[1 Thessalonians 1]
1:1 Paul and Silvanus and Timothy -- unto the assembly of Thessalonians in God our Father and Lord Jesus Christ, -- favour unto you, and peace!
1:2 We are giving thanks unto God continually, concerning you all, making, mention, in our prayers,
1:3 Unceasingly, remembering -- your work of faith and labour of love and endurance of hope, of our Lord Jesus Christ, before our God and Father:
1:4 Knowing, brethren beloved by God, your election, --
1:5 How that, our glad-message, came not unto you, in word only, but also in power, and in Holy Spirit, and in much assurance, -- even as ye know what manner of men we became unto you, for your sake;
1:6 And, ye, became, imitators of us, and of the Lord, giving welcome unto the word, in much tribulation, with joy of Holy Spirit;
1:7 So that ye became an ensample unto all who were coming to the faith, in Macedonia and in Achaia:
1:8 From you, in fact, hath sounded forth the word of the Lord -- not only m Macedonia and in Achaia, but, in every place, your faith which is toward God, hath gone forth, so that, no need, have we to be saying anything;
1:9 For, they themselves, concerning us, do tell -- what manner of entrance we had unto you, and how ye turned unto God from the idols -- to be serving a living and true God,
1:10 And awaiting his Son out of the heavens -- whom he raised from among the dead, -- Jesus: Who is to rescue us out of the anger that is coming.

[1 Thessalonians 2]
2:1 For, yourselves, know, brethren, our entrance which was unto you -- that it hath not proved void;
2:2 But, though we had previously suffered, and been insulted, even as ye know, in Philippi, we waxed bold in our God to speak unto you the glad-message of God with much conflict.
2:3 For, our exhortation, is not of error, nor of uncleanness, nor in guile,
2:4 But, even as we have been approved by God, to be entrusted with the glad-message, so, we speak, -- not as, unto men, giving pleasure, but unto God -- who proveth our hearts.
2:5 For neither at any time were we found, using words of flattery, -- even as ye know, nor a pretext for greed -- God, is witness!
2:6 Nor, of men, seeking glory -- either from you, or from others, though we could have assumed, dignity, as Apostles of Christ;
2:7 But we became gentle in your midst, -- as though, a nursing mother, had been cherishing her own children:
2:8 Thus, yearning after you, we could have been well-pleased to impart unto you -- not only the glad-message of God, but, our own lives also, -- because, very dear to us, had ye become.
2:9 For ye remember, brethren, our toil and hardship: night and day, working, so as not to be a burden unto any of you, we proclaimed unto you the glad-message of God,
2:10 Ye, are witnesses -- God also, how kindly and righteously and blamelessly, unto you who were believing, we were found to behave;
2:11 Even as ye know how, unto each one of you, we were as a father unto his own children, consoling you, and soothing, and calling o witness, --
2:12 To the end ye might be walking in a manner worthy of God, who is calling you unto his own kingdom and glory,
2:13 And, for this cause, we, are also giving thanks unto God unceasingly, that, when ye received a spoken word from us -- which was God's, ye welcomed it -- not as a human word, but, even as it truly is, a divine word, -- which is also inwardly working itself in you who believe.
2:14 For, ye, became, imitators, brethren, of the assemblies of God which are in Judaea, in Christ Jesus, in that, the same things, ye, also suffered by your own fellow-countrymen, even as, they, also by the Jews:
2:15 Who have both slain the, Lord, Jesus -- and the prophets, and, us, have persecuted, and, unto God, are displeasing, and, unto all men, are contrary, --
2:16 Hindering us from speaking, unto the nations, that they might be saved, to the filling up of their own sins, continually; but anger hath overtaken them at length.
2:17 Now, we, brethren, having been bereaved away from you, for the season of an hour, -- in presence, not in heart, gave more abundant diligence, your face, to behold, with much longing;
2:18 Wherefore, we desired to come unto you -- even, I, Paul, both once and again, -- and, Satan, thwarted us.
2:19 For what shall be our hope, or joy, or crown of boasting? Shall not even, ye, before our Lord Jesus, in his Presence?
2:20 Ye, in fact, are our glory and joy.

[1 Thessalonians 3]
3:1 Wherefore, no longer concealing our anxiety, we were well-pleased to be left in Athens, alone,
3:2 And sent Timothy -- our brother, and God's minister in the glad-message of the Christ -- that he might confirm and console you over your faith,
3:3 That, no one, might be shrinking back in these tribulations. For ye, yourselves, know, that, hereunto, are we appointed;
3:4 For, even when we were with you, we told you beforehand -- we are destined to suffer tribulation! even as it also came to pass, and ye know.
3:5 For this cause, I also, no longer concealing my anxiety, sent, that I might get to know your faith, lest by any means he that tempteth, should have tempted you, and, in vain, should have been our toil.
3:6 But, when, just now, Timothy came unto us, from you, and brought us good tidings of your faith and love, -- and that ye have good remembrance of us, continually, longing to see, us, -- even as, we also, to see you,
3:7 For this cause, were we consoled, brethren, over you, in all our necessity and tribulation, through your faith;
3:8 Because, now, we live, -- if only, ye, stand fast in the Lord.
3:9 For what thanksgiving can we render back, unto God, concerning you, on occasion of all the joy wherewith we rejoice, for your sakes, before our God? --
3:10 Night and day, making very abundant entreaties, that we may see your face, and fit in the things which are lacking in your faith?
3:11 Now may, our God and Father himself and our Lord Jesus, make straight our way unto you:
3:12 And, you, may the Lord cause to abound and excel in your love one toward another, and toward all, -- even as, we, do toward you:
3:13 To the end he may confirms your hearts, faultless in holiness, before our God and Father, in the Presence of our Lord Jesus with all his saints.

