[Song 1]
1:1 The Song of Songs, which pertaineth to Solomon.
1:2 [SHE] Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth! [THEY] For better are thy caresses than wine:
1:3 Like the fragrance of thy precious oils, Oil poured out, is thy name, For this cause, virgins love thee.
1:4 [SHE] Draw me! [THEY] After thee, will we run! [SHE] The king, hath brought me, into his chambers. [THEY] We will exult and rejoice in thee, we will mention thy caresses, beyond wine, Sincerely they love thee.
1:5 [SHE] Swarthy, I am but comely, ye daughters of Jerusalem. [THEY] Like the tents of Kedar, like the curtains of Solomon.
1:6 [SHE] Do not look on me, because, I, am so swarthy, because the sun hath scorched me, -- My mother's sons, were angry with me, they set me to keep the vineyards, Mine own vineyard, have I not kept. ...
1:7 Tell me, thou loved of my soul! Where wilt thou pasture thy flock? Where wilt thou let them recline at noon? For why should I be as one that wrappeth a veil about her, by the flocks of thy companions?
1:8 [HE] If thou know not of thyself, most beautiful among women! get thee forth in the footsteps of the flock, and pasture thy kids by the huts of the shepherds. ...
1:9 To a mare of mine, in the chariots of Pharaoh, have I likened thee, my fair one!
1:10 Comely are thy cheeks, with bead-rows, thy neck, with strings of gems.
1:11 [THEY] Rows of golden ornaments, will we make thee, with studs of silver.
1:12 [SHE] By the time the king is in his circle, my nard, will have given out its fragrance:
1:13 A bag of myrrh, is my beloved to me, between my breasts, shall it tarry the night!
1:14 A cluster of henna, is my beloved to me, in the vineyards of En-gedi.
1:15 [HE] Lo! thou art beautiful my fair one, lo! thou art beautiful, Thine eyes, [are] doves!
1:16 [SHE] Lo! thou art beautiful, my beloved, Yea delightful! [BOTH] Yea! our couch, is covered with leaves:
1:17 The beams of our house, are cedars, Our fretted ceiling, is cypress-trees.

[Song 2]
2:1 [SHE] I am The meadow-saffron of Sharon, The lily of the valleys.
2:2 [HE] As a lily among thorns, So, is my fair one, among the daughters!
2:3 [SHE] As an apple-tree among the trees of the forest, So, is my beloved, among the sons: In his shade, I greatly delighted and sat down, And, his fruit, was sweet to my taste.
2:4 He hath brought me into the house of wine, and, his banner over me, is love.
2:5 Sustain me with raisin-cakes, refresh me with apples, -- for sick with love, I am.
2:6 His left hand under my head, then, his right hand, embraceth me!
2:7 [HE] I adjure you, ye daughters of Jerusalem, by the gazelles or by the hinds of the field, -- That ye wake not, nor arouse, the dear love until she please! [****]
2:8 [SHE] The voice of my beloved! Lo! here he cometh, -- leaping over the mountains, skipping over the hills.
2:9 Resembleth, my beloved, a gazelle, or a young stag, -- Lo! here he is, standing behind our wall, looking in at the windows, peeping in at the lattice.
2:10 Responded my beloved, and said to me, -- Rise up! my fair -- my beautiful -- one, and come away,
2:11 For lo, the winter, is past, -- the rain, is over, [and] gone;
2:12 The flowers, have appeared in the earth, the time of the spring-song, hath come, -- and, the voice of the turtle, is heard in our land;
2:13 The fig-tree, hath spiced her green figs, and, the vines -- all blossom, yield fragrance, -- Rise up! my fair -- my beautiful -- one, and come away!
2:14 [HE] O my dove! In the retreats of the crag, in the hiding-place of the terrace, Let me see thy form, Let me hear thy voice, -- For, thy voice, is sweet, and, thy form, comely.
2:15 [BOTH] Take ye for us, the foxes, the little foxes that are spoiling the vines, -- and, our vines, are all blossom!
2:16 [SHE] My beloved, is, mine, and, I, am, his, he that pastureth among lilies!
2:17 Until the day, breathe, and the shadows, be lengthened, Again, liken thyself, my beloved, to a gazelle, or to a young stag, upon the cleft mountains. [****]

