the fields of the fatherless, do not enter;
23:11 For, their near of kin, is strong, he, will plead their cause with thee.
23:12 Bring, to correction, thy heart, and thine ears, to the sayings of knowledge.
23:13 Do not withhold, from a child, correction, When thou smitest him with the rod, he shall not die:
23:14 Thou, with the rod, shalt smite him, and, his soul from hades, shalt thou deliver.
23:15 My son! if thy heart be wise, my heart shall rejoice, even mine.
23:16 So shall my reins exult, when thy lips speak the things that are right.
23:17 Let not thy heart be envious of sinners, only of the reverence of Yahweh, all day long;
23:18 For surely there is a future, and, thine expectation, shall not be cut off.
23:19 Hear, thou, my son, and be wise, and lead forward, in duty, thy heart.
23:20 Do not be among them who tipple with wine, -- among them who are gluttons;
23:21 For, the tippler and the glutton, shall come to poverty, and, rags, shall Slumber put on!
23:22 Hearken to thy father here, who begat thee, and despise not, when she is old, thy mother.
23:23 Truth, buy thou, but do not sell, wisdom, and correction, and understanding.
23:24 Greatly shall exult, the father of a righteous man, and, he that begetteth a wise son, shall rejoice in him:
23:25 Rejoice shall thy father and thy mother, yea she, shall exult, who bare thee.
23:26 Oh give, my son, thy mind unto me, and let, thine eyes, observe, my ways;
23:27 For, a deep chasm, is the unchaste woman, and, a narrow pit, the female unknown;
23:28 Yea, she, as for prey, lieth in wait, and, the treacherous among mankind, she causeth to abound.
23:29 Who hath woe? Who hath outcry of pain? Who hath contentions? Who hath complaining? Who hath needless wounds? Who hath dullness of eyes?
23:30 They who tarry over wine, they who go in to search for mixed wine.
23:31 Do not look on wine when it becometh red, when it giveth in the cup its sparkle, glideth down smoothly.
23:32 Its after effect, is that, like a serpent, it biteth, and, like a viper, it doth sting.
23:33 Thine eyes, will see strange women, and, thy heart, will speak perverse things:
23:34 So shalt thou become, as one lying down in the heart of the sea, -- or as one lying down on the top of the mastgear:
23:35 They smote me -- I felt no pain, They struck me down -- I noticed it not, -- When shall I wake up? I will go on, I will seek it, again!

[Proverbs 24]
24:1 Be not thou envious of wicked men, neither crave to be with them;
24:2 For, violence, their heart muttereth, and, mischief, their lips do speak.
24:3 In wisdom, is a house builded, and, in understanding, is it established;
24:4 And, in knowledge, chambers are filled, with all acquisitions, costly and fair.
24:5 A wise man, is mighty, and, a man of knowledge, becometh alert in vigour.
24:6 Surely, with concerted measures, shalt thou make for thyself war, and, success, lieth in the greatness of the counsellor.
24:7 Unattainable to a foolish man, are the dictates of wisdom, in the gate, he openeth not his mouth.
24:8 He that deviseth to do mischief, him, shall men call, a master of plots.
24:9 The purpose of folly, is sin, and, an abomination to mankind, is a buffoon.
24:10 Thou hast been slothful in the day of straitness, Strait, is thy strength.
24:11 Deliver thou such as are being led forth to death, and, them who are tottering to slaughter, oh that thou wouldst hold back!
24:12 Though thou say, Lo! we knew not this, Shall not, he that proveth hearts, himself, discern? And, he that formeth thy soul, himself, know? and bring back to a son of earth according to his deed?
24:13 My son, eat thou honey, because it is good, -- and droppings from the comb [because they are] sweet to thy palate:
24:14 Thus, take knowledge of wisdom, for thine own soul; If thou find it, then there is a future, and, thine expectation, shall not be cut off.
24:15 Do not lie in wait, thou lawless man, against the home of the righteous, -- neither destroy thou his place of rest;
24:16 For, seven times, may the righteous fall and yet arise, but, lawless men, shall stumble into calamity.
24:17 When thine enemy falleth, do not thou rejoice, and, when he stumbleth, let not thy heart exult:
24:18 Lest Yahweh see it, and it be wicked in his eyes, and he turn away from him his anger.