[1 Thessalonians 4]
4:1 For the rest, brethren, we request and exhort you, in our Lord Jesus, [that], even as ye received from us, how ye must needs walk and please God, -- even as ye also do walk, that ye would abound still more.
4:2 For ye know what charges we gave you, through the Lord Jesus.
4:3 For, this, is a thing willed of God, your sanctification, -- that ye should abstain from unchastity,
4:4 That ye should know, each one of you, how, of his own vessel, to possess himself in sanctification and honour:
4:5 Not with a passion of coveting, -- just as even the nations who know not God, --
4:6 Not over-reaching and defrauding, in the matter, his brother; because, an avenger, is the Lord, concerning all these things, -- even as we before told you, and solemnly called you to witness.
4:7 For God did not call us, with a permission of impurity, but, in sanctification.
4:8 Therefore, indeed, he that disregardeth -- it is, not a man, he disregardeth, but God, -- Who giveth his Holy Spirit unto you.
4:9 But, concerning brotherly love -- no need, have ye, that we be writing unto you; for, ye yourselves, are, God-taught, to the loving of one another; --
4:10 And, in fact, ye are doing it unto all the brethren [who are] in the whole of Macedonia; but we exhort you, brethren, to abound still more,
4:11 And to be ambitious to be quiet, and to be attending to your own affairs, and to be working with your hands, -- even as, unto you, we gave charge --
4:12 That ye should walk reputably toward those without, and, of no one, have, need.
4:13 But we do not wish you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them who are falling asleep, -- lest ye be sorrowing, even as the rest also, who are without hope;
4:14 For, if we believe that, Jesus, died, and rose again, so, also will, God, bring forth with him, them who have fallen asleep through Jesus;
4:15 For, this, unto you, do we say, by a word of the Lord, -- that, we, the living who are left unto the Presence of the Lord, shall in nowise get before them who have fallen asleep;
4:16 Because, the Lord himself, with a word of command, with a chief-messenger's voice, and with a trumpet of God, shall descend from heaven, -- and, the dead in Christ, shall rise, first,
4:17 After that, we, the living who are left, together with them, shall be caught away, in clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: -- and, thus, evermore, with the Lord, shall we be!
4:18 So then, be consoling one another with these words.

[1 Thessalonians 5]
5:1 But, concerning the times and the seasons, brethren, -- ye have, no need, that, unto you, anything be written;
5:2 For, ye yourselves, perfectly well know -- that, the day of the Lord, as a thief in the night, so, cometh;
5:3 As soon as they begin to say -- Peace! and safety! then, suddenly, upon them, cometh destruction, -- just as the birth-throe unto her that is with child, -- and in nowise shall they escape.
5:4 But, ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that, the day, upon you, as upon thieves, should lay hold;
5:5 For, all ye, are, sons of light, and sons of day, -- we are not of night, nor of darkness:
5:6 Hence, then, let us not be sleeping, as the rest, but let us watch and be sober: --
5:7 For, they that sleep, by night, do sleep, and, they that drink, by night, do drink: --
5:8 But, we, being of the day, let us be sober, putting on a breastplate of faith and love, and, for helmet, the hope of salvation.
5:9 Because God did not appoint us unto anger, but unto acquiring salvation through our Lord Jesus [Christ]: --
5:10 Who died for us, in order that, whether we be watching or sleeping, together with him, we should live.
5:11 Wherefore be consoling one another, and building up, each the other, -- even as ye are also doing.
5:12 Now we request you, brethren, -- to know them who are toiling among you, and presiding over you, in the Lord, and admonishing you;
5:13 And to hold them in very high esteem, in love, their work's sake. Be at peace among yourselves,
5:14 But we exhort you, brethren -- admonish the disorderly, soothe them of little soul, help the weak, be longsuffering towards all:
5:15 See that none, evil for evil, unto any, do render: but, evermore, what is good, be pursuing, towards one another, and towards all:
5:16 Evermore, rejoice,
5:17 Unceasingly, pray,
5:18 In everything, give thanks, -- for, this, is a thing willed of God, in Christ Jesus, towards you:
5:19 The Spirit, do not quench,
5:20 Prophesyings, do not despise,
5:21 [But], all things, put to the proof -- what is comely, hold ye fast:
5:22 From every form of wickedness, abstain.
5:23 But, the God of peace himself, hallow you completely, and, entire, might your spirit, and soul, and body, -- [so as to be] unblameable in the Presence of our Lord Jesus Christ, -- be preserved!
5:24 Faithful, is he that is calling you, -- who, also will perform.
5:25 Brethren! be praying for us [also].
5:26 Salute all the brethren with a holy kiss.
5:27 I adjure you, by the Lord, that the letter be read unto all the brethren!
5:28 The favour of our Lord Jesus Christ, be with you.