[Mark 1]
1:1 Beginning of the glad-message of Jesus Christ.
1:2 According as it is written in Isaiah the prophet -- Lo! I send my messenger before thy face, Who shall prepare thy way, --
1:3 A voice of one crying aloud -- In the wilderness, prepare ye the way of the Lord, straight, be making his paths.
1:4 John the Immerser came, in the wilderness, proclaiming an immersion of repentance for remission of sins;
1:5 and there were going out unto him all the Judaea country and all they of Jerusalem, and were being immersed by him in the Jordan river, openly confessing their sins;
1:6 and John was clothed with camel's-hair and a leathern girdle about his loins, and was eating locusts and wild honey;
1:7 and he proclaimed, saying -- He that is mightier than I cometh after [me], of whom I am not worthy to stoop and unloose the strap of his sandals:
1:8 I, have immersed you, with water, -- He, will immerse you, with the Holy Spirit.
1:9 And it came to pass, in those days, that Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee, and was immersed into the Jordan by John;
1:10 And, straightway, as he was coming up out of the water, he saw the heavens rending asunder, and, the Spirit, as a dove, descending unto him;
1:11 and a voice [came] out of the heavens -- Thou, art my Son, the Beloved, -- In thee, I delight.
1:12 And, straightway, the Spirit urgeth him forth into the wilderness;
1:13 and he was in the wilderness, forty days, tempted by Satan, and was with the wild beasts, -- and, the messengers, were ministering unto him.
1:14 And after John was delivered up, Jesus came into Galilee, proclaiming the glad-message of God,
1:15 [and saying] -- The season is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God hath drawn near, -- Repent ye, and have faith in the glad-message.
1:16 And, passing by near the sea of Galilee, he saw Simon, and Andrew the brother of Simon, casting a net in the sea, -- for they were fishers;
1:17 and Jesus said unto them -- Come after me, and I will make you become fishers of men;
1:18 and, straightway, leaving the nets, they followed him.
1:19 And, going forward a little, he saw James the son of Zebedee, and John his brother, and them who were in the boat putting in order the nets;
1:20 and, straightway, he called them, -- and, leaving their father Zebedee in the boat, with the hired men, they came away after him.
1:21 And they journey into Capernaum. And, straightway, on the Sabbath, entering into the synagogue, he began teaching;
1:22 and they were being struck with astonishment at his teaching, -- for he was teaching them as one having authority, and, not as the Scribes.
1:23 And, straightway, there was in their synagogue, a man in an impure spirit, -- and he cried out aloud,
1:24 saying -- What have we in common with thee, Jesus of Nazareth? Hast thou come to destroy us? I know thee, who thou art, The Holy One of God.
1:25 And Jesus rebuked him, [saying] -- Be silenced, and come forth out of him!
1:26 And the impure spirit, tearing him, and calling out with a loud voice, came forth out of him;
1:27 and they were amazed, one and all, so that they began to discuss among themselves, saying -- What is this? New teaching! With authority, to the impure spirits also, he giveth orders, and they obey him!
1:28 And forth went the report of him, straightway, on every hand, into the surrounding country of Galilee.
1:29 And, straightway, out of the synagogue, going forth, he went unto the house of Simon and Andrew, with James and John.
1:30 Now, the mother-in-law of Simon, was lying in a fever, and, straightway, they speak to him concerning her;
1:31 and, coming near, he raised her up, grasping her hand, -- and the fever left her, and she began ministering unto them.
1:32 And, evening arriving, when the sun went in, they were bearing unto him all who were sick, and them who were demonized;
1:33 and all the city was gathered unto the door;
1:34 and he cured many that were sick with divers diseases, and, many demons, he cast out, and suffered not the demons to be talking, -- because they knew him [to be Christ].
1:35 And, very early by night arising, he went out [and departed] into a desert place, and, there, was praying;
1:36 and Simon, and they who were with him, went in quest of him,
1:37 and found him, and say unto him -- All, are seeking thee;
1:38 and he saith unto them -- Let us be going elsewhere, into the neighbouring country-towns, in order that, there also, I may be making proclamation, -- for, to this end, came I forth;
1:39 and he came, making proclamation, into their synagogues, throughout the whole of Galilee, -- and, was casting the demons out.
1:40 And there cometh unto him, a leper, beseeching him and [kneeling], -- saying unto him -- If thou be willing, thou canst cleanse me;
1:41 and, moved with compassion, he stretched forth the hand, and touched him, and saith unto him -- I am willing, Be cleansed!
1:42 and, straightway, the leprosy departed from him, and he was cleansed;
1:43 and, strictly charging him, straightway, he urged him forth;
1:44 and saith unto him -- Mind! unto no one, say aught, -- but withdraw, thyself, show unto the priest, and offer for thy cleansing what things Moses enjoined, for a witness unto them.
1:45 But, he, going forth, began to be proclaiming many things, and blazing abroad the story, so that, no longer, was it possible for him, openly, into a city, to enter, -- but, outside, in desert places, [was he], and they were coming unto him from every quarter.

[Mark 2]
2:1 And, entering again into Capernaum, after some days, it was heard say -- He is in a house;
2:2 and many were gathered together, so that no longer was there room even in the approaches to the door, -- and he began speaking unto them the word;
2:3 and they come, bearing unto him a paralytic, upborne by four, --
2:4 and, not being able to get near him by reason of the multitude, they uncovered the roof where he was, and, having broken it up, they began letting down the couch whereon the paralytic was lying;
2:5 and, Jesus, seeing their faith, saith unto the paralytic -- Child! forgiven are thy sins!
2:6 Now there were certain of the Scribes there, sitting and deliberating in their hearts, --
2:7 Why doth, this, man thus talk? he is speaking profanely! Who can forgive sins, save one, God?
2:8 And Jesus, straightway, taking note in his spirit, that [thus] they are deliberating within themselves, saith [unto them] -- Why, these things, are ye deliberating in your hearts?
2:9 Which is easier -- to say unto the paralytic, Forgiven are thy sins, or to say, Rise, [and] take up thy couch, and be walking?
2:10 But, that ye may know that the Son of Man hath authority to be forgiving sins upon the earth, he saith to the paralytic:
2:11 To thee, I say, Rise, take up thy couch, and be going thy way unto thy house.
2:12 And he arose, and, straightway taking up the couch, went forth before all, -- so that all were beside themselves and were glorifying God, [saying] -- Thus, we never saw it!
2:13 And he went forth again by the sea, -- and all the multitude was coming unto him, and he began teaching them.
2:14 And, passing by, he saw Levi, the son of Alphaeus, sitting over the tax-office, -- and saith unto him -- Be following me! And, arising, he followed him.
2:15 And it cometh to pass, that he is reclining in his house, and many tax-collectors and sinners were reclining with Jesus and his disciples; for there were many, and they began following him.
2:16 And the Scribes and Pharisees, seeing that he was eating with the sinners and the tax-collectors, began saying unto his disciples -- With the tax-collectors and sinners, is he eating?
2:17 And, hearing it, Jesus saith unto them -- No need, have the strong of a physician, but they who are sick, I came not to call the righteous, but sinners.
2:18 And the disciples of John and the Pharisees were fasting; and they come and say unto him -- For what cause, do, the disciples of John and the disciples of the Pharisees, fast, whereas, thy disciples, fast not?
2:19 And Jesus said unto them -- Is it possible for the sons of the bridechamber, while the bridegroom is with them, to be fasting? So long as they have the bridegroom with them, it is impossible, to fast.
2:20 But there will come days, when the bridegroom shall be taken from them, and, then, they will fast, in that day.
2:21 No one, seweth a patch of unshrunk cloth upon an old mantle, -- otherwise, at least, the shrinking teareth away from it -- the new from the old -- and, a worse rent is made.
2:22 And, no one, poureth new wine into fold skins, -- otherwise, at least, the wine will burst the skins, and the wine is lost, and, the skins. [But new wine is for unused skins.]
2:23 And it came to pass, that he, on the Sabbath, was passing through the cornfields, and his disciples began to be going forward, plucking the ears of corn.
2:24 And, the Pharisees, were saying, -- See! why are they doing, on the Sabbath, what is not allowed?
2:25 And he saith unto them -- Have ye never read what David did, when he had need and hungered, -- he, and they who were with him:
2:26 [how] he entered into the house of God, while Abiathar was High-priest, and, the presence-bread, did eat, -- which it is not allowed to eat, save unto the priests, -- and gave, unto them also who were with him?
2:27 And he was saying unto them -- The Sabbath, for man, was made, and not, man, for, the Sabbath:
2:28 So that the Son of Man is, Lord, even of the Sabbath.