24:19 Burn not with vexation against evil doers, be not envious of lawless men;
24:20 For there shall be no future for the wicked, The lamp of the lawless, shall go out.
24:21 Revere thou Yahweh, my son, and the king, and, with the fickle, have thou no fellowship;
24:22 For, suddenly, shall arise their calamity; and, the misfortune of their years, who knoweth?
24:23 These things also, concern he wise, To take note of faces in judgment, is not good.
24:24 He that saith to the lawless man, Righteous, thou art, peoples shall denounce him, populations shall curse him;
24:25 But, to reprovers, one should be pleasant, and, upon them, should come an excellent blessing:
24:26 Lips, should one kiss with one who answereth in right words.
24:27 Prepare, in the open, thy work, and make ready, in the field, for thyself, Afterwards, shalt thou build thy house.
24:28 Do not become a needless witness against thy neighbour, so mightest thou open too wide thy lips:
24:29 Do not say -- According to what he hath done to me, so, will I do to him, I will repay every one according to his work.
24:30 By the field of the sluggard, I passed, and by the vineyard of a man lacking sense;
24:31 And lo! there had come up all over it -- thorns, there had covered the face thereof -- thistles, and, the stone fence thereof, had been thrown down.
24:32 So I observed it, for myself, I applied my heart, I looked -- I accepted correction:
24:33 A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest:
24:34 So shall come in, as a highwayman, thy poverty, and, thy want, as one armed with a shield.

[Proverbs 25]
25:1 These also, are proverbs of Solomon, -- which the men of Hezekiah king of Judah transcribed.
25:2 The glory of God, is to conceal a thing, but, the glory of kings, is to search out a thing.
25:3 The heavens for height, and the earth for depth, but, the heart of kings, cannot be searched.
25:4 Remove the dross from the silver, and there cometh forth, to the refiner, a vessel:
25:5 Remove a lawless man from before the king, that his throne, may be established in righteousness.
25:6 Do not honour thyself before a king, nor, in the place of great men, do thou stand;
25:7 For better it be said to thee, Come up hither, -- than that thou be put lower down before a noble, whom thine own eyes, have beheld.
25:8 Do not go forth to strive in haste, -- lest [thou know not] what to do in the latter end thereof, when thy neighbour, hath put thee to shame.
25:9 Thy contention, urge thou with thy neighbour, and, the secret of another, do not reveal:
25:10 Lest he that heareth expose thee, and, the report concerning thee, turn not away.
25:11 Golden fruit in figured silver baskets, is a word spoken on fitting occasion.
25:12 A ring of gold, and a vessel of precious metal, is a wise reprover, on a hearing ear.
25:13 As the cold of snow in the day of harvest, is a faithful messenger to them who send him, -- when, the life of his masters, he restoreth.
25:14 Clouds and wind, when rain there is none, is the man who boasteth himself of a pretended gift.
25:15 By long patience, is a judge persuaded, and, a soft tongue, breaketh the bone.
25:16 Honey having found, eat to suffice thee, lest thou loathe it, and vomit it forth.
25:17 Withhold thy foot from the house of thy neighbour, -- lest he be weary of thee, and hate thee.
25:18 A hammer and a sword, and a sharpened arrow, is a man becoming a false witness against his neighbour.
25:19 A broken tooth and a faltering foot, is confidence in the treacherous, in the day of danger.
25:20 As splendour of dress on a cold day -- vinegar upon nitre, so is a singer with songs, unto a sad heart.
25:21 If he that hateth thee hunger, give him bread to eat, and, if he be thirsty, give him water to drink;
25:22 For, burning coals, shalt thou be heaping upon his head, -- and, Yahweh, will repay thee.
25:23 A north wind, bringeth forth rain, and, a face stirred with indignation, a secretive tongue.
25:24 Better to dwell on the corner of the roof, than a quarrelsome wife, and a house in common.
25:25 As cold water to a thirsty soul, so is a good report from a far country.
25:26 A fountain fouled, a spring spoiled, is a righteous man tottering before one who is lawless.
25:27 To eat honey in abundance, is not good, nor is, searching out their own honour, an honourable thing.
25:28 A city broken down without a wall, is a man who hath no control over his own spirit.