[Song 3]
3:1 [SHE] Upon my couch, in the night-time, sought I the beloved of my soul, -- I sought him, but found him not.
3:2 Come! I must arise, and go about in the city, In the paths and in the broadways, I must seek the beloved of my soul, -- I sought him, but found him not.
3:3 The watchmen that go round in the city, found me, The beloved of my soul, have ye seen?
3:4 Scarcely had I passed from them, when I found the beloved of my soul, -- I caught him, and would not let him go, until that I had brought him into the house of my mother, and into the chamber of her that conceived me.
3:5 [HE] I adjure you ye, daughters of Jerusalem, by the gazelles, or by the hinds of the field, -- That ye wake not, nor arouse, the dear love until she please. [****]
3:6 [THEY] Who is this, coming up out of the wilderness, like pillars of smoke, -- with perfume of myrrh, and frankincense, besides all the aromatic powder of the merchant?
3:7 Lo! his couch, 'tis Solomon's own, Threescore heroes, around it, -- of the heroes of Israel:
3:8 All of them, grasping the sword, trained for war, -- every man, with his sword upon his thigh, because of dread, in the night-time.
3:9 A palanquin, King Solomon made himself, of the trees of Lebanon:
3:10 The supports thereof, made he of silver, the couch thereof, of gold, the seat thereof, of purple, -- the midst thereof, hath an inlay of love from the daughters of Jerusalem.
3:11 Go forth and gaze, ye daughters of Zion, upon King Solomon, -- wearing the crown, wherewith his mother, crowned him, in the day of his marriage, and in the day of his heart gladness.

[Song 4]
4:1 [HE] Lo! thou art beautiful, my fair one, Lo! thou art beautiful, Thine eyes, are doves, from behind thy veil, -- Thy hair, is like a flock of goats, which are reclining on the sides of Mount Gilead:
4:2 Thy teeth, are like a flock, evenly grown, which have come up from the washing-place, -- whereof, all of them, are twin-bearers, and bereaved, is none among them:
4:3 Like a cord of crimson, are thy lips, and, thy mouth, is lovely, -- Like a slice of pomegranate, are thy temples, behind thy veil:
4:4 Like the tower of David, is thy neck, built for war, -- A thousand shields, hung thereon, all, equipment of heroes:
4:5 Thy two breasts, are like two young roes, twins of a gazelle, -- which pasture among lilies.
4:6 Until the day, breathe, and the shadows, be lengthened, I will get me unto the mountain of myrrh, and unto the hill of frankincense.
4:7 Thou art, all over, beautiful, my fair one, and, blemish, is there none in thee.
4:8 With me, from Lebanon, O bride, with me, from Lebanon, shalt thou enter, -- Thou shalt look round from the top of Amana, from the top of Senir, and Hermon, from the dens of lions, from the mountains of leopards.
4:9 Thou hast encouraged me, my sister, bride, -- thou hast encouraged me, with one [glance] of thine eyes, with one ornament of thy neck.
4:10 How beautiful are thy caresses, my sister, bride, -- how much more delightful thy caresses, than wine, and the fragrance of thine oils, than all spices:
4:11 With sweetness, thy lips do drip, O bride, -- Honey and milk, are under thy tongue, and, the fragrance of thy garments, is like the fragrance of Lebanon.
4:12 A garden barred, is my sister, bride, -- a spring barred, a fountain sealed:
4:13 Thy buddings forth, are a paradise of pomegranates, with precious fruits, -- henna bushes, with nard blossoms:
4:14 Nard and saffron, sweet cane and cinnamon, with all woods of frankincense, -- myrrh and aloes, with all the chiefs of spices:
4:15 A garden fountain, a well of living waters, -- and flowings from Lebanon.
4:16 [SHE] Awake, O north wind, and come in, thou south, Fan my garden -- its balsams, will flow out, -- Let my beloved enter his garden, and eat his precious fruits.