[Mark 3]
3:1 And he entered again into a synagogue, and there-was there, a man having, his hand, withered;
3:2 and they were narrowly watching him, whether, on the Sabbath, he would cure him, that they might accuse him.
3:3 And he saith unto the man who hath his hand withered, Arise into the midst!
3:4 and saith unto them -- Is it allowed, on the Sabbath, to do good, or to do evil? To, save, life, or, to slay? but they remained silent.
3:5 And, looking round upon them with anger, being at the same time grieved on account of the hardening of their heart, he saith unto the man -- Stretch forth thy hand! and he stretched it forth, and his hand, was restored.
3:6 And, the Pharisees, going out straightway with the Herodians, were giving counsel against him, that they should, destroy, him.
3:7 And, Jesus, with his disciples, retired unto the sea; and, a great throng from Galilee, followed, also from Judaea,
3:8 and from Jerusalem, and from Idumaea, and beyond the Jordan, and around Tyre and Zidon, a great throng, hearing whatsoever things he was doing, came unto him.
3:9 And he spake unto his disciples that a little boat might attend him, because of the multitude, -- that they might not be pressing upon him.
3:10 For he cured many, so that they were besieging him, that they might touch him -- as many as had plagues;
3:11 and the impure spirits, as soon as they beheld him, were falling down to him, and crying aloud, while he was speaking, Thou, art the Son of God!
3:12 and sternly was he rebuking them, lest they should make him manifest.
3:13 And he goeth up into the mountain and calleth near whom, he, pleased, -- and they went away unto him;
3:14 and he appointed a twelve, whom also he named, Apostles, -- that they might be with him, and that he might be sending them forth to make proclamation,
3:15 and to have authority to cast out the demons;
3:16 and he appointed the twelve (and imposed a name on Simon -- ) Peter,
3:17 and James the son of Zebedee, and John the brother of James (and imposed on them a name -- Boanerges, that is, sons of thunder);
3:18 and Andrew, and Philip, and Bartholomew, and Matthew, and Thomas, and James the son of Alphaeus, and Thaddaeus, and Simon the zealot;
3:19 and Judas Iscariot, who also delivered him up. And he cometh into a house;
3:20 and the multitude come together again, so that they could not so much as eat bread.
3:21 And they who were near to him, hearing of it, went out to secure him, -- for they were saying -- He is beside himself!
3:22 And, the Scribes who from Jerusalem had come down, were saying -- He hath, Beelzebul; and -- In the ruler of the demons, casteth he out the demons.
3:23 And, calling them near, in parables, began he to say unto them -- How can, Satan, cast, Satan out?
3:24 And, if a kingdom against itself be divided, that kingdom cannot be made to stand;
3:25 And, if a house against itself be divided, the house shall be unable to stand;
3:26 And, if, Satan, hath risen up against himself, and become divided, he cannot stand, but hath an end.
3:27 But, no one is able into the house of the mighty one to enter, and, his spoils, to carry off, unless, first the mighty one, he bind, and, then his house, will he plunder!
3:28 Verily, I say unto you -- All things shall be forgiven unto the sons of men, -- the sins and the profanities wherewithal they shall profane;
3:29 But, whosoever shall revile against the Holy Spirit, hath no forgiveness, unto times age-abiding, -- but is guilty of an age-abiding sin:
3:30 because they were saying -- An impure spirit, he hath!
3:31 And there come his mother and his brethren, and, standing, outside, they sent unto him, calling him.
3:32 And there was sitting around him a multitude, and they say unto him -- Lo! thy mother and thy brethren, outside, are seeking thee!
3:33 And, answering them, he saith -- Who are my mother and my brethren?
3:34 And, looking around on them who, about him, in a circle, were sitting, he saith, See! my mother and my brethren!
3:35 Whosoever shall do the will of God, the same, is my brother and sister and mother.

[Mark 4]
4:1 And, again, began he to be teaching by the sea; and there come together unto him a very great multitude, so that, he, into a boat, entering, was sitting upon the sea, -- -and, all the multitude, were, near the sea upon the land.
4:2 And he began to teach them, in parables, many things, and was saying unto them, in his teaching --
4:3 Hearken! Lo! the sower went forth to sow;
4:4 And it came to pass, as he sowed, some, indeed, fell by the pathway, and the birds came, and devoured it;
4:5 And, some, fell on the rocky places, [even] where it had not much earth, -- and, straightway, it sprang forth, by reason of its not having depth of earth;
4:6 and, when the sun arose, it was scorched, -- and, by reason of its not having root, it was dried up;
4:7 And, some, fell among the thorns, and the thorns came up and choked it, and, fruit, it yielded not;
4:8 And, other, fell into the good ground, and was yielding fruit, coming up and growing, -- and was bearing, thirtyfold and sixtyfold and a hundredfold,
4:9 And he was saying -- He that hath ears to hear, let him hear!
4:10 And when he was alone they who were about him with the twelve questioned him as to the parables;
4:11 and he was saying unto them -- To you, the sacred secret hath been given of the kingdom of God, whereas, to them who are outside, in parables are all things coming to pass, -- that
4:12 They may surely look and yet not see, and surely hear and yet not understand, lest once they should return and it be forgiven them.
4:13 And he saith unto them -- Know ye not this parable? How then will ye get to know all the parables?
4:14 The sower, soweth the word;
4:15 And these are they beside the pathway where the word is sown, -- and, as soon as they hear, straightway, cometh Satan, and snatcheth away the word which hath been sown into them;
4:16 And these are likewise they upon the rocky places sown, -- who, as soon as they hear the word, straightway, with joy receive it,
4:17 and have no root in themselves, but, only for a season are, -- afterwards, when there ariseth tribulation or persecution by reason of the word, straightway, they find cause of stumbling;
4:18 And others are they who among thorns are sown, -- these are they who hear the word,
4:19 and, the anxieties of the age, and the deceit of wealth, and the covetings about the remaining things, entering in, choke up the word, and, unfruitful, it becometh;
4:20 And those yonder are they who on the good ground are sown, -- who, indeed, hear the word, and accept it, and bear fruit -- thirtyfold and sixtyfold and a hundredfold.
4:21 And he was saying unto them -- Doth the lamp come that under the measure it should be put, or under the couch? Is it not that upon the lampstand it may be put?
4:22 For it is not hidden, save that it may be made visible; neither did it get hidden away, but that it might come into a place where it could be seen.
4:23 If any one hath ears to hear, let him hear.
4:24 And he was saying unto them -- Be taking heed what ye are hearing: -- with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured unto you, and added unto you;
4:25 For, he that hath, it shall be given, unto him, and, he that hath not, even what he hath, shall be taken from him.
4:26 And he was saying -- Thus, is the kingdom of God: As a man may cast seed upon the earth,
4:27 and be sleeping and rising, night and day, -- and the seed be sprouting, and lengthening itself, -- how, he, knoweth not:
4:28 of itself, the earth beareth fruit, -- first, a blade, afterwards, an ear, after that, full corn in the ear;
4:29 but, as soon as the fruit yieldeth itself up, straightway, he sendeth forth the sickle, because standing by is the harvest. --
4:30 And he was saying -- How shall we liken the kingdom of God, or, in what parable, shall we put it?
4:31 As a grain of mustard seed, -- which, whensoever it may be sown upon the earth, is less than all the seeds that are upon the earth;
4:32 and, as soon as it is sown, springeth up, and becometh greater than all garden plants, and produceth large branches, so that, under the shade thereof, the birds of heaven can find shelter.
4:33 And, with many such parables as these, was he speaking unto them the word, -- according as they were able to hear;
4:34 but, without a parable, was he not speaking unto them, -- privately, however, unto his own disciples, was he explaining all things.
4:35 And he saith unto them, on that day, when evening came, Let us cross over unto the other side;
4:36 and, dismissing the multitude, they take him with them, as he was, in the boat, and, other boats, were with him.
4:37 And there ariseth a great tempest of wind, -- and, the waves, were dashing over into the boat, so that, already being filled, was the boat.
4:38 And he was in the stern, on the cushion, sleeping. And they arouse him, and say unto him, Teacher! carest thou not that we perish?
4:39 And, roused up, he rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea -- Hush! be still! and the wind lulled, and it became a great calm.
4:40 And he said unto them -- Why, are ye, fearful? Not yet, have ye faith?
4:41 And they were caused to fear a great fear, and were saying one to another -- Who then is, this, that, both the wind and the sea, give ear unto him?

[Mark 5]
5:1 And they came unto the other side of the sea, into the country of the Gerasenes.
5:2 And, when he went forth out of the boat, [straightway], there met him, from amongst the tombs, a man, in an impure spirit:
5:3 who had his dwelling among the tombs, and, not even with a chain, any longer, was anyone able to bind him, --
5:4 because of his having been, many times, with fetters and chains, bound, and the chains having been plucked asunder by him, and the fetters smashed, and no one was mighty enough to tame him;
5:5 and, continually, night and day, in the tombs and in the mountains, was he crying aloud, and cutting himself in pieces with stones.
5:6 And, seeing Jesus from afar, he ran and bowed down to him;
5:7 and, crying out with a loud voice, saith -- What have in common with thee? O Jesus, Son of God Most High? I adjure thee by God, -- Do not torment me!
5:8 For he was saying to him -- Go forth thou impure spirit, out of the man;
5:9 and he was questioning him -- What is thy name? and he saith to him -- Legion, is my name, because we are, many;
5:10 and he was beseeching him much that he would not send them forth outside the country.
5:11 Now there was there, near the mountain, a large herd of swine, feeding;
5:12 and they besought him, saying -- Send us into the swine, that, into them, we may enter;
5:13 and he suffered them. And the impure spirits, going out, entered into the swine, and the herd rushed down the cliff into the sea, about two thousand, and were choked in the sea.
5:14 And, they who had been feeding them, fled, and bare tidings into the city and into the fields, -- and they came to see what it was that had happened.
5:15 And they come unto Jesus, and view the demonized man, clothed and of sound mind, him who had had the legion, -- and they were struck with fear.
5:16 And the beholders narrated to them, how it happened to the demonized man, and concerning the swine.
5:17 And they began to beseech him, to depart from their bounds.
5:18 And, as he was entering into the boat, he who had been demonized was beseeching him, that, with him, he might be.
5:19 And he suffered him not, but saith unto him -- Withdraw into thy house, unto thine own, and bear tidings unto them, how many things the Lord for thee hath done, and hath had mercy on thee.
5:20 And he departed, and began proclaiming, in the Decapolis, how many things Jesus had done for him, -- and, all, were marvelling.
5:21 And, Jesus crossing over in the boat again unto the other side, there was gathered a large multitude unto him, and he was by the lake.
5:22 And there cometh one of the synagogue-rulers, by name Jairus, and, seeing him, falleth at his feet,
5:23 and beseecheth him much, saying -- My little daughter is at her last! -- that, coming, thou wouldest lay thy hands upon her, that she may be made well, and live;
5:24 and he departed with him. And there was following him a large multitude, and they were pressing upon him.
5:25 And, a woman, who had had a flow of blood twelve years,
5:26 and suffered much from many physicians, and spent all her means, and profited, nothing, -- but had, rather, become worse,
5:27 hearing the things about Jesus, came in the crowd from behind, and touched his mantle;
5:28 for she was saying -- If I can touch so much as his mantle, I shall be made well;
5:29 and, straightway, the fountain of her blood was dried up, and she knew, in her body, that she was healed from the plague.
5:30 And, straightway, Jesus, taking note in himself of the power which, out of him, went forth, turning round in the crowd, was saying -- Who hath touched my garments?
5:31 and his disciples were saying to him -- Thou seest the crowd pressing upon thee, -- and sayest thou -- Who hath touched me?
5:32 and he was looking round to see her who, this thing had done.
5:33 And, the woman, overcome with fear, and trembling, knowing what had happened to her, came, and fell down before him, and told him all the truth.
5:34 And, he, said to her -- Daughter! thy faith hath made thee well; withdraw into peace, and be whole from thy plague.
5:35 While yet he is speaking, they come from the synagogue-ruler's, saying -- Thy daughter, is dead! Why, further, annoy the teacher?
5:36 But, Jesus, overhearing the word being spoken, saith unto the synagogue-ruler -- Do not fear, only have faith!
5:37 And he suffered no one to follow with him, save Peter and James and John the brother of James.
5:38 And they come into the house of the synagogue-ruler, and he observeth a tumult, and persons weeping and wailing greatly;
5:39 and, entering, he saith unto them -- Why are ye making a tumult, and weeping? The child, is, not dead, but, is sleeping;
5:40 and they were deriding him. But, he, thrusting all forth, taketh with him the father of the child, and the mother, and them who were with him, -- and entereth where the child was;
5:41 and, grasping the hand of the child, he saith unto her -- Talitha, koum! which is, when translated -- O damsel! to thee, I say, Arise!
5:42 And, straightway, the damsel arose, and was walking about; for she was twelve years of age. And they were beside themselves, straightway, with a great transport;
5:43 and he commanded them, again and again, that, no one, should get to know this thing, -- and bade that food should be given her to eat.

