[Philemon 1]
1:1 Paul, prisoner of Christ Jesus, and Timothy my brother, -- unto Philemon the beloved, and a fellow worker of ours,
1:2 And unto Apphia our sister. And unto Archippus our fellow-soldier, and unto the assembly which meeteth, at thy house:
1:3 Favour unto you, and peace, from God our Father, and Lord Jesus Christ.
1:4 I am giving thanks unto my God -- always, making mention, of thee, in my prayers,
1:5 Hearing of thy love, and of the faith which thou hast towards the Lord Jesus and towards all the saints, --
1:6 To the end that, the fellowship of thy faith, may become, energetic, by a personal knowledge of every good thing that is in us towards Christ;
1:7 For, much joy, have I had, and encouragement, by occasion of thy love, in that, the tender affections of the saints, have had rest given them by thee, brother.
1:8 Wherefore, though I have, much, freedom of speech, in Christ, to be enjoining upon thee that which is befitting,
1:9 Yet, for loves sake, I rather exhort, -- being, such a one, as Paul the aged, now, also, even a prisoner of Christ Jesus, --
1:10 I exhort thee concerning my own child, whom I have begotten in my bonds, -- Onesimus:
1:11 Him who, at one time, was, unto thee, unserviceable, but, now, unto thee and unto me, serviceable;
1:12 Whom I have sent back unto thee -- him, that is, my own, tender affections! --
1:13 Whom, I, was minded, with myself, to detain, that, in thy behalf, unto me, he might be ministering in the bonds of the joyful message;
1:14 But, apart from thy mind, I wished to do, nothing, that, not as by necessity, thy goodness should be, but, by choice.
1:15 For, peradventure, for this cause, was he separated for an hour, that, as an age-abiding possession, thou mightest have him back, --
1:16 No longer as a servant, but above a servant -- a brother beloved, very greatly to me, but, how much rather, to thee -- both in the flesh and in the Lord!
1:17 If, therefore, thou holdest me as one in thy fellowship, take him unto thee, as myself;
1:18 And, if he hath wronged thee at all or oweth thee aught, the same, unto me, do thou reckon: --
1:19 I, Paul, have written [it] with, my own, hand, -- I, will repay [it] ; that I may not tell thee -- that, thyself, unto me, thou still owest.
1:20 Yea! brother, I, would, from thee, have help, in the Lord: give rest unto my tender affections in Christ.
1:21 Confident of thine obedience, I have written unto thee, knowing that, even beyond what I say, thou wilt do: --
1:22 At the same time, moreover, be also getting ready for me, a lodging; for I am hoping that, through your prayers, I shall be granted as a favour unto you.
1:23 There salute thee -- Epaphras my fellow-captive in Christ Jesus,
1:24 Mark, Aristarchus, Demas, Luke, -- my fellow-workers.
1:25 The favour of the Lord Jesus Christ, be with your spirit.