[2 Corinthians 1]
1:1 Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus, through the will of God, and Timothy the brother, -- unto the assembly of God which is in Corinth, together with all the saints who are in the whole of Achaia:
1:2 Favour unto you, and peace, from God [our] Father, and Lord Jesus Christ.
1:3 Blessed, be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassions, and God of all encouragement,
1:4 Who encourageth us in all our tribulation, to the end we may be able to encourage them who are in any tribulation -- through means of the encouragement wherewith we, ourselves, are encouraged by God.
1:5 Because, even as the sufferings of the Christ overflow unto us, so, through the Christ, overfloweth, our encouragement also.
1:6 But, whether we are in tribulation, it is for your encouragement and salvation; whether we are encouraged, it is for your encouragement, which worketh inwardly by the endurance of the same sufferings which, we also, suffer; --
1:7 And so, our hope, is sure in your behalf, -- knowing that, -- as ye are sharers of the sufferings, so, also of the encouragement.
1:8 For we do not wish you to be ignorant, brethren, as to our tribulation which happened in Asia, -- that, exceedingly, beyond power, were we weighed down, so that we despaired, even of life.
1:9 But, we ourselves, within ourselves, have had the sentence of death, that we might not rest our confidence upon ourselves, but upon God, who raiseth the dead,
1:10 Who, out of so great a death, rescued us, and will rescue, -- unto whom we have turned our hope, [that], even yet, he will rescue:
1:11 Ye also labouring together on our behalf, by your supplication, that, unto many persons, being due the gift of favour, unto us, through means of many, might thanks be given in our behalf.
1:12 For, our boasting, is, this, -- the witness of our conscience, that, in sanctity and sincerity of God, [and] not in fleshly wisdom, but in God's favour, have we behaved ourselves in the world, -- and more abundantly towards you.
1:13 For, no other things, are we writing unto you, than what ye are either reading or even acknowledging, -- I hope, moreover, that, throughout, ye will acknowledge,
1:14 According as ye have also acknowledged us, in part, -- that, your theme of boasting, we are, even indeed as, ye, also [shall be], ours, in the day of our Lord Jesus.
1:15 And, in this confidence, I purposed, before, to come unto you, -- in order that, a second joy, ye might have, --
1:16 And, by your means, to pass into Macedonia, and, again, from Macedonia, to come unto you, and, by you, be set forward unto Judea: --
1:17 This, then, being my purpose, perhaps, after all, with lightness, I dealt [with the matter] ? or, the things that I purpose, according to the flesh, I purpose, -- that, with me, should be the Yea, yea, and the Nay, nay?
1:18 Faithful, however, is God, in that, our discourse, which was [delivered] unto you, is not Yea and Nay;
1:19 For, the Son of God, Christ Jesus -- who, among you, through us, was proclaimed, -- through me, and Silvanus, and Timothy, became not Yea and Nay, -- but Yea, in him, hath it become;
1:20 For, how many soever be the promises of God, in him, is the Yea, -- wherefore also, through him, [be] the Amen, unto God, for glory, through us.
1:21 Now, he that confirmeth us, together with you, for Christ, and hath anointed us, is God:
1:22 Who also hath sealed us, and given the earnest of the Spirit in our hearts.
1:23 But, I, call upon God, as a witness, against my own soul, -- that, to spare you, not yet, have I come unto Corinth:
1:24 Not that we have lordship over your faith, but are, helpers, of your joy, for, by your faith, ye stand.

[2 Corinthians 2]
2:1 For I have determined, unto myself, this -- not, again, in grief, to come unto you.
2:2 For, if, I, grieve you, who then is he that is to gladden me, -- save he who is being grieved through me;
2:3 And I wrote this very thing -- lest, if I came, I should have, grief, from those over whom I had need to rejoice, -- having confidence in you all, that, my joy, is the joy, of you all.
2:4 For, out of much tribulation and anguish of heart, wrote I unto you, through many tears, -- not that ye might be grieved, but that, the love, ye might know, which I have very abundantly unto you.
2:5 Now, if anyone hath caused grief, not unto me hath he caused grief, but -- that I may not bear too heavily -- unto you all.
2:6 Sufficient, unto such a one, the punishment itself which [was inflicted] by the many;
2:7 So that, on the contrary, ye should forgive and encourage, lest, by any means, by his excessive grief, such a one should be swallowed up.
