[Philem 1]
1:1 Paul, a prisoner of Christ Jesus, and Timothy 1our brother, to Philemon our beloved and fellow-worker,

1Gk. the brother,
1:2 and to Apphia 2our sister, and to Archippus our fellow-soldier, and to the church in thy house:
2Gk. the sister, So ÀA I 048 1739 33 81 copbo arm vg. 256 and a majority of lesser Gk. mss. read the beloved
1:3 Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.
1:4 I thank my God always, making mention of thee in my prayers,
1:5 hearing of 3thy love, and of the faith which thou hast toward the Lord Jesus, and toward all the saints;
3Or, thy love and faith
1:6 that the 4fellowship of thy faith may become effectual, in the knowledge of every good thing which is 5in us, unto Christ.
4Or, communion or, joint participation
5So CA 048vid 81 and a majority of lesser Gk. mss. But p61À 1739 33 copsa,bo arm read in you,
1:7 For I had much joy and comfort in thy love, because the 6hearts of the saints have been refreshed through thee, brother.
6Gk. bowels Similarly in vss. 12, 20. Reckoned by the Hebrew as the seat of compassion and mercy [cf. Ge 43:30 (A.V.)], as in English the heart is of love, and secondarily of these related passions.
1:8 Wherefore, though I have all boldness in Christ to enjoin thee that which is befitting,
1:9 yet for love’s sake I rather beseech, being such a one as Paul 7the aged, and now a prisoner also of Christ Jesus:
7Or, an ambassador, and now etc.
1:10 I beseech thee for my child, whom I have begotten in my bonds, 8Onesimus,
8The Greek word means Helpful. Cf. vs. 20 margin.
1:11 who once was unprofitable to thee, but now is profitable to thee and to me:
1:12 whom 9I have sent back to thee in his own person, that is, my very 10heart:
9So À*A 33. C* at end of verse adds Receive him, 1739 81 and the majority of lesser Gk. mss., vg read I sent back, but receive thou him, who is my etc. D* copsa,bo arm read I sent, but receive thou him, who is my etc.
10Or, compassion: Gk. bowels:
1:13 whom I would fain have kept with me, that in thy behalf he might minister unto me in the bonds of the 11gospel:
11Gk. good tidings See marginal note on Mt 4:23.
1:14 but without thy mind I would do nothing; that thy goodness should not be as of necessity, but of free will.
1:15 For perhaps he was therefore parted from thee for 12a season, that thou shouldest have him 13for ever;
12Gk. an hour,
13Or, lasting for an age. [So Liddell & Scott.] Gk. aiwnioV aiōnios, like Hb. םלוע olam, means lifetime, time without fixed limit – to unseen time. Whether an age ending with death or destruction (here, Jonah 2:6*), or forever (Mt 19:29, Da 2:20*), is to be determined by context. And so elsewhere. *Theodotian and Sept. render olam by aiōn(s).
1:16 no longer as a 14servant, but more than a servant, a brother beloved, specially to me, but how much rather to thee, both in the flesh and in the Lord.
14Gk. bondservant (both times)
1:17 If then thou countest me a partner, receive him as myself.
1:18 But if he hath wronged thee at all, or oweth anything, put that to mine account;
1:19 I Paul write it with mine own hand, I will repay it: that I say not unto thee that thou owest to me even thine own self besides.
1:20 Yes, brother, let me have 15joy of thee in the Lord: refresh my heart in Christ.
15Or, help (onaimēn) Compare vs. 10 margin.
1:21 Having confidence in thine obedience I write unto thee, knowing that thou wilt do even beyond what I say.
1:22 But withal prepare me also a lodging: for I hope that through your prayers I shall be granted unto you.
1:23 Epaphras, my fellow-prisoner in Christ Jesus, saluteth thee;
1:24 and so do Mark, Aristarchus, Demas, Luke, my fellow-workers.
1:25 The grace of 16the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.17
16So À 1739 33 81. But CA and a majority of lesser Gk. mss., copsa,bo arm vg read our Lord
17So p87A 048vid 1739* 33 81 copsa. ÀC and the majority of lesser Gk. mss., copbo vg add Amen.