[Song 5]
5:1 [HE] I have entered my garden, my sister, bride, I have plucked my myrrh, with my balsam, I have eaten the honey of my thicket, I have drunk my wine, with my milk: -- Eat ye, O friends, Drink, yea drink abundantly, ye beloved! [****]
5:2 [SHE] I, was sleeping, but, my heart, was awake, -- The voice of my beloved -- knocking! Open to me, my sister, my fair one, my dove, my perfect one, for, my head, is filled with dew, my locks, with the moisture of the night.
5:3 I have put off my tunic, oh how shall I put it on? I have bathed my feet, oh how shall I soil them?
5:4 My beloved, thrust in his hand, at the window, and, my feelings, were deeply moved for him:
5:5 I myself, arose, to open to my beloved, -- and, my hands, dripped with myrrh, and, my fingers, with myrrh distilling, upon the handles of the bolt.
5:6 I myself, opened to my beloved, but, my beloved, had turned away, had passed on, -- My soul, had gone out when he spake, I sought him, but found him not, I called him, but he answered not.
5:7 The watchmen who were going round in the city, found me, they smote me, wounded me, -- The watchmen of the walls, took away my cloak from off me.
5:8 I adjure you, ye daughters of Jerusalem, -- If ye find my beloved, what will ye tell him? That, sick with love, I am.
5:9 [DAUGHTERS OF JERUSALEM] What is thy beloved more than any other beloved, thou most beautiful among women? What is thy beloved more than any other beloved, that, thus, thou hast adjured us?
5:10 [SHE.] My beloved, is white and ruddy, conspicuous beyond ten thousand:
5:11 His head, is pure gold, -- his locks, are bushy, black as a raven;
5:12 His eyes, like doves, by the channels of water, -- bathing in milk, set as gems in a ring:
5:13 His cheeks, like a raised bed of balsam, growing plants of perfume, -- His lips, lilies, dripping with myrrh distilling:
5:14 His hands, cylinders of gold, set with topaz, -- His body, wrought work of ivory, covered with sapphires:
5:15 His legs, pillars of white marble, founded on sockets of gold, -- His form, like Lebanon, choice as cedars:
5:16 His mouth, most sweet, yea, altogether, he is delightful, -- This, is my beloved, yea, this, is my dear one, ye daughters of Jerusalem.

[Song 6]
6:1 [DAUGHTERS OF JERUSALEM] Whither hath thy beloved, gone, thou most beautiful among women? whither hath thy beloved turned him aside? That we may seek him with thee.
6:2 [SHE] My beloved, is gone down to his garden, to the beds of balsam, -- to pasture in the gardens, and to gather lilies,
6:3 I, am, my beloved's, and, my beloved, is mine, he that pastureth among lilies.
6:4 [HE] Beautiful, art thou, my fair one, as Tirzah, comely, as Jerusalem, -- majestic as bannered hosts!
6:5 Turn away thine eyes from me, for, they, have excited me, -- Thy hair, is like a flock of goats, that are reclining on the sides of Mount Gilead:
6:6 Thy teeth, are like a flock of sheep which have come up from the washing-place, -- whereof, all of them, are twin-bearers, and bereaved, is there none among them:
6:7 Like a slice of pomegranate, are thy temples, from behind thy veil:
6:8 Threescore, are the queens, and, fourscore, are the concubines, -- and, virgins, there are, without number.
6:9 One alone, is my dove, my perfect one, one alone, was she to her mother, Pure, was she to her that bare her, -- The daughters, have seen her, and pronounced her happy, Queens and concubines, and they have praised her. [****]
6:10 [THEY] Who is this, that looketh forth like the dawn, beautiful as the moon, pure as the sun, majestic as bannered hosts?
6:11 [HE] To the garden of nuts, I went down, to look at the fresh shoots of the ravine, -- to see whether: had burst forth the vine, had blossomed the pomegranate: --
6:12 I know not [how it was], my soul, set for me the chariots of my willing people!
6:13 [THEY] Return, return, O Shulamite, Return, return, that we may look on thee! [SHE] What would ye look on in the Shulamite? [THEY] As it were the dance of a double camp...