[Mark 6]
6:1 And he went forth from thence, and cometh into his own city, -- and his disciples follow him.
6:2 And, when it was Sabbath, he began to be teaching in the synagogue, and, the greater part, as they heard, were being struck with astonishment, saying -- Whence hath this man these things? -- and -- What the wisdom which hath been given to this man? -- and -- Such mighty works as these, through his hands, are coming to pass!
6:3 Is not, this, the carpenter? the son of Mary, the brother of James and Joses and Judas and Simon? And are not his sisters here with us? -- and they were finding cause of stumbling in him.
6:4 And Jesus was saying unto them -- A prophet is not without honour, save in his own city and among his kinsfolk, and in his house;
6:5 and he could not, there, do so much as a single mighty work, -- save, on a few sick, he laid his hands and cured them.
6:6 And he marvelled because of their unbelief. And he was going round the villages in a circuit, teaching.
6:7 And he calleth near the twelve, and began to be sending them forth two and two, -- and was giving them authority over the impure spirits:
6:8 and charged them that they should take, nothing, for a journey, save a staff only, -- no bread, no satchel, no copper, for the belt;
6:9 but having bound on light sandals, and not to put on, two tunics;
6:10 and he was saying unto them -- Wheresoever ye shall enter into a house, there, abide, until ye go forth from thence;
6:11 And, whatsoever place shall not welcome you nor hearken unto you, when ye are going forth from thence, shake off the dust that is under you feet, for a witness against them.
6:12 And they went forth and made proclamation, in order that men should repent;
6:13 and, many demons, were they casting out, -- and were anointing with oil, many sick, and were curing them.
6:14 And King Herod heard, -- for, famous, had become his name; and he was saying -- John the Immerser hath arisen from among the dead, and, for this cause, are the powers working mightily in him;
6:15 But, others, were saying -- It is Elijah, and, others were saying -- A prophet, like one of the prophets!
6:16 But, when Herod heard, he was saying -- He whom I beheaded -- John, the same, hath been raised.
6:17 For, Herod himself, had sent and secured John and bound him in prison, for the sake of Herodias the wife of Philip his brother, -- for, her, had he married,
6:18 For John had been saying to Herod -- It is not allowed thee, to have, the wife of thy brother.
6:19 And, Herodias, was cherishing [a grudge] against him, and wishing, to slay him, -- and could not;
6:20 for, Herod, stood in fear of John, knowing him to be a man righteous and holy, -- and was keeping him safe; and, when he heard him, he paid earnest heed, and, with pleasure, used to listen to him.
6:21 And, an opportune day arriving, when Herod on his birthday made a feast for his nobles, and for the rulers of thousands and for the first men of Galilee,
6:22 when the daughter of this very Herodias came in and danced, she pleased Herod and those reclining together, and, the king, said unto the damsel -- Ask me what thou wilt, and I will give it thee;
6:23 and he took an oath to her -- Whatsoever thou shalt ask me, I will give thee, unto half my kingdom.
6:24 And, going out, she said unto her mother -- What shall I ask? and she said -- The head of John the Immerser;
6:25 And, coming in straightway, with hast, unto the king, she asked, saying -- I desire, that, forthwith, thou give me, upon a charger, the head of John the Immerser.
6:26 And, though the king was, very grieved, yet, by reason of the oaths, and of them who were reclining, he would not refuse her.
6:27 And the king, straightway, sending off a guard, gave orders to bring his head.
6:28 And, departing, he beheaded him in the prison, and brought his head upon a charger, and gave it unto the damsel -- and, the damsel, gave it unto her mother.
6:29 And, hearing of it, his disciples went and took away his corpse, and laid it in a tomb.
6:30 And the apostles gather themselves together unto Jesus, and reported unto him all things, as many as they had done, and as many as they had taught.
6:31 And he saith unto them -- Come, ye yourselves, apart, into a desert place, and rest yourselves a little. For they who were coming and they who were going were many, and, not even to eat, were they finding fitting opportunity.
6:32 And they departed, in the boat, into a desert place, apart.
6:33 And many saw them going away, and took note of it, and, afoot, from all the cities, ran they together thither, -- and outwent them.
6:34 And, coming forth, he saw, a great multitude, and was moved with compassion towards them, because they were like sheep having no shepherd, and he began to be teaching them many things.
6:35 And, already, a late hour, having arrived, his disciples came unto him and were saying, A desert, is the place, and it is, already, a late hour:
6:36 dismiss them, that, departing into the surrounding hamlets and villages, they may buy themselves something to eat.
6:37 But, he, answering said to them -- Ye, give them, to eat. And they say unto him -- Shall we depart and buy two hundred denaries' worth of loaves, and give them to eat?
6:38 And, he, saith unto them -- How many loaves, have ye? Go, see! And, getting to know, they say -- Five, and, two fishes.
6:39 And he gave them orders, that all should be made recline, in parties, upon, the green grass.
6:40 And they fell back, in companies, by hundreds and by fifties.
6:41 And, taking the five loaves, and the two fishes, looking up into heaven, he blessed, and brake up the loaves, and began giving unto the disciples, that they might set before them, and, the two fishes, divided he, unto all.
6:42 And they did all eat, and were filled.
6:43 And they took up broken pieces, twelve baskets, full measure, and from the fishes.
6:44 And they who did eat the loaves were, five thousand men.
6:45 And, straightway, constrained he his disciples to enter into the boat, and be going forward to the other side, unto Bethsaida, -- while, he, was dismissing the multitude.
6:46 And, bidding them farewell, he departed into the mountain to pray.
6:47 And, when, evening, came, the boat was in the midst of the sea, and, he alone, on the land.
6:48 And, seeing them distressed in the rowing, for the wind was against them, about the fourth watch of the night, he cometh unto them, walking upon the sea, -- and was wishing to pass by them.
6:49 But, they, seeing him, upon the sea, walking, supposed that it was an apparition, and cried out aloud;
6:50 for, all, saw him, and were troubled. But, he, straightway, talked with them, and saith unto them -- Take courage! it is, I -- be not afraid!
6:51 And he went up unto them, into the boat, -- and the wind lulled. And, exceedingly, within themselves, were they astonished;
6:52 for they understood not by the loaves, -- but their, heart, had been, hardened.
6:53 And crossing over unto the land, they came unto Gennesaret, and cast anchor near.
6:54 And, when they had, come forth, out of the boat, straightway, recognizing him,
6:55 the people ran round the whole of that country, and began to be carrying round, upon couches, them who were sick, wherever they heard that he was.
6:56 And, wheresoever he was entering into villages, or into cities, or into hamlets, in the marketplaces, laid they the sick, and were beseeching him, that, only the fringe of his mantle, they might touch, and, as many soever as touched it, were being made well.