[Proverbs 26]
26:1 As snow in summer, and as rain in harvest, so, unbecoming to a dullard is honour.
26:2 As a sparrow in wandering, as a swallow in flying, so, a causeless curse, shall not alight.
26:3 A whip for the horse, a bridle a for the ass, and a rod for the back of dullards.
26:4 Do not answer a dullard, according to his folly, lest, even thou thyself, become like him;
26:5 Answer a dullard according to his folly, lest he become wise in his own eyes.
26:6 One who cutteth off feet, one who drinketh down wrong, is he who sendeth a message by the hand of a dullard.
26:7 Useless are the legs of the lame, and a proverb, in the mouth of a dullard.
26:8 Like tying a stone to a sling, so, is he that giveth honour, to a dullard.
26:9 A brier cometh into the hand of a drunken-man, a proverb into the mouth of dullards.
26:10 [As] an archer who woundeth every thing, [so] one who hireth a dullard, and a drunkard crossing the sea.
26:11 As, a dog, returneth onto his own vomit, a dullard, repeateth his folly.
26:12 Thou hast seen a man wise in his own eye, -- more hope of a dullard, than of him!
26:13 Saith the sluggard, A roaring lion in the road! A tearing lion in the midst of the broadways.
26:14 The door, turneth on its hinges, and, the sluggard, upon his bed.
26:15 The sluggard burieth his hand in the dish, he is too lazy to bring it back to his mouth.
26:16 Wiser is the sluggard in his own eyes, than, seven persons, who can answer with judgment.
26:17 As he who layeth hold of the ears of a dog, is a passer-by, who giveth vent to his wrath over a quarrel, not his!
26:18 As a madman throwing firebrands, arrows and death,
26:19 So, is a man who deceiveth his neighbour, and saith, Was not, I, in sport?
26:20 Without wood a fire is quenched, and, where there is no tattler, strife is hushed.
26:21 Black coal to burning blocks, and wood to fire, so is a contentious man, for kindling strife.
26:22 the words of a tattler, are dainties, they, therefore go down into the chambers of the inner man.
26:23 Dross silver overlaid upon earthenware, so are burning lips, with a mischievous heart:
26:24 With his lips, the hater dissembleth, but, within himself, he layeth up deceit:
26:25 Though he make gracious his voice, do not trust him, for, seven abominations, are in his heart:
26:26 Hatred may clothe itself with guile, his wickedness shall be disclosed in the convocation.
26:27 He that diggeth a pit, thereinto, shall fall, and, he that rolleth a stone, upon himself, shall it return.
26:28 A false tongue, hateth them who are crushed by it, and, a flattering mouth, worketh occasion of stumbling.

[Proverbs 27]
27:1 Do not boast thyself of to-morrow, for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.
27:2 Let another praise thee, and not thine own mouth, a stranger, and not thine own lips.
27:3 Heavy is a stone, and weighty is sand, -- but, the vexation of a fool, is heavier than both.
27:4 The cruelty of rage, and the overflow of anger! But who can stand before, jealousy?
27:5 Better is a rebuke that is open, than love carefully concealed.
27:6 Faithful are the wounds of a friend, but lavished are the kisses of an enemy.
27:7 The surfeited soul, trampleth upon droppings from the comb, but, to the hungry soul, every bitter thing, is sweet.
27:8 As a bird wandering from her nest, so, is a man wandering from his place.
27:9 Oil and perfume, rejoice the heart, the sweetness of one's friend, more than fragrant wood.
27:10 Thine own friend and thy father's friend, do not thou forsake; but, the house of thy brother, do not enter, in thy day of calamity, Better a neighbour near, than a brother far off.
27:11 Be wise, my son, and rejoice my heart, that I may answer him that reproacheth me in a matter.
27:12 A prudent man, seeth calamity -- he hideth himself, the simple, pass on -- they suffer.
27:13 Take a man's garment when he hath become pledge for stranger, then, for a female unknown, accept him as surety.
27:14 He that blesseth his friend, with a loud voice, in the morning early, a reproach, shall it be reckoned to him.
27:15 A continuous dripping on a day of downpour, and a contentious wife, are alike:
27:16 He that hideth her, hideth the wind, and, perfume, his right hand may proclaim.
27:17 Let, iron, by iron, become sharp, and let, a man, sharpen the face of his friend.