2:8 Wherefore, I beseech you, assure him, of love;
2:9 For, to this end, I also wrote, -- that I might know the proof of you, whether, in all things, ye are obedient.
2:10 Now, to whom ye forgive anything, I, also; for, I also, what I have forgiven, if, anything, I have forgiven, for your sake, in the person of Christ, [have I forgiven it] .
2:11 Lest we should be overreached by Satan, for, of his thoughts, we are not ignorant.
2:12 Moreover, although I came unto Troas for the glad-message of the Christ, and a door for me had been opened in the Lord,
2:13 I had no relief in my spirit, because I found not Titus my brother; but, taking my leave of them, I came away into Macedonia.
2:14 But, unto God, be thanks, who, ever, leadeth us in triumph in the Christ, and, the fragrance of the knowledge of him, maketh manifest, through us, in every place,
2:15 That, of Christ, a grateful odour, are we, unto God, -- in them who are being saved, and in them who are being lost:
2:16 In these, indeed, a fragrance out of death into death, but, in those, a fragrance out of life into life. And, for these things, who is sufficient?
2:17 For we are not, as the many, driving a petty trade with the word of God; but, as of sincerity, but, as of God, before God, in Christ, we speak.

[2 Corinthians 3]
3:1 Are we to begin again, ourselves, to commend? or have we need, like some, of commendatory letters unto you, or from you?
3:2 Our letter, ye, are, inscribed in our hearts, noted and read by all men:
3:3 Manifesting yourselves that ye are a letter of Christ, ministered by us, -- inscribed -- not with ink, but with [the] Spirit of a Living God, not in tablets of stone, but in tablets [which are] hearts of flesh.
3:4 But, such confidence as this, have we, through the Christ, towards God.
3:5 Not that, of our own selves, sufficient, are we, to reckon anything as of ourselves, but, our sufficiency, is of God; --
3:6 Who also hath made us sufficient to be ministers of a new covenant -- not of letter, but of spirit, for, the letter, killeth, whereas, the Spirit, maketh alive.
3:7 But, if, the ministry of death, in letters engraven in stones, was brought into existence with glory, so that the sons of Israel could not look steadfastly into the face of Moses, by reason of the glory of his face -- which [glory] was to be done away,
3:8 How shall not, rather, the ministry of the Spirit, be with glory?
3:9 For, if, the ministry of condemnation was glory, much rather, doth the ministry of righteousness abound with glory,
3:10 For that which hath been made glorious, hath not even been made glorious, in this respect, -- by reason of the surpassing glory.
3:11 For, if that which was to be done away [was brought in] with glory, much more, that which is to abide, is in glory.
3:12 Having, then, such hope as this, great openness of speech, do we use; --
3:13 And are not just like Moses, [who] kept putting a veil upon his face, so that the sons of Israel should not look steadily unto the end of that which was to be done away.
3:14 But their thoughts were turned into stone: for, until this very day, the same veil, upon the reading of the old covenant, abideth, not to be removed, because, in Christ, it is to be done away;
3:15 But, until this day, whensoever Moses is read, a veil upon their heart, doth lie;
3:16 Howbeit, whensoever he turneth unto [the] Lord, he taketh off the veil:
3:17 And, the Lord, is, the Spirit: now, where the Spirit of one who is Lord [is, there is] freedom!
3:18 And, we all, with unveiled face, receiving and reflecting, the glory of [the] Lord, into the same image, are being transformed, from glory into glory, -- even as from a Spirit that is Lord.

[2 Corinthians 4]
4:1 Wherefore, having this ministry, even as we received mercy, we faint not;
4:2 But have renounced the hidden things of shame, not walking in craftiness, nor handling the word of God deceitfully, -- but, by the manifestation of the truth, commending ourselves unto every conscience of men, in the sight of God.
4:3 And, even if our glad-message is veiled, in them who are perishing, it is veiled,
4:4 In whom, the god of this age, hath blinded the minds of the unbelieving, to the end they may not discern the radiance e of the glad-message of the glory of the Christ -- who is the image of God.
4:5 For, not ourselves, do we proclaim, but Christ Jesus, as Lord, and, ourselves, as your servants for Jesus' sake.
4:6 Because, the God who said -- Out of darkness, light shall shine! [is he] who hath shone in our hearts, in proportion to the radiance of the glorious knowledge of God, in the face of Christ.