[Song 7]
7:1 How beautiful, are thy feet in sandals, O daughter of a noble, -- The curvings of thy hips, are like ornaments wrought by the hands of a skilled workman:
7:2 Thy navel, is a round bowl, may it not lack spiced wine! Thy body, a heap of wheat fenced about with lilies;
7:3 Thy two breasts, are like two young roes, the twins of a gazelle:
7:4 Thy neck, is like a tower of ivory, -- Thine eyes, are pools in Heshbon, by the gate of Bath-rabbim, Thy nose, is like the tower of Lebanon, which looketh towards Damascus:
7:5 Thy head upon thee, is like Carmel, And, the hair of thy head, is like purple, -- The king, is held captive by the ringlets!
7:6 [HE] How beautiful, and how delightful, O dear love, for delights:
7:7 This thy stature, is like to a palm-tree, and, thy breasts, are like clusters:
7:8 I said, I will ascend the palm-tree, I will lay hold of its fruit stalks -- Oh then, let thy breasts, I pray thee, be like vine-clusters, And, the fragrance of thy nose, like apples;
7:9 And, thy mouth, like good wine -- [SHE] Flowing to my beloved smoothly, gliding over the lips of the sleeping.
7:10 I, am my beloved's, and, unto me, is his longing.
7:11 Come, my beloved, Let us go forth into the country, Let us stay the night in the villages:
7:12 Let us get up early to the vineyards, Let us see whether the vine, hath burst forth, the blossom, hath opened, the pomegranates, have bloomed, -- There, will I give my caresses to thee.
7:13 The love-apples, have given fragrance, and, at our openings, are all precious things, new and yet old, -- O my beloved! I have treasured them up for thee.

[Song 8]
8:1 Oh that thou hadst been a very brother to me, who had sucked the breasts of my own mother, -- Had I found thee without, I had kissed thee, Yea, folk would not have despised me!
8:2 I would have guided thee -- brought thee into the house of my mother, Thou wouldst have instructed me, -- I would have let thee drink of spiced wine, of the pressed-out juice of my pomegranate.
8:3 His left hand under my head, then, his right hand, embraceth me.
8:4 I [HE] adjure you, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, -- Why will ye wake, and why will ye arouse the dear love until she please! [****]
8:5 [THEY] Who is this, coming up out of the wilderness, leaning upon her beloved? [HE] Under the apple-tree, I roused thee, where thy mother, was in pain with thee, where she was in pain who gave thee birth!
8:6 [SHE] Set me as a seal, upon thy heart, as a seal upon thine arm, For, mighty as death, is love, Exacting as hades, is jealousy, -- The flames thereof, are flames of fire, The flash of Yah!
8:7 Many waters, cannot quench love, nor shall, floods, overwhelm it, -- If a man would give all the substance of his house, for love, they would, utterly despise, him. [****]
8:8 [THEY] A sister, have we, a little one, and, breasts, hath she none, What shall we do for our sister, in the day when she may be spoken for?
8:9 If, a wall, she is, we will build upon it a battlement of silver, -- but if, a door, she is, we will close it up with a plank of cedar.
8:10 [SHE] I, was a wall, and, my breasts, like towers, -- Then, became I, in his eyes, one who did indeed find good content.
8:11 A vineyard, had Solomon, as the owner of abundance, He put out the vineyard to keepers, -- Every man, was to bring in, for the fruit thereof, a thousand silverlings:
8:12 Mine own vineyard, is before me, -- The thousand belong to thee, O Solomon, and two hundred to the keepers of the fruit thereof.
8:13 [HE] O thou fair dweller in the gardens, the companions are giving heed to thy voice, Let me hear it.
8:14 [SHE] Come quickly, my beloved, and resemble thou a gazelle, or a young stag, upon the mountains of balsam-trees.