27:18 He that guardeth the fig-tree, shall eat the fruit thereof, and, he that watcheth over his master, shall he honoured.
27:19 As in water, face [answereth] to face, so, the heart of man to man.
27:20 Hades and destruction, are not satisfied, and, the eyes of a man, are not satisfied.
27:21 Fining pot for silver, and crucible for gold, and, a man, [is to be tried] by what he praiseth.
27:22 Though thou pound a fool in a mortar, amidst grain, with a pestle, his folly, will not depart from him.
27:23 Note well, the appearance of thy flock, apply thy mind to thy herds;
27:24 For, not age-abiding, are riches, nor is the diadem, from generation to generation: --
27:25 The grass, is taken away, and the young shoot, showeth itself, and the herbage of the mountains, is gathered;
27:26 There are, lambs, for thy clothing, and, for the price of thy field, there are he-goats;
27:27 With, enough goats-milk, for thy food -- for the food of thy household, and, a maintenance, for thy maidens.

[Proverbs 28]
28:1 The lawless, fleeth when no man pursueth, but, the righteous, like a lion, are confident.
28:2 For the transgressions of a land, many are the rulers thereof, but, under an intelligent and discerning man, stability is prolonged.
28:3 A poor man, who oppresseth the helpless, [is like] a rain beating down, leaving no food.
28:4 They who forsake instruction, praise one who is lawless, while, they who keep instruction, are at strife with them.
28:5 Wicked men, consider not justice, but, they who seek Yahweh, consider everything.
28:6 Better a poor man walking in his integrity, than one who is crooked -- turning two ways, though, he, be rich.
28:7 He that keepeth instruction, is a son with discernment, but, a companion of squanderers, bringeth shame to his father.
28:8 He that increaseth his substance by interest and profit, for one ready to favour the poor, doth gather it.
28:9 He that turneth away his ear from hearing instruction, even his prayer, is an abomination.
28:10 He that misguideth the upright into a hurtful way! into his own pit, he himself, shall fall, but, men of integrity, shall inherit good.
28:11 Wise in his own eyes, is the man that is rich, but, a poor man of discernment, searcheth him out.
28:12 In the exulting of the righteous, there is great glorying, but, when the lawless arise, a man must be sought for.
28:13 He that covereth his transgressions, shall not prosper, but, he that confesseth and forsaketh, shall find compassion.
28:14 How happy the man who is ever circumspect, whereas, he that hardeneth his heart, shall fall into calamity.
28:15 A growling lion, and a ranging bear, is a lawless ruler, over a poor people.
28:16 A leader, may lack intelligence, yet abound in oppressions, The hater of greed, shall lengthen out days.
28:17 A man oppressed with a person's blood, unto a pit, shall flee, let them not hold him back.
28:18 He that walketh with integrity, shall be saved, but, he that is crooked, turning two ways, shall fall in one.
28:19 He that tilleth his ground, shall have plenty of bread, but, he that pursueth empty-heads, shall have plenty of poverty.
28:20 A man of fidelity, aboundeth in blessings, but, one hasting to be rich, shall not be held innocent.
28:21 To take note of faces [in judgment], is not good, and, for a bit of bread, a man will transgress.
28:22 A man, hasting to be rich, hath an evil eye, and knoweth not when want may overtake him.
28:23 He that reproveth a man, shall, afterwards, find more, favour, than he that useth a flattering tongue.
28:24 He that robbeth his father or his mother, and saith, It is no transgression, companion, is he to one who wasteth.
28:25 The ambitious in soul, stirreth up strife, but, he that trusteth in Yahweh, shall be enriched.
28:26 He that trusteth his own heart, the same, is a dullard, but, he that walketh wisely, the same, shall be delivered.
28:27 One who giveth to the poor, shall have no want, but, he that hideth his eyes, shall receive many a curse.
28:28 When lawless men rise, a common man will hide himself, but, when they perish, righteous men multiply.

[Proverbs 29]
29:1 He that being often reproved stiffeneth his neck, suddenly shall be hurt, and there be no healing.
29:2 When the righteous become great, the people rejoice, but, when a lawless man beareth rule, a people sigh.
29:3 A man who loveth wisdom, gladdeneth his father, but, a companion of harlots, destroyeth wealth.