4:7 Howbeit we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that, the surpassing greatness of the power, may be of God, and not from ourselves: --
4:8 On every side, pressed hard, but not hemmed in, without a way, but not without a by-way,
4:9 Pursued, but not abandoned, thrown down, but not destroyed; --
4:10 At all times, the putting to death of Jesus, in our body, bearing about, in order that, the life also of Jesus, in our body, may be made manifest;
4:11 For, evermore, we, the living, unto death are being delivered, for Jesus' sake, in order that, the life also of Jesus, may be made manifest in our mortal flesh:
4:12 So that, his death, in us, doth energise, but, his life, in you.
4:13 Howbeit, seeing that we have the same spirit of faith, according to that which is written -- I believed, therefore I spake, we, also believe, therefore also we speak:
4:14 Knowing that, he who raised up [the Lord] Jesus, will raise up, us also, together with Jesus, and will present [us] together with you.
4:15 For, all things, are for your sakes, in order that, the favour abounding, may, through means of the greater number, cause, the thanksgiving, to superabound unto the glory of God.
4:16 Wherefore we faint not, but, even if, our outer man, is decaying, nevertheless, our inner [man], is renewing day by day.
4:17 For, the momentary lightness of thee tribulation, in a manner yet more and more excelling, is working out for us, an age-abiding weight of glory, --
4:18 So long as we are not looking out for the visible things, but for the invisible; for, the visible things, are temporary, whereas, the invisible, are age-abiding.

[2 Corinthians 5]
5:1 For we know that -- -if, our earthly tent-dwelling, should be taken down, we have, a building of God, a dwelling not made by hand, age-abiding in the heavens.
5:2 And verily, in this, we sigh, earnestly desiring to clothe ourselves over, with our habitation which is of heaven, --
5:3 Although, indeed, even clothing ourselves, we shall not be found, naked; --
5:4 And verily, we who are in the tent, do sigh, being weighed down, while yet we are not wishing to unclothe ourselves, but to clothe ourselves over, -- in order that, what is mortal, may be swallowed up, by life.
5:5 Now, he that hath wrought us for this very thing, is, God, -- who hath given unto us the earnest of the Spirit,
5:6 Having good courage, therefore, at all times, and knowing that -- remaining at home in the body, we are away from home from the Lord, --
5:7 By faith, are we walking, not by sight; --
5:8 We have good courage, however, and are well pleased -- rather to be away from home, out of the body, and to come home, unto the Lord.
5:9 Wherefore also we are ambitious -- whether at home, or away from home, to be, well-pleasing unto him.
5:10 For, we all, must needs be made manifest before the judgment seat of the Christ, that each one may get back the things done by means of the body, according to the things which he practised, whether good or corrupt.
5:11 Knowing, then, the fear of the Lord, we persuade, men, but, unto God, are manifest, -- I hope, moreover, even in your consciences, that we are manifest:
5:12 Not again, ourselves, do we commend unto you, but as though an occasion we were giving unto you -- something to boast of, in our behalf; that ye may have something suited unto them who, in appearance, are boasting, and not in heart.
5:13 For, whether we have been beside ourselves, it hath been for God, or, whether we are sober-minded, it is for you.
5:14 For, the love of the Christ, constraineth us; --
5:15 Having judged this, -- that, one, in behalf of all, died, hence, they all, died; and, in behalf of all, died he, -- in order that, they who live, no longer for themselves, should live, but for him who, in their behalf, died and rose again.
5:16 So that, we, henceforth, know, no one, after the flesh: if we have even been gaining, after the flesh, a knowledge of Christ,
5:17 On the contrary, now, no longer, are we gaining it. So that, if any one is in Christ, there is a new creation! the old things, have passed away, -- Lo! they have become new!
5:18 The all things, moreover, are of God, -- who hath reconciled us unto himself, through Christ, and hath given, unto us, the reconciling ministry: --
5:19 How that, God, was in Christ, reconciling, a world, unto himself, not reckoning, unto them, their offences, -- and hath put, in us, the reconciling discourse.
5:20 In behalf of Christ, therefore, are we ambassadors, -- as if God were beseeching through us: we entreat, in behalf of Christ, -- be reconciled unto God!
5:21 Him who knew not sin, in our behalf, he made to be, sin, that we might become God's righteousness in him.