[Mark 7]
7:1 And the Pharisees and certain of the Scribes who have come from Jerusalem gather themselves together unto him;
7:2 and, observing certain of his disciples, that, with defiled hands, that is unwashed, they are eating bread, -- --
7:3 For, the Pharisees, and all the Jews, unless with care they wash their hands, eat not, holding fast the tradition of the elders;
7:4 and coming from market, unless they sprinkle themselves, they eat not, -- and, many other things, there are, which they have accepted to hold fast -- immersions of cups and measures and copper vessels -- --
7:5 and so the Pharisees and the Scribes, question, him -- For what cause do thy disciples not walk according to the tradition of the elders, but, with defiled hands, eat bread?
7:6 But, he, said unto them -- Well, prophesied Isaiah concerning you, ye hypocrites, as it is written -- This people, with the lips do honour me, while, their heart, far off, holdeth from me, --
7:7 But, in vain, do they pay devotions unto me, teaching for teachings, the commandments of men;
7:8 Having, dismissed, the commandment, of God, ye, hold fast, the tradition, of men.
7:9 And he was saying to them -- Well, do ye set aside the commandment of God, that, your own tradition, ye may observe;
7:10 For, Moses, said -- Honour thy father and thy mother, and -- He that revileth father or mother, let him, surely die, --
7:11 But, ye, say -- If a man shall say to his father or his mother, Korban! that is, A gift, whatsoever, out of me, thou mightest be profited,
7:12 no longer, do ye suffer him to do, aught, for his father or his mother, --
7:13 cancelling the word of God by your tradition which ye have delivered. And, many such similar things, are ye doing!
7:14 And, again calling near the multitude, he was saying unto them -- Hearken to me, all! and understand:
7:15 Nothing, is there, from without the man, entering into him, which can defile him; but, the things which, out of the man, come forth, are the things that defile the man.
7:16 [No verse.]
7:17 And, when he entered into a house from the multitudes, his disciples began to question him as to the parable;
7:18 And he saith unto them -- Thus, are, ye also, without discernment? Perceive ye not that, nothing, from without, entering into the man, can defile him;
7:19 because it entereth not into his heart, but into his stomach, and, into the draught, is passed -- purifying all foods?
7:20 And he was saying -- That which, out of the man, cometh forth, that, defileth the man;
7:21 For, from within, out of the heart of men, the base designs, come forth, -- fornications, thefts,
7:22 murders, adulteries, covetousnesses, knaveries, deceit, wantonness, an evil eye, profane speaking, foolishness, --
7:23 all these wicked things, from within, come forth, and defile, the man.
7:24 And, from thence arising, he departed into the bounds of Tyre [and Zidon]. And, entering into a house, he was wishing, no one, to know it, and yet could not escape notice, --
7:25 but, straightway, a woman hearing about him, whose daughter had an impure spirit, she came and fell down at his feet.
7:26 Now, the woman, was a Grecian, a Syrophoenician by race, -- and she was requesting him that, the demon, he would cast forth out of her daughter.
7:27 And he was saying to her -- Suffer, the children, first, to be fed; for it is not seemly to take the bread of the children, and, unto the little dogs, to cast it;
7:28 but she answered and saith to him -- Yea, Lord! and yet, the little dogs under the table, do eat of the crumbs of the children;
7:29 and he said to her -- Because of this word, go thy way, the demon hath gone forth out of thy daughter;
7:30 and, departing unto her house, she found the child laid prostrate on the couch, and the demon gone forth.
7:31 And, again coming forth out of the bounds of Tyre, he came unto the sea of Galilee, through the midst of the bounds of Decapolis.
7:32 And they bring to him one deaf and stammering, and beseech him that he would lay upon him his hand.
7:33 And, taking him away from the multitude apart, he thrust his fingers into his ears, and, spitting, touched his tongue;
7:34 and, looking up into the heaven, sighed deeply, and saith unto him -- Ephphatha! that is, Be opened!
7:35 and his ears opened, and the string of his tongue was loosed, -- and he was speaking correctly.
7:36 And he charged them that they should be telling, no one, -- but, as much as to them he gave charge, they, exceeding more abundantly, were making proclamation.
7:37 And, superabundantly, were they being struck with astonishment, saying -- Well, hath he, all things, done, -- both, the deaf, he causeth to hear, and, the dumb, to speak.

[Mark 8]
8:1 In those days, there being, again a large multitude, and they not having any thing to eat, calling near the disciples, he saith unto them --
8:2 I am moved with compassion towards the multitude, because, already three days, abide they with me, and they have nothing to eat;
8:3 and, if dismiss them fasting unto their home, they will be exhausted in the way, -- and, certain of them, are, from afar.
8:4 And his disciples answered him -- Whence shall any one be able, here, to fill, these, with bread, in a desert?
8:5 And he was questioning them -- How many loaves have ye? and they said -- Seven.
8:6 And he sendeth word to the multitude, to fall back upon the ground. And, taking the seven loaves, giving thanks, he brake, and was giving unto his disciples, that they might be setting before them; and they set before the multitude.
8:7 And they had a few small fishes; and, blessing them, he bade them set, these also, before them.
8:8 And they did eat, and were filled, and took up remainders of broken pieces, seven hampers.
8:9 Now they were about four thousand; and he dismissed them.
8:10 And, straightway, entering into the boat with his disciples, he came into the parts of Dalmanutha;
8:11 and forth came the Pharisees, and began discussing with him, seeking of him, a sign from the heaven, testing him.
8:12 And, deeply sighing in his spirit, he saith -- Why, doth this generation seek, a sign? Verily, I say -- there shall, not be given, to this generation, a sign.
8:13 And leaving them, again, embarking, he departed unto the other side.
8:14 And they forgot to take loaves, and, save one loaf, they had nothing with them in the boat.
8:15 And he began charging them, saying -- Mind! beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, and of the leaven of Herod!
8:16 And they began deliberating one with another, because they had no loaves.
8:17 And, taking note, he saith unto them -- Why do ye deliberate, because ye have no, loaves? Not yet perceive ye, neither understand, -- keep ye your hearts, hardened?
8:18 Eyes having, see ye not? and ears having, hear ye not? and remember ye not
8:19 when, the five loaves, I brake unto the five thousand, how many baskets, full of broken pieces, ye took up? They say unto him -- Twelve, --
8:20 When the seven, unto the four thousand, how many hampers, full measure, of broken pieces, ye took up? And they say unto him -- Seven. And he was saying unto them --
8:21 Not yet, do ye understand?
8:22 And they come into Bethsaida. And they bring unto him one blind, and beseech him that him, he would touch.
8:23 And, laying hold of the hand of the blind man, he brought him forth outside the village, and, spitting into his eyes, laying his hands upon him, he was asking him -- Anything, seest thou?
8:24 and, looking up, he was saying -- I see men, because, like trees, I behold them walking
8:25 Then again, put he his hands upon his eyes, and he saw clearly, and was restored, and was seeing distinctly, in broad splendour, all things together.
8:26 And he sent him away unto his house, saying -- Not even into the village, mayest thou enter.
8:27 And forth went Jesus and his disciples, into the villages of Caesarea of Philip. And, in the way, he was questioning his disciples, saying unto them -- Who, are men saying that I am?
8:28 And they answered him, saying -- John the Immerser, and, others, Elijah, -- and, others, One of the prophets.
8:29 And, he, went on to question them -- But, who, say, ye, that I am? Peter, answering, saith unto him -- Thou, art, the Christ.
8:30 And he straitly charged them, that, no one, they should tell concerning him.
8:31 And he began to be teaching them -- The Son of Man, must needs suffer many things, and be rejected by the Elders and the High-priests and the Scribes, -- and be slain; and, after three days, arise.
8:32 And, openly, was he speaking the word. And Peter, taking him aside, began to rebuke him.
8:33 But, he, turning round and looking upon his disciples, rebuked Peter, and saith -- Withdraw behind me, Satan! because thou art not regarding the things, of God, but the things, of men.
8:34 And, calling near the multitude with his disciples, he said unto them -- If anyone willeth, after me, to come, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and be following me.
8:35 For, whosoever willeth, his own life, to save, shall lose it, but, whosoever shall lose his life for the sake [of me and] of the glad-message, shall save it;
8:36 For, what doth it profit a man, to gain the whole world, and be made to forfeit his life?
8:37 For what can a man, give, in exchange for his life?
8:38 For, whosoever shall be ashamed of me and of my words, in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man also, will be ashamed, of him, whensoever he shall come, in the glory of his Father, with the holy messengers.