29:4 A king, by justice, shall establish a land, -- but, a man open to bribes, bringeth it to ruin.
29:5 A man who flattereth his neighbour, spreadeth, a net, over his steps.
29:6 In the transgression of a wicked man, is a snare, but, the righteous, doth shout in triumph and rejoice.
29:7 The righteous doth acknowledge the plea of the poor, but, the lawless, regardeth not knowledge.
29:8 Men given to mockery, inflame a city, -- but, wise men, turn away anger.
29:9 A wise man pleading with a foolish man, whether he rage or laugh, there is no settlement.
29:10 Blood-thirsty men, hate the blameless man, and, as for the upright, they seek his life.
29:11 All his anger, doth a dullard let go, but, a wise man, by keeping it back, stilleth it.
29:12 When a ruler giveth heed to the word of falsehood, all his attendants, become lawless.
29:13 The poor man and the man of usury, meet together, he that enlighteneth the eyes of them both, is Yahweh.
29:14 When a king judgeth faithfully the poor, his throne, to futurity, shall be established.
29:15 A rod with rebuke, giveth wisdom, but, a youth unrestrained, bringeth shame to his mother.
29:16 When the lawless become great, transgression increaseth, but, the righteous, shall behold, their ruin.
29:17 Correct thy son, that he may give thee rest, that he may give delight to thy soul.
29:18 Where there is no vision, a people is let loose, but, he that keepeth instruction, how happy is he!
29:19 By words, a servant will not be corrected, though he perceiveth, yet is there no answer.
29:20 Thou hast seen a man hasty in his words, -- there is, more hope of a dullard, than of him.
29:21 He that dealeth tenderly with his servant from childhood, in his after life, shall have him for a son.
29:22 A man given to anger, stirreth up strife, and, he that exceedeth in wrath, aboundeth in transgression.
29:23 The loftiness of a man, layeth him low, -- but, one of a lowly spirit, shall attain unto honour.
29:24 He that shareth with a thief, hateth himself, an oath, he heareth, yet may not tell.
29:25 The fear of man, setteth a snare, but, he that trusteth in Yahweh, shall be placed on high.
29:26 Many, seek the face of a ruler, but, from Yahweh, is the sentence of each one.
29:27 An abomination to the righteous, is the man of perversity, and, an abomination to the lawless, is a man of straightforward way.

[Proverbs 30]
30:1 The words of Agur, son of Jakeh, [even] the oracle, -- The utterance of the man, for Ithiel, for Ithiel and Ucal.
30:2 Surely, more brutish, am, I, than any man, nor doth, the understanding of a son of earth, pertain to me;
30:3 Neither have I learned wisdom, nor, the knowledge of the Holy Ones, can I acquire.
30:4 Who hath ascended the heavens and then descended? Who hath gathered the wind into his two hands? Who hath wrapped up the waters in a mantle? Who hath set up all the ends of the earth? What is his name and what the name of his son, when thou knowest?
30:5 Every saying of God is refined, A shield, is, he, to them who seek refuge in him.
30:6 Do not add unto his words, lest he convict thee, and thou be found false.
30:7 Two things, have I asked of thee, withhold them not from me, ere yet I die:
30:8 Vanity and falsehood, remove far from me, Neither poverty nor riches, give me, Feed me with the food appointed me:
30:9 Lest I be full, and deny, and say -- Who is Yahweh? or lest I be impoverished and steal, and do violence to the Name of my God.
30:10 Do not slander a servant to his master, lest he revile thee, and thou be found guilty.
30:11 A generation! Its father, it revileth, and, its mother, it doth not bless.
30:12 A generation! Pure in its own eyes, yet, from its filth, hath it not been bathed,
30:13 A generation! How lofty are its eyes, and its eyelashes uplifted.
30:14 A generation! Swords, are its teeth, and, knives, its incisors, -- to devour the humbled out of the earth, and the needy, from among men.
30:15 The vampire, hath two daughters, Give! Give! Three, there are will not be satisfied, four, have not said, Enough!
30:16 Hades, and barrenness, -- A land not satisfied with water, and fire, that saith not, Enough!
30:17 The eye that mocketh a father, and despiseth to obey a mother, the ravens of the valley shall pick it out, and the young of the eagle shall eat it.