[2 Corinthians 6]
6:1 As co-workers, however, we also beseech, that, not in vain, the favour of God, ye welcome;
6:2 For he saith -- In an approved season, have I hearkened unto thee, and, in a day of salvation, have succoured thee; -- Lo! now, a well-approved season, Lo! now, a day of salvation:
6:3 Giving, no single, occasion of stumbling, in anything, that the ministry be not blamed;
6:4 But, in everything, commending ourselves as God's ministers, -- in much endurance, in tribulations, in necessities, in straits,
6:5 in stripes, in imprisonments, in tumults, in toilings, in watchings, in fastings,
6:6 in sanctity, in knowledge, in long-suffering, in graciousness, in Holy Spirit,
6:7 in love unfeigned, in discourse of truth, in power of God; through the weapons of righteousness on the right hand and left,
6:8 through glory and dishonour, through bad report and good report; as deceivers, and yet true,
6:9 as unknown, and yet well-known, as dying, and lo! we live, as disciplined, and yet not put to death,
6:10 as grieving, yet, ever, rejoicing, as destitute, yet making, many, rich, as holding, nothing, and yet firmly holding, all things.
6:11 Our mouth, is opened unto you, O Corinthians! our heart, hath become enlarged:
6:12 Ye are not straitened in us, but are straitened in your hearts' affections;
6:13 Howbeit, by way of the like recompense -- as, unto children, I speak, be enlarged, even, ye.
6:14 Be not getting diversely yoked with unbelievers; for what partnership have righteousness and lawlessness? Or what fellowship hath light with darkness?
6:15 And what concord hath Christ with Beliar? Or what part hath a believer with an unbeliever?
6:16 And what agreement hath a shrine of God with idols? For, we, are [the] shrine of a God, that liveth: -- even as God hath said -- will dwell in them, and walk, and will be their God, and, they, shall be my people.
6:17 Wherefore come ye forth out of their midst, and be separated, -- saith [the] Lord, -- and, one impure, do not touch; and, I, will give you welcome,
6:18 And will become your Father, and, ye, shall become my sons and daughters, saith [the] Lord Almighty.

[2 Corinthians 7]
7:1 Having therefore, these, promises, beloved, let us purify ourselves from all pollution of flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in fear of God.
7:2 Give place to us! no one, have we wronged, no one, have we corrupted, no one, have we defrauded.
7:3 Unto condemnation, I am not saying [this], for I have before said -- In our hearts, are ye, to the end we may die together and live together.
7:4 Great, is my freedom of speech towards you, great, is my boasting in behalf of you: I am filled with the encouragement, I am greatly superabounding with the joy, in all our tribulation.
7:5 For, even when we came into Macedonia, no relief at all, had our flesh; but, in every way, were we in tribulation, -- without, fightings! within, fears!
7:6 But, he who encourageth them that are brought low, encouraged us, -- even God, -- by the presence of Titus.
7:7 Not, however, by his presence alone, but also by the encouragement wherewith he had been encouraged over you: recounting unto us your earnest desire, your lamentation, your zeal in my behalf. So that I the more rejoiced.
7:8 Because, if I even grieved you by the letter, I do not regret, -- though I could even have regretted, -- I see that that letter, if even for an hour, did cause you grief.
7:9 Now, am I rejoicing, -- not that ye were grieved, but that ye were grieved unto repentance; for ye were grieved according to God, in order that, in nothing, should ye receive damage from us.
7:10 For, grief according to God, worketh, repentance unto salvation, not to be regretted; although, the grieving of the world, worketh, death.
7:11 For lo! this very thing -- the being caused to grieve, according to God: -- what manner of diligence it wrought out in you, -- nay! defence, -- nay! sore displeasure, -- nay! fear, -- nay! earnest desire, -- nay! jealousy, -- nay! avenging. In every way, ye shewed yourselves to be, chaste, in the matter.
7:12 Hence, if I even wrote unto you, it was not for the sake of him that did the wrong, [nay] not even for the sake of him that suffered the wrong; but for the sake of your earnestness, which was on our account, being made manifest unto you, before God:-
7:13 For this cause, have we received encouragement. In addition to our encouragement, however, much more abundantly, have we rejoiced over the joy of Titus, -- that his spirit hath received refreshment from you all,
7:14 That, if in anything -- unto him -- in your behalf -- I have boasted, I have not been put to shame; but, as, all things, in truth, we told you, so, even our boasting before Titus, turned out to be, truth.