[Mark 9]
9:1 And he was saying to them: Verily, say unto you -- There, are, certain of those here standing, who shall in nowise taste of death, until they see the kingdom of God, already come in power.
9:2 And, after six days, Jesus taketh with him Peter and James and John, and bringeth them up into a high mountain, apart, alone, -- and he was transformed before them;
9:3 and his garments became brilliant, exceeding white, such as, no fuller on the earth, is able, so, to whiten.
9:4 And there appeared unto them Elijah, with Moses, -- and they were conversing with Jesus.
9:5 And Peter, answering, saith unto Jesus -- Rabbi! it is, delightful, for us to be, here, -- let us therefore make three tents, for thee, one, and, for Moses, one, and, for Elijah, one;
9:6 for he knew not what he should answer, for, greatly affrighted, had they become.
9:7 And there came a cloud, overshadowing them, and there came a voice, out of the cloud, -- This is, my Son, the Beloved, Be hearkening unto him.
9:8 And, suddenly looking round, no longer, saw they, anyone, with them, save, Jesus only.
9:9 And, as they were coming down out of the mountain, he charged them, that, unto no one, they should narrate what they had seen, save whenever the Son of man, from among the dead should arise.
9:10 And, the word, they held fast unto themselves, discussing what was, the rising from among the dead.
9:11 And they began to question him, saying -- The Scribes, say, that, Elijah, must needs come, first?
9:12 And, he, said unto them -- Elijah, indeed, coming first, restoreth all things; and yet, how is it written, regarding the Son of Man, that, many things, he must suffer, and be set at nought?
9:13 But I say unto you -- Elijah also, hath come, and they have done with him, whatsoever they pleased, -- according as it is written regarding him.
9:14 And, coming unto the disciples, they saw a large multitude around them, and Scribes discussing with them.
9:15 And, straightway, all the multitude, seeing him, were greatly amazed, and, running near, began saluting him.
9:16 And he questioned them -- What are ye discussing with them?
9:17 And one out of the multitude answered him -- Teacher! I brought my son unto thee, having a dumb spirit;
9:18 and, wheresoever it seizeth him, it teareth him, and he foameth, and grindeth his teeth, and weareth himself out; -- and I spake to thy disciples, that they should cast it out, and they could not.
9:19 But, he, answering, saith -- O faithless generation! how long, shall I be with you? how long, shall I bear with you? Bring him unto me!
9:20 And they brought him unto him. And, seeing him, the spirit, straightway tare him, -- and, falling upon the ground, he wallowed, foaming.
9:21 And he questioned his father -- How long a time, is it, that, this, hath befallen him? and he said -- From childhood;
9:22 and, many times, hath it cast him, both into fire, and into waters, that it might destroy him; but, if anything be possible to thee, help us, have compassion upon us.
9:23 And, Jesus, said unto him -- As for this, If it be possible to thee, all things, are possible, to him who hath faith.
9:24 Straightway crying out, the father of the child was saying -- I have faith! help my, want, of faith.
9:25 And Jesus, seeing that a multitude is running together, rebuked the impure spirit, saying unto it -- Thou dumb and deaf spirit, I, give orders unto thee: Come forth out of him, and do not, any more, enter into him.
9:26 And, crying out, and greatly mangling him, it came forth; and he became as if dead, so that, the more part, were saying -- He is dead!
9:27 But, Jesus, grasping his hand, raised him, and he stood up.
9:28 And, when he had gone into a house, his disciples, privately, were questioning him -- Why, were, we, not able to cast it out?
9:29 And he said unto them -- This kind, by nothing, can come out, save, by prayer.
9:30 And, from thence, going forth, they were journeying through Galilee, -- and he was not wishing that any should get to know it;
9:31 for he was teaching his disciples and saying [unto them], The Son of Man, is to be delivered up, into the hands of men, and they will slay him, -- and, being slain, after three days, will he arise.
9:32 But they were not understanding the declaration, and feared, to question, him.
9:33 And they came into Capernaum. And, happening to be, in the house, he was questioning them -- What, in the way, were ye discussing?
9:34 And they were silent; for, with one another, they had discussed in the way, who should be greatest.
9:35 And, taking a seat, he addressed the twelve, and saith unto them -- If anyone willeth to be, first, he shall be, least of all, and, minister of all.
9:36 And, taking a child, he set it in the midst of them, -- and, folding it in his arms, said unto them --
9:37 Whosoever, unto, [one of] these children, shall give welcome, upon my name, unto me, giveth welcome; and, whosoever, unto me, giveth welcome, not, unto me, giveth welcome, but, unto him that sent me.
9:38 John said unto him -- Teacher! we saw someone, in thy name, casting out demons, -- and we forbade him, because he was not following with us.
9:39 But, Jesus, said -- Do not forbid him! For, no one, is there, who shall do a work of power in my name, and have power, soon, to revile me;
9:40 For, whosoever is not, against, us, is, for, us;
9:41 For, whosoever shall give you to drink a cup of water, in name that, Christ's, ye are, Verily! I say unto you, in nowise, shall lose his reward.
9:42 And, whosoever shall cause to stumble one of these little ones that believe, it is, seemly, for him, rather, if there is hung a large millstone about his neck, and he is cast into the sea.
9:43 And, if thy hand shall cause thee to stumble, cut it off, -- it is, seemly, for thee, maimed, to enter into life, rather than having, the two hands, to depart into the gehenna, into the fire that is not quenched;
9:44 [No verse.]
9:45 And, if thy foot be causing thee to stumble, cut it off, -- it is, seemly, for thee, to enter into life, lame, rather than having, the two feet, to be cast into the gehenna;
9:46 [No verse.]
9:47 And, if thine eye be causing thee to stumble, thrust it out, -- it is, seemly, for thee, one-eye, to enter into the kingdom of God, rather than having, two eyes, to be cast into gehenna,
9:48 Where, their worm, dieth not, and, the fire, is not quenched,
9:49 For, everyone, with fire, shall be salted.
9:50 Salt is, good: but, if, salt, become, saltless, wherewith will ye, prepare, it? Have, within yourselves, salt, and be at peace, one with another.

[Mark 10]
10:1 And, from thence, arising, he cometh into the bounds of Judaea and beyond the Jordan, -- and there come together again, multitudes unto him, and, as he had been wont, again, was he teaching them.
10:2 And Pharisees coming near were questioning him -- whether it is allowed a husband to divorce a wife, testing him.
10:3 But, he, answering, said unto them -- What unto you did, Moses, command?
10:4 And, they, said -- Moses permitted, to write, a roll of dismissal, and to divorce.
10:5 But, Jesus, said unto them -- In view of your hardness of heart, wrote he for you this commandment;
10:6 But, from the beginning of creation, male and female, made he [them];
10:7 For this cause, shall a man leave behind his father and mother,
10:8 and, the two, shall become, one flesh; so that, no longer, are they two, but, one flesh.
10:9 What then, God, hath yoked together, let, a man, not put asunder.
10:10 And, [coming] into the house again, the disciples, concerning this, were questioning him;
10:11 and he saith unto them -- Whosoever shall divorce his wife, and marry another, committeth adultery against her;
10:12 And, if, she, divorcing her husband, marry another, she committeth adultery.
10:13 And they were bringing unto him children, that he might, touch, them, -- the disciples, however, were rebuking them.
10:14 But Jesus, seeing it, was greatly displeased, and said unto them -- Suffer the children to come unto me, -- do not hinder them; for, of such, is the kingdom of God.
10:15 Verily, I say unto you -- Whosoever shall not welcome the kingdom of God, as a child, in nowise shall enter thereinto.
10:16 And, folding them in his arms, he was blessing them, having laid his hands upon them.
10:17 And, as he was going forth into a road, one, running, and kneeling before him, was questioning him -- Good Teacher! what shall I do that, life age -- abiding, I may inherit?
10:18 And, Jesus, said unto him -- Why callest thou me, good? None, is good, save one -- God.
10:19 The commandments, thou knowest, -- Do not commit murder, Do not commit adultery, Do not steal; Do not bear false witness, Do not defraud, Honour thy father and mother.
10:20 And, he, said unto him -- Teacher! all these things, have I kept, from my youth.
10:21 And, Jesus, looking at him, loved him, and said unto him -- One thing, unto thee, is wanting; -- Withdraw! whatsoever thou hast, sell, and give unto [the] destitute, -- and thou shalt have treasure in heaven; and come! be following me.
10:22 And, he, becoming gloomy because of the word, departed sorrowing, for he was holding, many possessions.
10:23 And, looking around, Jesus saith unto his disciples -- With what difficulty, shall, they who have money, enter, into the kingdom of God!
10:24 And, the disciples, were in amazement, because of the words. But, Jesus, again answering, saith unto them -- Children! how difficult, it is, to enter, into the kingdom of God!
10:25 It is, easier, for a camel, through the eye of a needle, to pass, than for, a rich man, into the kingdom of God, to enter.
10:26 And, they, were being exceedingly struck with astonishment, saying unto him -- Who, then, can, be saved?
10:27 Looking at them, Jesus saith -- With men, impossible, but not, with God; for, all things, are possible, with God
10:28 Peter began to be saying unto him -- Lo! we, have left all, and followed thee!
10:29 Jesus said -- Verily, I say unto you -- There is, no one, who hath left house, or brethren, or sisters, or mother, or father, or children, or lands, for the sake of me, and [for the sake of] the glad-message,
10:30 who shall not receive a hundredfold, now, in this season, houses, and brethren, and sisters, and mothers, and children, and lands, -- with persecutions, and, in the age that is coming, life age-abiding.
10:31 But, many, shall be -- first-last, and [the] Last-first.
10:32 Now they were in the way, going up unto Jerusalem, and Jesus was going on before them, -- and they were in amazement; and, they who followed, were in fear. And, taking unto himself, again, the twelve, he began to be saying unto them, as to the things about to befall him --
10:33 Lo! we are going up unto Jerusalem; and, the Son of Man, will be delivered up, unto the Chief-priests and the Scribes, -- and they will condemn him to death, and deliver him up unto the nations;
10:34 And they will mock him, and spit upon him, and scourge him, and, slay; -- and, after three days, will he, arise.
10:35 And there come near unto him, James and John, the [two] sons of Zebedee, -- saying unto him -- Teacher! we desire, that, whatsoever we shall ask thee, thou wilt do for us.
10:36 But, he, said unto them -- What desire ye, I should do for you?
10:37 And, they, said unto him -- Grant us, that, one on thy right hand, and one on thy left, we may sit, in thy glory.
10:38 But, Jesus, said unto them -- Ye know not what ye are asking: Are ye able to drink the cup that, I, am to drink? or to be immersed, with the immersion wherewith, I, am to be immersed?
10:39 And, they, said unto him -- We are able. And, Jesus, said unto them -- The cup which, I, am to drink, ye shall drink, and, with the immersion wherewith, I, am to be immersed, shall ye be immersed;
10:40 But, to sit on my right hand and on my left, is not mine to give, except unto them for whom it hath been prepared.
10:41 And the ten, hearing, began to be sorely displeased, concerning James and John.
10:42 And Jesus, calling them near, saith unto them -- Ye know that, they who think to rule the nations, lord it over them, and, their great ones, wield authority over them;
10:43 But, not so, it is, among you. But, whosoever desireth to become, great, among you, shall be, your minister,
10:44 And, whosoever desireth, among you, to be, first, shall be, servant of all;
10:45 For, even the Son of Man, came not to be ministered unto, but minister, -- and to give his life, a ransom instead of many.
10:46 And they come into Jericho. And, as he was journeying forth from Jericho, and his disciples, and a considerable multitude, the son of Timaeus, blind Bar-Timaeus, a beggar, was sitting beside the road.
10:47 And, hearing that it was, Jesus the Nazarene, he began to be crying aloud, and saying -- O Son of David! Jesus! have mercy on me.
10:48 And many were rebuking him, that he might hold his peace; but, he, so much the more, was crying aloud, O Son of David, have mercy on me.
10:49 And, coming to a stand, Jesus said -- Call him! And they call the blind man, saying unto him -- Take courage! rise! he calleth thee!
10:50 And, he, throwing off his mantle -- springing to his feet, came unto Jesus.
10:51 And, answering him, Jesus said -- What desirest thou, I should do for thee? And, the blind man, said unto him -- Rabboni! that may recover sight.
10:52 And, Jesus, said unto him -- Go thy way! thy faith, hath saved thee. And, straightway, he recovered sight, and was following him in the road.