30:18 Three, things there are, too difficult for me, yea, four, which I do not understand:
30:19 The way of an eagle in the heavens, the way of a serpent on the rock, -- the way of a ship in the heart of the sea, and the way of a man with a maid.
30:20 So, is the way of a woman committing adultery, -- she eateth, and wipeth her mouth, and saith, I have done no iniquity!
30:21 Under three things, a land is stirred, yea, under four, she cannot bear up:
30:22 Under a servant, when he reigneth, and a base man, when he is surfeited with food;
30:23 Under a hateful woman, when she is married, and a handmaid when she driveth out her mistress.
30:24 Four, things there are, the small of the earth, -- yet, they, are wiser than the wise:
30:25 The ants, a people, not strong, -- yet prepare they, in summer, their food;
30:26 The conies, a people of, no power, yet set they, among the crags, their house;
30:27 King, is there none, to, the locusts, -- yet go forth in swarms, do they all;
30:28 The lizard, with hands, reneweth its hold, -- yet, the same, is in the palaces of the king.
30:29 Three, things there are which step along well, ye, four, which excel in going:
30:30 The lion, hero among beasts, which turneth aside from the face of no one;
30:31 The greyhound, or the he-goat, -- and a king, having a band of soldiers with him.
30:32 If thou hast acted basely by lifting thyself up, -- if thou hast plotted evil, [put thy] hand to [thy] mouth!
30:33 Surely, the pressing of milk, bringeth forth curd, and, the pressing of the nose, bringeth forth blood, and, the pressing of wrath, bringeth forth strife.

[Proverbs 31]
31:1 The words of Lemuel the king, -- the strain which was taught him by his mother: --
31:2 What, my son? and what, the son of my womb? aye what, the son of my vows?
31:3 Do not give, to women, thy strength, nor thy ways, to them who ruin kings.
31:4 It is not for kings, O Lemuel, it is not for kings to drink wine, nor, for dignitaries, to desire strong drink,
31:5 Lest he drink, and forget that which is decreed, and alter the plea of any who are sorely oppressed.
31:6 Give strong drink, to him that is perishing, and wine, to such as are embittered in soul:
31:7 Let him drink, and forget his poverty, and, his wearying toil, let him remember no more.
31:8 Open thy mouth for the dumb, for the cause of all the children of the departed.
31:9 Open thy mouth -- judge righteously, -- and administer justice for the poor and the needy.
31:10 A virtuous woman, who can find? for, far beyond corals, is her worth.
31:11 The heart of her husband, trusteth her, and, gain, he shall not lack:
31:12 She doeth him good and not evil, all the days of her life:
31:13 She seeketh wool and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands:
31:14 She is like the ships of the merchant, from afar, she bringeth in her food;
31:15 And she riseth, while yet it is night, and giveth food to her household, and a task to her maidens:
31:16 She considereth a field, and procureth it, Out of the fruit of her hands, she planteth a vineyard:
31:17 She girdeth, with strength her loins, and putteth vigour into her arms:
31:18 She tasteth, whether, good, be her merchandise, and her lamp, goeth not out by night:
31:19 Her hands, she putteth forth to the distaff, and, her palms, lay hold of the spindle:
31:20 Her palm, she spreadeth out to the oppressed, and, her hands, she extendeth to the needy:
31:21 She feareth not, for her household, because of the snow, for, all her household, are clothed with crimson:
31:22 Coverlets, she maketh for herself, Of white linen and of purple, is her clothing:
31:23 Known in the gates, is her husband, when he sitteth, with the elders of the land:
31:24 Fine linen wraps, she maketh and selleth, and, girdles, doth she deliver to the trader:
31:25 Strength and dignity, are her clothing, and she laugheth at the time to come:
31:26 Her mouth, she openeth with wisdom, and, the instruction of kindness, is on her tongue:
31:27 She looketh well to the goings of her household, and, the bread of idleness, will she not eat.
31:28 Her children rise up, and call her happy! her husband, and he praiseth her: --
31:29 Many daughters, have done virtuously, but, thou, excellest them all!
31:30 Deceitful is loveliness and vain is beauty, The woman that revereth Yahweh, she, shall be praised:
31:31 Give her of the fruit of her own hands, and let her own works, praise her in the gates.