7:15 And, his tender affections, are, much more abundantly towards you, when he calleth to mind the obedience, of you all, -- how, with fear and trembling, ye gave him welcome.
7:16 I rejoice that, in everything, I am of good courage respecting you.

[2 Corinthians 8]
8:1 Moreover we make known unto you, brethren, the favour of God which hath been given in the assemblies of Macedonia, --
8:2 That, in a great testing of tribulation, the superabounding of their joy and their deep destitution, superabounded unto the riches of their liberality;
8:3 That, according to power, I bear witness, and beyond power, of their own accord, [they acted], --
8:4 With much exhortation, entreating of us the favour and the fellowship of the ministry which was for the saints; --
8:5 And, not merely as we hoped, but, themselves, gave they, first, unto the Lord and unto us through God's will,
8:6 To the end we should exhort Titus, in order that, according as he before made a beginning, so, he should also complete unto you this favour also.
8:7 But, just as, in everything, ye superabound, -- in faith, and discourse, and knowledge, and all earnestness, and in the love among you which proceedeth from us, in order that, in this favour also, ye would superabound.
8:8 Not by way of injunction, do I speak, but through, others', earnestness, and, the genuineness of your own love, putting to the test.
8:9 For ye are taking knowledge of the favour of our Lord Jesus [Christ], -- how that, for your sakes, he became destitute -- although he was, rich, in order that, ye, by his destitution, might be enriched.
8:10 And, a judgment, herein, do I give, -- for, this, unto you, is profitable, -- who, indeed, not only of the doing, but of the desiring, made for yourselves a beginning a year ago; --
8:11 Howbeit, now, the doing also, complete ye, in order that, even according to the forwardness of the desiring, so, may be the completing -- out of what ye have.
8:12 For, if the forwardness is set forth, according to what one may have, he is well approved, not according to what one hath not.
8:13 For, not that unto others should be relief, and unto you distress [do I speak], but, by equality, in the present season, your surplus for their deficiency, --
8:14 In order that their surplus may come to be for your deficiency: that there may come about an equality: --
8:15 Even as it is written -- He that [gathered] the much, had not more than enough, and, he that [gathered] the little, had not less,
8:16 Thanks, however, unto God! -- who is putting the same earnestness in your behalf in the heart of Titus,
8:17 In that, though, indeed, the exhortation, he welcomed; yet already being, greatly in earnest, of his own accord, hath he gone forth unto you.
8:18 Howbeit, we also set forward, with him, the brother, whose praise in the Glad Tidings, [hath gone] through all the assemblies: --
8:19 Not only so, however, but he hath also been appointed by the assemblies, as a fellow-traveler with us in this favour, which is being ministered by us with a view to the Lord's glory and our earnest desire: --
8:20 Arranging this -- lest anyone, upon us, should cast blame, in this munificence which is being ministered by us;
8:21 For we provide things honourable, not only before [the] Lord, but also before men.
8:22 Moreover we have set forward, with them, our brother whom we have proved, in many things, ofttimes, earnest, -- but, now, much more earnest, by reason of the great confidence [which he hath] towards you.
8:23 Whether as regardeth Titus, he is a partner of mine, and, towards you, a fellow-worker. or our brethren, apostles of assemblies, and Christ's glory.
8:24 The proof of your love, therefore, and of our boasting in your behalf, shew ye, unto them, in the face of the assemblies.

[2 Corinthians 9]
9:1 For, indeed, concerning the ministry which is for the saints, it is, superfluous for me, to be writing to you;
9:2 For I know your forwardness of mind -- of which, in your behalf, I am boasting unto Macedonians, that, Achaia, hath been prepared for a year past, -- and, your zeal, hath stirred up the greater number of them.
9:3 Nevertheless I have sent the brethren, that, our boast in your behalf, be not made void, in this respect, that, even as I was saying, ye may be prepared, --
9:4 Lest by any means, if there should come with me Macedonians, and find you unprepared, we, -- not to say, ye, -- should be put to shame in this confidence.
9:5 Necessary, therefore, I regarded it, to exhort the brethren that they would go forward unto you, and make up beforehand your previously- promised blessing. The same, to be ready -- thus, as a blessing, and not as of constraint.