[Mark 11]
11:1 And, when they are drawing near unto Jerusalem, unto Bethphage and Bethany, towards the Mount of Olives, he sendeth forth two of his disciples, --
11:2 and saith unto them -- Go your way into the village that is over against you, and, straightway, as ye are entering it, ye shall find a colt tied, upon which, no, man, yet, hath sat: loose him, and bring him.
11:3 And, if anyone unto you should say -- Why are ye doing this? say -- The Lord, of him hath need; and, straightway, he sendeth him off again here.
11:4 And they departed, and found a colt, tied unto a door outside, on the street, -- and they are loosing him.
11:5 And, certain of them that were there standing, were saying unto them -- What are ye doing, loosing the colt?
11:6 and they said unto them as, Jesus, said, -- and they let them go.
11:7 And they bring the colt unto Jesus, and throw upon him their mantles, -- and he took his seat upon him.
11:8 And, many, spread out, their mantles, along the way, and, others, young branches, -- cutting them out of the fields.
11:9 And, they who were going before, and they who were following after, were crying aloud -- Hosanna! Blessed, is he that is coming in the name of the Lord!
11:10 Blessed, is the coming kingdom of our father David! Hosanna in the highest!
11:11 And he entered into Jerusalem, into the temple, and, looking round on all things, late already being the hour, he went out into Bethany, with the twelve.
11:12 And, on the morrow, when they came forth from Bethany, he hungered;
11:13 and, seeing a fig-tree from afar, having leaves, he came... if, therefore, he should find aught in it, and, coming up to it, nothing, found he, save, leaves; for it was not, the season, of figs.
11:14 And, answering, he said unto it -- No more, unto times age-abiding, let anyone of thee, eat fruit. And his disciples were listening.
11:15 And they come into Jerusalem. And, entering into the temple, he began to be casting out them who were selling and them who were buying in the temple, and, the tables of the money-changers, and the seats of them who were selling doves, he overthrew, --
11:16 and was not suffering that anyone should carry a vessel through the temple;
11:17 and was teaching, and saying -- Is it not written, My house, a house of prayer, shall be called, for all the nations? but, ye, have made it, A den of robbers.
11:18 And the High-priests and the Scribes, heard, it, and began seeking how they might, destroy, him, -- for they were fearing him; for, all the multitude, were being struck with astonishment at his teaching.
11:19 And, as soon as it became late, they were going forth outside the city.
11:20 And, passing by early, they saw the fig-tree, withered from its roots;
11:21 and, put in mind, Peter saith unto him -- Rabbi! see! the fig-tree which thou didst curse, is withered.
11:22 And, answering, Jesus saith unto them -- Have faith in God.
11:23 Verily, I say unto you -- Whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be lifted up, and cast into the sea, and shall not doubt in his heart but shall believe that, what he speaketh, cometh to pass, it shall be his.
11:24 For this cause, I say unto you -- All things, whatsoever ye are praying for and asking, believe that ye have received, and they shall be yours.
11:25 And, when ye stand praying, forgive, if aught ye have against any, -- that, your Father also, who is in the heavens, may forgive you your offences.
11:26 [No verse.]
11:27 And they come again into Jerusalem. And, as he is walking in the temple, the High-priests and the Scribes and the Elders come unto him,
11:28 and were saying unto him -- By what authority, these things, art thou doing? And who to thee hath given this authority that, these things, thou shouldst be doing?
11:29 But, Jesus, said unto them -- I will question you, as to one matter, and answer me, -- and I will tell you, by what authority, these things, I am doing:
11:30 The immersion by John, Of heaven, was it, or, of men? Answer me!
11:31 And they were deliberating among themselves, saying -- If we say, Of heaven, he will say, Wherefore [then] did ye not believe him?
11:32 But, should we say, Of men..., they were in fear of the multitude, for, one and all, were holding John, in very deed, that he was, a prophet.
11:33 And, making answer unto Jesus, they say -- We know not; and Jesus saith unto them -- Neither do, I, tell you, by what authority, these things, I am doing.

[Mark 12]
12:1 And he began to be speaking unto them, in parables, -- A man planted, a vineyard, and put round it a wall, and digged a wine-vat, and built a tower, -- and let it out to husbandmen; and left home.
12:2 And he sent forth, unto the husbandmen, in the season, a servant, that, from the husbandmen, he might receive of the fruits of the vineyard;
12:3 and, taking him, they beat him, and sent him away, empty.
12:4 And, again, sent he forth unto them, another servant; and, him, they smote on the head, and dishonoured.
12:5 And another sent he forth; and, him, they slew. And many others; some, indeed beating, and, others, slaying.
12:6 Yet one, had he, a son beloved: he sent him forth last unto them, saying -- They will pay deference unto my son!
12:7 But, those husbandmen, unto themselves, said -- This, is the heir: Come! let us slay him, and, ours, shall be, the inheritance.
12:8 And, taking, they slew him, and cast him forth outside the vineyard.
12:9 What will the lord of the vineyard do? He will come, and destroy the husbandmen, and let the vineyard unto others.
12:10 Have ye not, this scripture, read -- A stone which the builders rejected, the same, hath become head of the corner!
12:11 From the Lord, hath this come to pass, and is marvellous in our eyes?
12:12 And they were seeking, to secure, him, -- and were in fear of the multitude; for they perceived that, against them, the parable he had spoken. And, leaving him, they departed.
12:13 And they send forth unto him certain of the Pharisees and of the Herodians, that they might, catch, him, in discourse.
12:14 And, coming, they say unto him -- Teacher! we know that, true, thou art, and it concerneth thee not about anyone, -- for thou lookest not unto the face of men; but, in truth, the way of God, dost teach: -- Is it allowable to give tax unto Caesar, or not? Should we give, or should we not give?
12:15 But, he, knowing their hypocrisy, said unto them -- Why are ye, tempting, me? Bring me a denary, that I may see it.
12:16 And, they, brought one. And he saith unto them -- Whose, is this image, and the inscription? And, they, said unto him -- Caesar's.
12:17 And, Jesus, said -- the things of Caesar, render, unto Caesar, and, the things of God, unto God. And they were marvelling at him.
12:18 And there come Sadducees unto him, -- who, indeed say -- Resurrection, there is none! and they were questioning him, saying --
12:19 Teacher! Moses, wrote for us, that -- If one's brother die, and leave behind a wife, and leave no child, that his brother should take his wife, and raise up seed unto his brother.
12:20 Seven brethren, there were: and, the first, took a wife, and, dying, left no seed, --
12:21 And, the second, took her, and died, not leaving behind seed, -- and, the third, likewise, --
12:22 And, the seven, left no seed; last of all, the woman also, died: --
12:23 In the resurrection, -- of, which, of them shall she be, wife? For, the seven, had her to wife.
12:24 Jesus said unto them -- Are ye not, for this cause, deceiving yourselves, knowing neither the Scriptures, nor the power of God?
12:25 For, when, from among the dead, they rise, they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are like messengers in the heavens.
12:26 But, as touching the dead, that they, do rise, -- Have ye not read in the book of Moses, at the Bush, how God spake unto him, saying -- I [am] the God of Abraham, and God of Isaac, and God of Jacob: --
12:27 He is not a God of, dead, men, but of, living. Greatly, are ye deceiving yourselves.
12:28 And one of the Scribes, coming near, hearing them discussing, seeing that, well, he had answered them, began to question him -- Which is the chief commandment of all?
12:29 Jesus answered -- The chief is: Hear! O Israel, -- The Lord our God, is, one Lord;
12:30 Therefore shalt thou love the Lord thy God, with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, -- and with all thy mind; and with all thy strength.
12:31 The second, is, this -- Thou shalt love, thy neighbour, as thyself. Greater than these, other commandment, is there none.
12:32 The Scribe said unto him -- Well, Teacher! in truth, hast thou said -- He is, One, and there is none other, than he;
12:33 And, to love him, with all the heart, and with all the understanding, -- and with all the might; and to love one's neighbour as one's self, is, abundantly more, than all the whole burnt offerings and sacrifices.
12:34 And, Jesus, seeing him, that, with intelligence he answered, said unto him -- Not far, [art thou] from the kingdom of God! And, no one, any longer, was daring to, question, him.
12:35 And Jesus, answering, was saying, as he taught in the temple -- How say the Scribes that, the Christ, is, Son of David?
12:36 David himself, hath said, by the Holy Spirit, -- The Lord, hath said unto, my Lord, Sit thou on my right hand, until I put thy foes beneath thy feet.
12:37 David himself, calleth him, Lord: whence, then, is he, his own soul? And, the great multitude, was hearing him gladly.
12:38 And, in his teaching, he was saying -- Beware of the Scribes, who desire, in robes, to be walking about, and salutations in the markets,
12:39 And first seats in the synagogues, and first couches in the chief meals, --
12:40 Who devour widows' houses, and, for a pretence, are long in prayer: these, shall receive a more surpassing judgment.
12:41 And, taking his seat over against the treasury, he was observing how, the multitude, was casting in copper into the treasury, and, man rich, were casting in, much.
12:42 And there came, one destitute, widow, and cast in two mites, which are, a farthing.
12:43 And, calling near his disciples, he said to them -- Verily, I say unto you, this destitute widow, more than they all, hath cast in, of those casting into the treasury;
12:44 For, they all, out of their surplus, cast in, but, she, out of her deficiency, all, as much as she had, cast in, -- the whole of her living.