9:6 As to this, however, he that soweth sparingly, sparingly, also shall reap, and, he that soweth with blessings, with blessings, also shall reap:
9:7 Each one, according as he hath purposed in his heart, not sorrowfully, nor of necessity, -- for, a cheerful giver, God, loveth.
9:8 Moreover God is able to cause, every gracious gift, to superabound unto you, in order that, having in every thing, at every time, every kind of sufficiency of your own, ye may be superabounding unto every good work;
9:9 Even as it is written -- He hath scattered abroad, he hath given to the needy, -- his righteousness, abideth to futurity.
9:10 Now, he that supplieth seed to the sower, and bread for eating, will supply and multiply your seed for sowing, and cause to grow your fruits of righteousness:
9:11 In every thing, being enriched, unto every kind of liberality, -- which, indeed, worketh out, through us, thanksgiving unto God;
9:12 Because, the ministry of this public service, is not only towards filling up the deficiencies of the saints, but also superabounding, through the thanksgiving of many, unto God, --
9:13 [Of many] who, through the proof of this ministry, are glorifying God for your acknowledged submission unto the glad-message of the Christ, and for the liberality of the fellowship, unto them, and unto all, --
9:14 Themselves also, with supplication on your behalf, longing after you, by reason of the surpassing favour of God [resting] upon you: --
9:15 Thanks be unto God, for his unspeakable bounty!

[2 Corinthians 10]
10:1 Moreover, I, Paul, myself, exhort you, through the meekness and considerateness of the Christ, -- I who, to look upon, indeed, am lowly toward you, but, absent, am bold towards you; --
10:2 I entreat, however, that, when present, I may not be bold with the assurance wherewith I think to be daring against some who account of us as though, according to flesh, we were walking, --
10:3 For, though, in flesh, we walk, not, according to flesh, do we war, --
10:4 For, the weapons of our warfare, are not fleshly, but mighty, by God, unto a pulling down of strongholds, --
10:5 When we pull down, calculations, and every height that uplifteth itself against the knowledge of God, and when we bring into captivity every thought unto the obedience of the Christ,
10:6 And when we hold ourselves, in readiness, to avenge all disobedience, as soon as your obedience shall be fulfilled!
10:7 The things that lie on the surface, ye are looking at: -- if anyone hath come to trust in himself that he is, Christ's, this, let him reckon, again, with himself -- that, even as, he, is Christ's, so, also are, we.
10:8 Yea, if, somewhat more abundantly, I should boast concerning our authority -- which the Lord hath given for building up and not for pulling you down, I shall not be put to shame, --
10:9 That I may not seem as though I would be terrifying you through means of my letters;
10:10 Because, The letters, it is true (saith one), are weighty and strong, but, the presence of the body, is weak, and, the discourse, contemptible; --
10:11 This, let such a one reckon -- that, what we are, in our word, through means of letters, being absent, such, also, being present, are we, in our deed.
10:12 For we dare not class or compare ourselves with some who do, themselves, commend; but, they, among themselves, measuring, themselves, and comparing themselves with themselves, are without discernment!
10:13 We, however, not as to the things without measure, will boast ourselves, but, according to the measure of the limit which God apportioned unto us, as a measure -- to reach as far as even you!
10:14 For, not as though we were not reaching unto you, are we over-stretching ourselves, for, as far as even you, were we beforehand in the glad-message of the Christ:
10:15 Not, as to the things without measure, boasting ourselves in other men's toils, but having, hope -- your faith, growing -- among you, to be enlarged, according to our limit for something beyond, --
10:16 Unto the regions beyond you, to carry the glad-message: not, within another man's limit, as to the things made ready, to boast ourselves.
10:17 He that boasteth, however, in the Lord, let him boast;
10:18 For, not he that commendeth himself, he, is approved, but he whom, the Lord, doth commend.

[2 Corinthians 11]
11:1 I could wish ye would bear with me as to some little foolishness, -- Nay! do even bear with me!
11:2 For I am jealous over you with a jealousy, of God; for I myself betrothed you unto one husband, to present, a chaste virgin, unto the Christ, --
11:3 But I fear lest, by any means, as, the serpent, completely deceived Eve, in his craftiness, your minds should be corrupted from the singleness [and the chasteness] which are [due] unto the Christ.
11:4 For, if, indeed, he that cometh, is proclaiming, another Jesus, whom we have not proclaimed, or, a different Spirit, ye are receiving, which ye had not received, or a different glad-message, which ye have never welcomed, ye are, well, bearing.
11:5 For I reckon not to have come a whit behind the exceeding overmuch apostles;
11:6 And, even if uncultured in my discourse, certainly not in my knowledge, -- but, in every way, having made [it] manifest, in all things, unto you.
11:7 Or, a sin, did I commit -- abasing, myself, that, ye, might be exalted, -- in that, free of charge, God's glad-message, I announced unto you?
11:8 Other assemblies, I despoiled, receiving supplies that I might minister, unto you;
11:9 And, being present with you, and having come short, I was not burdensome to anyone, -- for, my deficiency, the brethren, coming from Macedonia, helped to make up; -- and, in everything, without burden unto you, I kept, myself -- and will keep!
11:10 Truth of Christ is in me, that, this boasting, shall not be silenced unto me, in the regions of Achaia.
11:11 Wherefore? Because I love you not? God, knoweth!
11:12 But, what I am doing, I also will do, -- that I may cut off the occasion of them who are wishing an occasion, that, wherein they are boasting themselves, they may be found even as also, we.
11:13 For, such as these, are false apostles, deceitful workers, transfiguring themselves into apostles of Christ.
11:14 And no marvel! for, Satan himself, doth transfigure himself into a messenger of light!
11:15 No great thing, therefore, if, his ministers also, are transfiguring themselves as ministers of righteousness! -- whose end, shall be according to their works.
11:16 Again, I say -- let no one deem me to be, foolish; but, otherwise, at least, as foolish, give me welcome, that, I also, some little, may boast myself.
11:17 What I am saying, not according to the Lord, am I saying, but as in foolishness, -- in this my boastful confidence!
11:18 Since, many, are boasting after the flesh, I also, will boast;
11:19 For, gladly, do ye bear with the foolish, being [yourselves], discreet, --
11:20 For ye bear with it -- if anyone enslaveth you, if any devoureth, if anyone taketh, if anyone lifteth himself up, if anyone, on the face, doth smite you!
11:21 By way of disparagement, am I speaking, -- as though, we, had been weak! whereas, in whatsoever anyone dareth, in foolishness I speak, I also, dare: --
11:22 Hebrews, are they? I also, Israelites, are they? I also, seed of Abraham, are they? I also,
11:23 Ministers of Christ, are they? As one deranged I am talking, I, above measure! -- in toils, superabundantly, in prisons, superabundantly, in stripes, to excess, in deaths, oft, --
11:24 From Jews, five times, forty-save-one, have I received,
11:25 Thrice, have I been beaten with rods, once, have I been stoned, thrice, have I been shipwrecked, a day and night, in the deep, have I spent;
11:26 In journeyings oft, in perils of rivers, in perils of robbers, in perils from my own race, in perils from Gentiles, in perils in the city, in perils in the desert, in perils by the sea, in perils among false brethren,
11:27 in toil and hardship, in watchings, oft, in hunger and thirst, in fasting, oft, in cold and nakedness: --
11:28 Apart from the things without, my daily care, -- my anxiety for all the assemblies; --
11:29 Who is weak, and I am not weak? Who is caused to stumble, and, I, am not burning?
11:30 If, to boast, is needful, in the things that concern my weakness, will I boast.
11:31 The God and Father of our Lord Jesus, knoweth -- He who is blessed unto the ages -- that I am not speaking falsely:
11:32 In Damascus, the governor under Aretas the king, was guarding the city of Damascenes, to apprehend me, --
11:33 And, through a window, was I let down by the wall, and escaped his hands.

[2 Corinthians 12]
12:1 To be boasting, is needful, -- it is not, indeed, profitable, yet will I come to visions and revelations of [the] Lord: --
12:2 I know a man in Christ, who, fourteen years ago, whether in the body, I know not, or out of the body, I know not, God, knoweth, such a one as this, caught away, as far as the third heaven;
12:3 And I know such a man as this, whether in the body or apart from the body, [I know not], -- God, knoweth,
12:4 How that he was caught away into paradise, and heard unspeakable things, which it is not allowable for a man to utter:
12:5 On behalf of such a one as this, will I boast, but, on behalf of myself, will I not boast, save in my weaknesses; --
12:6 Although in fact, if I should wish to boast, I shall not be foolish, for, the truth, would I speak; but I forbear, lest anyone, unto me, should reckon above what he beholdeth me [to be], or heareth from me, -- even by the exceeding greatness of the revelations.