[Mark 13]
13:1 And, as he was going forth out of the temple, one of his disciples saith unto him -- Teacher! see what manner of stones, and what manner of buildings!
13:2 And, Jesus, said unto him -- Art thou beholding these great buildings? In nowise, shall there be left here, stone upon stone, which shall, in any wise, not be thrown down.
13:3 And, as he was sitting within the mount of Olives, over against the temple, Peter and James and John and Andrew were questioning him, privately --
13:4 Tell us, When, these things, shall be, and, what the sign, when all these things shall be about to be concluded.
13:5 And, Jesus, began to be saying unto them -- Beware, lest anyone, deceive, you;
13:6 For, many, will come on my name, saying, I, am he! and, will deceive, many.
13:7 And, when ye shall hear of wars, and rumours of wars, be not alarmed -- it must needs come to pass, but, not yet, is, the end.
13:8 For there will arise -- Nation against nation, and, kingdom against kingdom, -- there will be earthquakes in places, there will be famines: --
13:9 A beginning of birth-pangs, are these things. But be, ye, taking heed, unto yourselves: they will deliver you up into high-councils, and, in synagogues, shall ye be beaten, -- and, before governors and kings, shall ye be set, for my sake, for a witness unto them.
13:10 And, unto all the nations, first, must needs be proclaimed, the glad-message.
13:11 And, when they are leading you, as they are delivering you up, be not beforehand anxious, what ye shall speak; but, whatsoever shall be given you in that hour, the same, speak, -- for, ye, are not the speakers, but the Holy Spirit.
13:12 And, brother, will deliver up, brother, unto death, and, father, child, and, children, will rise up, against parents, and put them to death;
13:13 And ye will be men hated by all, because of my name; but, he that hath endured throughout, the same, shall be saved.
13:14 But, when ye shall see the abomination of desolation, standing where it ought not, he that readeth, let him, think, then, they who are in Judaea, let them flee into the mountains;
13:15 He that is on the house-top, let him not come down, neither let him enter, to take away anything out of his louse;
13:16 And, he that hath gone into the field, let him not turn back unto the things behind, to take away his mantle.
13:17 But alas for the women with child, and for them who are giving suck, -- in those days.
13:18 But be praying, that it may not happen in winter.
13:19 For in those days shall be a tribulation -- such, that there hath not happened, the like, from the beginning of creation which God created, until the present time, and shall in nowise happen.
13:20 And, save that the Lord hath shortened the days, no flesh should be saved; but, for the sake of the chosen of whom he hath made choice, he hath shortened the days.
13:21 And, then, if any, unto you, say -- See! Here, is the Christ! See! there, do not believe it;
13:22 For there will arise, false Christs, and false prophets; and they will show signs and wonders, so as to deceive, if possible, the chosen.
13:23 But, ye, beware: I have foretold you, all things.
13:24 But, in those days, after that tribulation, the sun, shall be darkened, and, the moon, will not give her brightness,
13:25 And, the stars, will, out of the heavens, be falling, -- and, the powers which are in the heavens, will be shaken;
13:26 And, then, will they see the Son of Man -- coming in clouds, with great power and glory.
13:27 And, then, will he send forth the messengers, and they will gather together his chosen -- out of the four winds, from utmost bound of earth, unto utmost bound of heaven.
13:28 Now, from the fig-tree, learn ye, the parable: -- When, already, her young branch, becometh tender, and, the leaves, are sprouting, ye observe that, near, is, the summer:
13:29 Thus, ye also, when ye shall see these things coming to pass, observe ye, that, near, he is, at the doors.
13:30 Verily, I say unto you -- In nowise, shall this generation pass away, until all these things, shall happen:
13:31 The heaven and the earth, shall pass away, but, my words, shall not pass away.
13:32 But, concerning that day or hour, no one, knoweth, neither the messengers in heaven, nor the Son, -- save the Father.
13:33 Be taking heed, be watching, for ye know not, when, the season [is]: --
13:34 As a man from home -- having left his house, and given his servants the authority, to each one, his work, -- and, unto the porter, hath given command, that he should watch: --
13:35 Be watching, therefore, for ye know not, when, the master of the house, is coming, -- whether at even, or at midnight, or at cock-crowing, or at early morn; --
13:36 Lest, coming suddenly, he find you, sleeping.
13:37 But, what, unto you, I say, unto all, I say: -- Be watching.

[Mark 14]
14:1 Now it was the Passover and the Unleavened [cakes], after two days. And the High-priests and Scribes were seeking, how, with guile, they might secure, and lay him;
14:2 for they were saying -- Not in the feast, lest there be an uproar of the people.
14:3 And, he being in Bethany, in the house of Simon the leper, as he was reclining, there came a woman, holding an alabaster-jar of perfume, pure spikenard, very costly; and breaking the jar she was pouring down [the perfume], upon his head.
14:4 But there were some much displeased among themselves -- To what end hath, this waste of the perfume happened?
14:5 For this perfume could have been sold for above three hundred denaries, and given unto the destitute! and they were indignant with her.
14:6 But, Jesus, said -- Let her alone! Why are ye reproaching, her? A seemly work, hath she wrought, in me;
14:7 For, always, have ye, the destitute, with you, and whensoever ye please, ye can, unto them, [at any time] do well! But, me, not, always, have ye.
14:8 What she had, she used, -- She took it beforehand to anoint my body for the burial;
14:9 And, verily, say unto you -- Wheresoever the glad-message shall be proclaimed throughout the whole world, -- also what she did, will be told for a memorial of her.
14:10 And ,Judas Iscariot, who was one of he twelve, went away unto the High-priests, that, him, he might deliver up unto them.
14:11 Now, when they heard, they rejoiced, and promised to give him, silver; and he was seeking how, at a favourable opportunity, he might, deliver him up.
14:12 And, on the first day of the unleavened cakes, when, the passover, they were slaying, his disciples say unto him -- Where wilt thou, we depart and make ready, that thou mayest eat the passover?
14:13 And he sendeth forth two of his disciples, and saith unto them -- Go your way into the city, and there will meet you a man, a jar of water, bearing, -- follow him;
14:14 and, wheresoever he shall enter, say ye unto the householder -- The teacher, saith, Where is my lodging, where, the passover, with my disciples, I may eat?
14:15 And, he, unto you, will shew, a large upper-room, spread ready, and, there, make ye ready for us.
14:16 And the disciples went forth, and came into the city, and found, according as he had said unto them, -- and they made ready the passover.
14:17 And, when evening arrived, he cometh, with the twelve.
14:18 And, as they were reclining and eating, Jesus said -- Verily, I say unto you -- One from among you, will deliver me up, he that is eating with me.
14:19 They began to be grieved, and to be saying unto him, one by one, -- Can it be, I?
14:20 And, he, said unto them -- One of the twelve, he that is dipping with me into the [one] bowl:
14:21 Because, the Son of Man, indeed, goeth his way, -- according as it is written concerning him; but alas! for that man, through whom the Son of Man is being delivered up, -- Well for him, if that man, had not been born!
14:22 And, as they were eating, taking a loaf, he blessed and brake, and gave unto them, and said -- Take! this, is, my body;
14:23 And, taking a cup, he offered thanks, and gave unto them; and they, all, drank of it.
14:24 And he said unto them -- This, is, my blood of the covenant, that is to be poured out in behalf of many.
14:25 Verily, I say unto you -- No more, will I in anywise drink of the fruit of the vine, until that day when I shall be drinking it new, in the kingdom of God.
14:26 And, having sung praise, they went forth unto the Mount of Olives.
14:27 And Jesus saith unto them -- Ye, all, will find cause of stumbling, because it is written, -- I will smite the shepherd, and, the sheep, will be scattered abroad;
14:28 But, after my arising, I will go before you into Galilee.
14:29 And, Peter, said unto him -- Even if, all, shall find cause of stumbling, certainly not, I.
14:30 And Jesus saith unto him -- Verily, I say unto thee, thou, this day, in this night, before that twice a cock crow, thrice, will deny me.
14:31 But he, most vehemently, was saying -- Even though I must needs die with thee, in nowise, will I, deny thee. Likewise, indeed, were, all besides, saying.
14:32 And they come into an estate the name of which is Gethsemane, and he saith unto his disciples -- Sit ye here, while I pray.
14:33 And he taketh Peter and James and John with him, and began to be exceedingly amazed, and in great distress;
14:34 and he saith unto them -- Encompassed with grief is my soul, unto death: Abide ye here, and be watching.
14:35 And, going forward a little, he fell upon the ground, and was praying that, if it were possible, the hour might pass from him;
14:36 and was saying -- Abba! O Father! All things, are possible to thee: Bear aside this cup from me; but not what, I, will, but what, thou, [wilt] .
14:37 And he cometh and findeth them sleeping, and saith unto Peter -- Simon! art thou sleeping? Hadst thou not strength, one hour, to watch?
14:38 Be watching and praying, that ye enter not into temptation: the, spirit, indeed, is willing, but, the flesh, weak.
14:39 And, again, departing, he prayed, [the same thing, saying].
14:40 And, again, coming, he found them sleeping, for their eyes were being, weighed down, -- and they knew not what to answer him.
14:41 And he cometh the third time, and saith unto them -- Ye are sleeping the remaining time and taking your rest: -- It is enough! the hour hath come! Lo! the Son of Man is being delivered up into the hands of sinners.
14:42 Be rousing yourselves, let us be leading on! Lo! he that is delivering me up, hath drawn near.
14:43 And, straightway, while yet he is speaking, Judas Iscariot, one of the twelve, cometh near, and, with him, a multitude, with swords and clubs, from the High-priests and the Scribes and the Elders.
14:44 He that is delivering him up hath given an agreed sign unto them, saying -- Whomsoever I shall kiss, he, it is! Secure him, and be leading away, safely.
14:45 And, coming, straightway, stepping forward to him, he saith -- Rabbi! and openly kissed him.
14:46 And, they, thrust their hands on him, and secured him.
14:47 [A certain] one of the by-standers, drawing a sword, smote the servant of the High priest, and took off his, ear.
14:48 And Jesus, answering, said unto them -- As against a robber, came ye forth, with swords and clubs, to arrest me?
14:49 Daily, was I with you, in the temple, teaching; and ye secured me not. But, that, the Scriptures, may be fulfilled...
14:50 And they, all, forsook, him, and fled.
14:51 And, a certain young man, was following with him, having cast about himself a fine Indian cloth, over his naked body, -- and they are securing him;
14:52 but, he, leaving behind the cloth, fled naked.
14:53 And they led away Jesus unto the High-priest; and all the High-priests and the Elders and the Scribes gather together.
14:54 And, Peter, afar of, followed him, as far as within, into the court of the High-priest; and was sitting with the attendants, and warming himself by the light.
14:55 Now, the High-priest, and all the High-council, were seeking, against Jesus, testimony, with the intent to put him to death, -- and were not finding any;
14:56 for, many, were bearing false-witness against him, and the testimonies were not, agreed.
14:57 And some, standing up, were bearing false-witness against him, saying --
14:58 We, heard him saying, I, will pull down this shrine, the one made by hand, and, in three days, another, not made by hand, will I raise.
14:59 And, not even so, was the testimony, agreed.
14:60 And, the High-priest rising up into the midst, questioned Jesus, saying -- Answerest thou, nothing? What are these, against thee, witnessing?
14:61 But, he, was silent, and answered, nothing. Again, the High-priest was questioning him, and saith unto him -- Art, thou, the Christ the Son of the Blessed?
14:62 And Jesus said -- I, am; and ye shall see the Son of Man -- sitting, on the right hand, of Power, and coming with the clouds of heaven.
14:63 And, the High-priest, having rent asunder his inner-garments, saith -- What, further, need have we, of witnesses?
14:64 Heard ye the profanity? What, to you, doth it appear? And they, all, condemned him to be, worthy, of, death.
14:65 And some began to be spitting at him, and, covering up his face, and to be buffeting him, and saying to him -- Prophesy! And, the attendants, with smart blows, took him.
14:66 And, Peter, being, below in the court, there cometh one of the maid-servants of the High-priest;
14:67 and, seeing Peter warming himself, having looked at him, saith -- And, thou, wast, with the Nazarene -- with Jesus.
14:68 But, he, denied, saying -- I neither know [him], nor do I well understand what, thou, sayest; and went out into the porch.
14:69 And, the maid-servant, seeing him, began, again, to be saying unto the by-standers -- This one, is, from among them.
14:70 But, he, again, was denying. And, after a little again, the by-standers, were saying unto Peter -- Truly, thou, art, from among them; for thou art, a Galilaean, also.
14:71 And, he, began to be cursing and swearing -- I know not this man, of whom ye are speaking!
14:72 And, straightway, a second time, a cock, crowed; and Peter was reminded of the declaration, how Jesus had said to him -- Before a cock, twice, crow, thrice, wilt thou deny me. And, when he thought thereon, he began to weep.