12:7 Wherefore, lest I should be unduly lifted up, there was given to me a thorn o in the flesh, a messenger of Satan, that he might buffet me, -- lest I should be unduly lifted up.
12:8 In this behalf, thrice, besought I, the Lord, that it might depart from me;
12:9 And at once he said unto me -- Sufficient for thee, is my favour, for, my power, in weakness, is made complete. Most gladly, therefore, will I rather boast in my weaknesses, that the power of Christ may spread a tent over me.
12:10 Wherefore, I take pleasure in weaknesses, in insults, in necessities, in persecutions, and straits, in behalf of Christ; for, as soon as I am weak, then, am powerful.
12:11 I have become foolish, -- ye, compelled me: -- I, in fact, ought, by you, to have been commended; for, not a whit, have I come behind the exceeding overmuch apostles, -- even if I am nothing:
12:12 The signs, indeed, of an apostle, were wrought out among you, in all endurance, -- [both] in signs, and wonders, and mighty works:
12:13 For what is there wherein ye were made inferior to the rest of the assemblies, -- save that, I myself, would not allow myself to be a burden unto you? Forgive me this wrong!
12:14 Lo! this third time, I am holding myself, in readiness, to come unto you, and I will not allow myself to be a burden; for I seek not yours, but you; -- for, the children, ought not to lay up, for the parents, but the parents for the children; --
12:15 And, I, most gladly, will spend, and be fully spent, for your souls: -- If I, exceedingly, love you, am I, the less, loved?
12:16 But let it be! -- I, myself, did not burden you, -- Notwithstanding, being crafty, with guile, I caught you?
12:17 Was there, anyone of those whom I have sent unto you, through whom I have overreached you?
12:18 I exhorted Titus, and sent with him the brother, -- Did, Titus, overreach you? Was it not, in the same spirit, we walked? Was it not, in the same steps?
12:19 All this time, think ye, that, unto you, we are making a defence? Before God in Christ, we speak; -- but all these things, beloved, for your upbuilding.
12:20 For I fear -- lest, by any means, when I come, not such as I wish, should I find you, and, I, should be found by you, such as ye do not wish; -- lest, by any means, [I should find] strife, jealousy, outbursts of wrath, factions, railings, whisperings, puffed up pretensions, confusions; --
12:21 Lest, when I again come, my God should humble me in regard to you, -- and I should grieve over many who had before sinned, and not repented of the impurity, and fornication, and wantonness which they had committed.

[2 Corinthians 13]
13:1 This third time, am I coming unto you: -- at the mouth of two witnesses, or three, shall every matter be established.
13:2 I have said beforehand, and do say beforehand, -- as present the second time, although now absent, unto them who before sinned, and unto all the rest, -- that, if I come again, I will not spare.
13:3 Since, a test, ye are seeking, of the speaking in me of Christ; -- who, unto you, is not weak, but is powerful in you, --
13:4 For, although he was crucified through weakness, yet is he living through God's power, -- for, although, we, are weak in him, yet shall we live with him, through God's power [unto us] --
13:5 Be trying, yourselves, whether ye are in the faith, be putting, yourselves, to the test! Or do ye not recognise yourselves, seeing that, Jesus Christ, is in you, -- unless perhaps ye fail in the testing.
13:6 I hope, however, that ye shall come to know, that, we, fail not in the testing!
13:7 But we pray unto God, that ye may do nothing base, -- not that, we, may appear, accepted, but that, ye, the honourable thing, may be doing, even though, we, should be, as it were, rejected;
13:8 For we can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth;
13:9 For we rejoice -- whensoever, we, are weak, and, ye, are, strong. This, also we pray for -- your restoration: --
13:10 For this cause, these things, while absent, am I writing, that I may not, when present, deal sharply -- according to the authority which, the Lord, hath given me, for building up and not for pulling down.
13:11 Finally, brethren, farewell! Be getting restored, be taking encouragement, be of one mind, live in peace, -- and, the God of love and peace, will be with you.
13:12 Salute ye one another with a holy kiss.
13:13 All the saints, salute you.
13:14 The favour of our Lord Jesus [Christ], and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, be with you all.