[Mark 15]
15:1 And, straightway, early, when they had made, a council, the High-priest, with the Elders, and Scribes, and all the High-council, binding Jesus, led him away, and delivered him up unto Pilate.
15:2 And Pilate questioned him -- Art, thou, the king of the Jews? And, he, answering him, saith -- Thou, sayest.
15:3 And the High-priests began to accuse him, of many things.
15:4 And, Pilate, again, was questioning him, [saying] -- Answerest thou, nothing? See! of how many things, they are accusing thee!
15:5 But, Jesus, no further, answered, anything, so that Pilate began to marvel.
15:6 Now, at feast time, he was wont to release unto them one prisoner, whom they were claiming.
15:7 And there was the so-called Barabbas, with the rebels, bound, even with them who, in the rebellion, had committed, murder.
15:8 And, going up, the multitude began to be claiming -- according as he was wont to do for them.
15:9 But, Pilate, answered them, saying -- Will ye, I release unto you, the King of the Jews?
15:10 For he was getting to know that, for envy, had [the High-priests] delivered him up.
15:11 But, the High-priests, stirred up the multitude, that, rather Barabbas, he should release unto them.
15:12 But, Pilate, again answering, was saying unto them -- What then shall I do with him whom ye call, the King of the Jews?
15:13 And, they, again, cried out -- Crucify him!
15:14 But, Pilate, was saying unto them -- Why! what, evil, hath he done? And, they, vehemently, cried out -- Crucify him!
15:15 And Pilate, being minded to do what would satisfy, the multitude, released unto them Barabbas, and delivered up Jesus, having scourged him, that he should be crucified.
15:16 And, the soldiers, led him away, inside the court, which is a judgment-hall, -- and called together the whole band;
15:17 and they array him in purple, and set upon him, when they have plaited it; a crown of thorns, --
15:18 and began to be saluting him -- Joy to thee! King of the Jews!
15:19 and were striking him on the head with a reed, and were spitting at him, -- and, bowing their knees, were doing him homage.
15:20 And, when they had mocked him, they put off him, the purple, and put on him, his own garments. And they lead him forth, that they may crucify him.
15:21 And they impress a certain passer-by, Simon a Cyrenian, coming from a field, the father of Alexander and Rufus, -- that he may carry his cross.
15:22 And they bring him unto the Golgotha place, which is, being translated, Skull-place.
15:23 And they would have given him, myrrhed wine, -- who, however, received it not.
15:24 And they crucify him, and part asunder his garments, casting a lot upon them -- who should have anything.
15:25 And it was the third hour, and they crucified him.
15:26 And the inscription of his accusation, had been inscribed -- THE KING OF THE JEWS.
15:27 And, with him, they crucify, two robbers, one on his right hand, and one on his left.
15:28 [No verse.]
15:29 And, the passers-by, were reviling him, shaking their heads, and saying -- Aha! thou who wast pulling down the shrine, and building one in three days!
15:30 Save thyself, -- coming down from the cross.
15:31 Likewise, the High-priests also, mocking one to another, with the Scribes, were saying -- Others, he saved, himself, he cannot save!
15:32 The Christ, the King of Israel -- let him come down now from the cross, that we may see and believe. And, they who had been crucified with him, were casting it in his teeth.
15:33 And, when it was the sixth hour, darkness, came on all the land -- until the ninth hour;
15:34 and, at the ninth hour, Jesus, uttered a cry, with a loud voice -- Eloi! Eloi! lama sabachthanei? which is, being translated -- My God! [My God!] to what end, didst thou forsake me?
15:35 And, some of the by-standers, having heard, were saying -- See! Elijah, he calleth!
15:36 And one, running, filled a sponge with vinegar, and, putting it about a reed, was giving him to drink, saying -- Stay! let us see whether Elijah is coming, to take him down!
15:37 But, Jesus, sending out a loud voice, ceased to breathe.
15:38 And, the veil of the Temple, was rent into two, from top to bottom.
15:39 Now the centurion, who was standing near, out over against him, seeing, that, thus, he ceased to breathe, said -- Truly, this man, was God's son!
15:40 And there were, women also, from afar, looking on, -- among whom were both Mary the Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James the Little and Joses, and Salome;
15:41 who, when he was in Galilee, used to follow him, and minister unto him, -- and many other women, who had come up with him unto Jerusalem.
15:42 And evening, already, having begun, since it was a preparation, that is, the eve of a Sabbath,
15:43 Joseph of Arimathaea, a noble counsellor, who, also himself, was awaiting the kingdom of God, came; and, venturing, went in unto Pilate, and claimed the body of Jesus.
15:44 But, Pilate, wondered whether, already, he was dead; and, calling near the centurion, questioned him -- whether he had, already, died.
15:45 And, getting to know from the centurion, he presented the corpse unto Joseph.
15:46 And, buying a fine Indian cloth, he took him down, and wrapped him about with the cloth, and laid him in a tomb, which had been hewn out of a rock, -- and rolled near a stone upon the door of the tomb.
15:47 Now, Mary the Magdalene, and Mary the mother of Joses, were viewing how he had been laid.

[Mark 16]
16:1 And, the Sabbath having passed, Mary the Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James, and Salome, bought spices, that, coming, they might anoint him.
16:2 And, very early, on the first of the week, they are coming towards the tomb -- when, the sun, arose.
16:3 And they were saying one to another -- Who, shall roll away for us the stone, out of the door of the tomb?
16:4 And, looking up, they observe that the stone hath been rolled up, -- for it was exceeding great.
16:5 And, entering into the tomb, they saw a young man, sitting on the right, clothed with a white robe, -- and they were greatly alarmed.
16:6 But, he, saith unto them -- Be not alarmed! Jesus, ye are seeking, the Nazarene, the crucified: He hath arisen! he is not here, -- See! the place where they laid him!
16:7 But go your way, tell his disciples, and Peter -- He is going before you into Galilee: there, shall ye yourselves see him, -- according as he said unto you.
16:8 And, going out, they fled from the tomb, for, trembling and transport, were holding them; and, unto no one, said they, anything, for they were afraid.
16:9 [[And, arising early, on the first of the week, he was manifested, first, unto Mary the Magdalene, from whom he had cast, seven demons.
16:10 She, going her way, bare tidings unto them who had come to be with him, as they were mourning and weeping.
16:11 And, they, hearing that he was living, and had been looked upon by her, disbelieved.
16:12 But, after these things, unto two from among them, as they were walking, was he manifested, in a different form, as they were going unto a country place;
16:13 and, they, departing, bare tidings unto the rest, -- but, even them, they believed not.
16:14 But, afterwards, unto the eleven themselves, as they reclined, was he manifested, and he upbraided their disbelief and hardness of heart, -- because, them who had looked upon him when arisen [from among the dead] they believed not;
16:15 and he said unto them -- Go ye into all the world, and proclaim the glad-message, to the whole creation:
16:16 He that hath believed, and been immersed, shall be saved; but, he that hath disbelieved, shall be condemned:
16:17 Signs, moreover, shall follow, them who have believed, -- these: -- In my name, shall they cast, demons, out, with tongues, shall they speak, -- [and, in their hands,] they shall take up, serpents;
16:18 And, if, any deadly thing, they have drunk, in nowise, shall it, hurt, them: Upon sick persons, shall they lay, hands, and, well, shall they remain.
16:19 The Lord [Jesus], therefore, on the one hand, after talking with them, was taken up into heaven, and sat down on the right hand of God:
16:20 They, on the other hand, going forth, proclaimed on every side, the Lord, co-working, and confirming, the word, through, the closely following signs.]] OTHERWISE. [[All the things given in charge unto the companions of Peter, they concisely reported. But, after these things, Jesus also, himself, from east even unto west, sent forth, through them, the sacred and incorruptible proclamation of the age-abiding salvation.]]